Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bent by HB Heinzer

By HB Heinzer

When I think about Bent, the first thing that comes to the front of my mind is one line from the blurb. "It's not possible to hide a twelve year old child in a town of 5000." I knew immediately when I read that line, I was going to be in for a great book. And honestly, I wasn't disappointed.

We meet Julia as she has gone through a divorce and has moved back to her home town temporarily, while she decides what she wants to do next. It's not that she's hurt, it's that she is free. As she bumps into some old friends, Julia soon realizes everyone round her has been keeping secrets, BIG Secrets.

Micha knew when he left Julia, he screwed up. He knew it all those years ago, he knows it now. To find out she's back in town and she's divorced?! It's the spark of hope He's been waiting for. If she doesn't hate him after he explains everything.

If there had been a moral of this story, it would have been honesty is the best policy - every time! Julia feel such heart break at the thoughts of Micha, and really can you blame her?! I read over some other reviews and in some of them, some people were so angry because Julia forgave Micha so quickly. Lets think about it. The emotions that one feels when they are heading off to college are so different than the mature emotions you experience as an adult 12 years in the future. Maybe, just maybe, Julia realizes, hey, this was 12 years ago, enough time has been wasted.

Something I loved about this book, is that this could have been anyone's story. The situations that Micha & Julia deal with, people are faced with daily. The long standing love between the two of them is obivous, but one lesson they missed out on was communication - it would have saved them both from heartache & pain.

As a reader, I did have an issue with the lack of dialogue in certain situations in the book. I felt like there was quite a few places where a written out conversation would have benefitted the book & the characters. This in no way affects how I felt about the story itself. I would read it again in a heartbeat.

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