Monday, April 29, 2013

Wolf Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit) by Milly Taiden

Wolf Protector (Federal Paranormal Unit)
Milly Taiden

Welcome to the Federal Paranormal Unit, where FBI meets paranormal. And where you can find Trent Buchanan. Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the man/shifter that is Trent?!?! *sigh* umm.. Ok where was I? Erica Villa, profiler & agent with the FPU, her ability? She catches glimpses of victims last moments when she touches something that belongs to them or a photograph. She sees everything they see, she feels their pain. Over and over again. Here's the kicker, no one on her team knows exactly what her ability is aside from her boss, Brock.

Trent and Erica are given a new assignment, track down the man responsible for missing college girls before anymore turn up dead. They set off on a manhunt. All the while trying to keep their attraction under control.

Trent has made the mistake of allowing himself to be seen as a player, a womanizer who dates, screws everyone. He has fun with Erica by joking around with her sexually. And of course she ribs him right back! As Trent sees what her gift is doing to her, he turns into a completely different person, putting aside the jokes & sexual innuendos, for her safety & well being.

"Don't you understand that I love being near you. That every moment I spend next to you makes me happy. Holding you in my arms is enough to give me peace." ~Trent


Erica has been hurt, she's been abandoned, she knows the pain of no one wanting her. She learned early in life she needed to keep her mouth closed about her ability. She trusts no one aside from Brock. Erica is in constant battle with herself to let Trent into her world.

"I've never had a family. What if I mess up? What if I don't fit in?"~Erica
"That's what I'm here for, to help you up whenever you fall. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Take a chance on me, please." ~Trent

Is it too much if I *sigh* again?

This is the first book by Milly Taiden I have read, and lemme just say, I am a goner! I want the next book and I want it now!! Haha

Must read for paranormal romance enthusiasts!!

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