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***Spotlight & Reviews*** The Crawley Creek Series ~ Lori King ~ Donna's Reviews ~

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 Lacy Denvers has lost her job, and lost her way. All she wants to do now is get her career back on track and find some stability again, but first, she wants to mark something off her bucket list: She wants to learn to ride a horse. Her dream vacation to the Crawley Creek Cattle Ranch turns into a lesson in patience when the North Dakota winter proves unpredictable as ever. Wrapped in a cocoon of snow, Lacy finds the ranch to be a hidden treasure trove of cowboy eye candy, and her mouth is watering even as her brain is telling her to run. After a devastating tragedy, a young Drannon Russo ended up fostering with the Crawley family, and found a home. He’s only moved away once and had to lean on family for support when his dreams were shattered. Being a cowboy on a ranch is a pretty lonely existence. When a beautiful redhead shows up looking for a fresh start he’s determined to give them both what they want. Will this vacation into the heart of cattle country turn out to be a mistake, or will Lacy and Drannon find their future in each other? Warning: Explicit romance
Lacy is struggling to start a graphic design and marketing business in Chicago. She has never celebrated her birthday but this year she will. She has always wanted to ride a horse so she has booked a vacation at a working cattle ranch. What better way to spend your special day than surrounded by beautiful scenery, magnificent horses, and sexy as sin real life cowboys? Especially oldest brother Drannon? Nothing comes to mind that can beat such a combination!

I have always had a thing for sexy cowboys. Drannon, Vin, Roman, and Hawke don't disappoint! They are hard-working, HOT sexy cowboys who know how to treat a lady! The chemistry between Lacy and Drannon is combustible! I thought my tablet would malfunction from melted wires. Drannon brought out passion in Lacy unlike anything she had ever known. To me, one of the big reasons Drannon is so appealing-besides the obvious- is the tender, heartfelt things he did for Lacy. Like the moonlight horse ride. I won't tell you why because I don't like spoilers. You will understand when you read the story.

Learning about Abe and Sera Crawley and how much love they had for so many people, the legacy they left behind, the obvious love and respect between the brothers and Marilyn, the friendship all of them extended so freely to her, all these combined to cause Lacy to reevaluate her life and her plans for the future. She has always been afraid to open her heart and take risks but now she wonders if she can be happy living that way.

This story hooked me from the beginning and never let go. It is well-written and transitions smoothly between scenes. I liked the fact there was no silly misunderstanding and time spent apart. Communication was key in all the relationships. Love and humor abounded. 

I had one small problem though. Lacy is an intelligent woman but never thought taking a vacation in February to North Dakota wasn't exactly a good idea. She was surprised when a blizzard was coming? And only brought tennis shoes? I mean, really?

Forget Me Knot is the first book I've read by Lori King. I'm really glad I read it. I will be starting Book 2- Rough Ride Romeo later today. I can't wait to see what Roman's story is like. If you like cowboys, romances, steam, or just a really good story, Forget Me Knot is a must-read.

5 Stars

There was a couple of inches of snow drift across the front lawn, but when she turned the corner and faced west, brown grass poked through just a dusting of snow, and the wind stole her breath from her lungs. Grey clouds filled the sky and the scent of snow was on the air. Tipping her head down, she hurried across the yard to the massive barn doors, pausing only long enough to tug one open and squeeze through it. Compared to the cold outside, the warmth of the barn was intoxicating. The smell of animals and hay filled her nose and she sneezed loudly. “Bless you.” The deep voice was followed by a masculine chuckle, and she jerked in surprise looking for its owner. When she didn’t immediately spot anyone she frowned. “Thank you, um, whoever you are?” A black cowboy hat appeared over the top of a stall next to a brown horses head. Under the hat was a strong face, with a sharp jaw and a meticulously trimmed goatee and mustache. His nose was a little large, and as she stepped closer she could see that it was also slightly crooked with a telling bump in the middle. The smile on his face was amused as he allowed her to look her fill. But his dark black eyebrow rose when she remained quietly standing several feet away from him. Concern filled his brown eyes and he reached one long arm over the stall door opening the latch. Her vision suddenly filled with the huge sexy body of a real life cowboy and she felt her chest tighten. He was beautiful. Black curly hair peeked out from under the brim of his hat, barely curling over his ears and the collar of his heavy brown coat. His wide shoulders filled out every spare millimeter of the material, and a powerfully built chest drew her gaze further down until her eyes struck gold. Framed by perfectly cut chaps was a thick looking bulge of blue denim and zipper, and Lacy nearly groaned out loud at the many wicked images running through her brain. “Are you all right?” She jumped in surprise at his question and felt a hot blush creep up her cheeks. “Yes, I’m sorry. That was ridiculously rude, please excuse me.” She stepped forward with her hand out, “I’m Lacy Denvers.” “Ah, Denvers, yes Marilyn said we were going to have a guest for a couple of weeks.” The hand that took hers was enormous, and it engulfed her grip until she could barely see her own skin. She could feel calluses on his palm and a shiver went up her spine at the touch. What would that feel like on other more sensitive parts of her body? “Pretty unusual for someone to book a vacation in North Dakota in the winter.” She was taken aback by the comment, and frowned up at him. At five foot eight, Lacy wasn’t a short girl, but the cowboy was at least eight or nine inches taller than she was, so her head had to tip back to see his eyes. “I booked the trip last summer. I wanted to get away from the city and I wanted to learn how to ride. Is that a problem?” “Want to learn how to ride, huh?” The teasing flirtation in his voice made her pussy clench and her breasts swell. This time it was his eyes that slowly wandered down her body taking in every bit of her before coming back up to meet her pointed gaze. “I have no doubt that you can learn how to ride like a pro here at Crawley Creek.” She nodded sharply refusing to acknowledge the innuendo. His eyes had turned a darker color, and his pupils had grown along with the bulge behind his zipper. The attraction was clearly mutual. Her heart was racing in her chest, and she turned back to the horse he had been working with in order to give herself some breathing room. “She’s pretty, does she have a name?” The cowboy stepped closer to the stall. Suddenly her palms were sweating too, and she was glad she had on so many layers so that he wouldn’t be able to see the hard nubs of her nipples poking through her shirt. “She is a he, and his name is Toto.” Lacy snorted and then covered her mouth in embarrassment. “Sorry, you don’t mean, Toto like the dog in Oz do you?” “Is there another Toto?” A giggle slipped out, and then turned into a full on loud laugh. Toto snuffed in his stall and looked at her with large brown eyes. The cowboy seemed amused at her enjoyment. He stepped closer and reached his hand up to run it over Toto’s forehead. The horse nuzzled him, and bobbed its head asking for more affection. “Here, reach up and touch him. He’s like any other male, if you stroke him right he’ll be yours.” His voice was low and deep, and his eyes were locked on Lacy while she reached up to run her hand over the soft white spot on Toto’s forehead. Toto truly did seem to appreciate the gesture, and he tipped his nose to sniff at her arm. “He’s beautiful. This is the closest I’ve ever been to a real horse.” “Toto is honored to be your first.” Lacy’s eyes darted over to look at the cowboy. His flirtations weren’t subtle, and his eyes blatantly said that he would be up for a hot sweaty fling. She pondered for less than a breath before she turned to face him. “Are all cowboys this forward?” She cocked her head to one side watching him. His eyes shuttered and the heat seemed to seep out of them instantly. “I apologize. It’s not often a beautiful woman appears in the barn out of nowhere. I have some more work to do, but you’re welcome to look around, just make sure to stay out of the stalls without someone with you. All of the horses are gentle most of the time, but accidents happen. You’re such a wisp, one kick and you’d be done for.” While he spoke, he reached back over the wall of the stall and pulled up a bucket that must have been on a hook inside. There was a collection of unusual tools inside the bucket, but she didn’t have a chance to ask him what they were before he was headed down the walkway and out the doors.

 Cowboys don’t cry, but Roman “Romeo” Freemont certainly has enough tragic history to spend his days teary-eyed. Instead he’s turned to women and liquor in an effort to soothe his aches and pains, but when a petite brunette with a feisty temper comes crashing into his world, he realizes what he’s been missing. Francesca “Franki” Scott has walked through fire herself. Nowadays she just isn’t a people person, and she’s definitely not interested in a wannabe playboy ranch owner either. She has a mission and it could mean life or death for someone close to her if she gets distracted. Closing the gap between these two wounded souls could mean surviving yet another tragedy. Will their determination to hide their pain from themselves be their downfall, or will they come through this rough ride together? 
 Warning: Explicit Romance

Wow!! All the sexy cowboys of Crawley Creek are back! So is the steam! And the romance!

This story deals with Roman falling in love. Something he swore he would never do. Roman has too many demons chasing him to get seriously involved with a woman. Especially a woman like Franki who has demons of her own.

Franki has come to North Dakota to meet her sister. Or so she says. Roman doesn't believe she would be as tense, edgy, and wary of everyone if that was true. He feels she is hiding something big and he is determined to find out what it is. And help make it right. Roman knows it won't be easy and he has to earn Franki's trust first. Can Roman earn Franki's trust and win her heart? Well, what sane woman wouldn't fall for a sexy, sweet, compassionate cowboy! I certainly would!! 

Once again, Lori King has written a terrific book! After reading Forget Me Knot, I wondered if Rough Ride Romeo could be as good. I definitely wasn't disappointed. This book contains humor, non-romantic love, romance, and honest communication. It also has a sexy, hot couple figuring out how to deal with their demons and make a life together.

I was glad to learn more about Marilyn in this story. Hopefully, that means she will get a book of her own. What kind of man would appeal to a woman who has spent most of her life taking care of foster children and cowboys? 

Everyone should read Rough Ride Romeo. Just like Forget Me Knot, you won't be disappointed. Hold on tight to the reins! You're in for a wild ride!

5 Stars

Roman was concerned for Franki’s well-being. Or at least that’s what he kept repeating in his head as he climbed the stairs and walked directly to the door marked Sunflower Room. She’d looked pale when she skipped out of dinner early, and he just wanted to check on her. Rolling his eyes as he stared at the wooden door, he scoffed silently at his own thoughts. The truth was that he wanted to see her again, and perhaps question her about what’d happened between them earlier. It was clear there was attraction on both their parts, but she didn’t seem happy about it. Lifting his hand, he knocked softly and held his breath until the door opened. The lamp was on behind her, and it gave her a soft glow as she frowned up at him. Her beautiful hair was down again, and it curly wildly around her face and shoulders. Bare shoulders. She wore some sort of stretchy material over her breasts that left her shoulders and soft belly bare down to her hips where a pair of low rise shorts clung to her curvy hips. Seeing all that bare skin made his knees weak, and he leaned heavily against the door jamb. “Roman?” she crossed her arms over her bare midriff and took a step backwards. “I thought you were Marilyn, is everything okay?” When he tried to speak his voice came out as croak and he had to clear his throat, and start again. “No. I mean, yes, I mean, everything is fine. I just wanted to check on you. You ran out of dinner so quickly, and you looked a little…I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to wake you again.” He wanted to kick his own ass for his rambling. Never in his life had a woman made him this off balance. Charm was his game, and he played it well, so why was he suddenly unsure of himself? “I’m okay, just really tired. The road trip version of jet lag I guess. Thank you, for checking on me.” She said, giving him a small smile. She reached for the door, but then hesitated and glanced over her shoulder at the interior of the bedroom as if unsure of her next move too. The light washed over her face and he noticed the tear tracks on her cheeks and a slight puffiness to her eyes. His stomach clenched and before he could stop himself, he tugged her into his arms, delighting in the softness of her curves against him.


Beginnings 1600x2400
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LoriKingAuthorLogoBest-selling author, Lori King, is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. Although she rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits; at heart she is a hopeless romantic. She spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories. An admitted TV and book junkie, she can be found relaxing with a steamy story, or binging in an entire season of some show online. She gives her parents all the credit for her unique sense of humor and acceptance of all forms of love. There are no two loves alike, but you can love more than one with your whole heart. With the motto: Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance, she will continue to write as long as you continue to read. Thank you for taking the time to indulge in a good Happily Ever After with her.

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**Release Day Blitz** The Jared Enigma ~ Jake Malden ~

The Jared Enigma by Jake Malden

He's back, and he's as bad as you remember - rock-and-roll rogue Jared Morgan, the small-town boy with big-city attitude and a cock to match. 'The Jared Enigma' takes the man you think you know to new heights of pleasure and depths of debauchery, all in the name of helping the women he meets embrace their wild side. Watch as he disarms a cynical waitress with his breath-taking honesty. Gasp as he provides a curious young sweetheart with the full tour-van experience. Wonder as he shows a frustrated trophy wife the error of her ways. But get ready for the big finale - when Jared's red-headed nemesis takes him on a crazy erotic trip he'll never forget (with a little help from her friends). 'The Jared Enigma' - think you've got the measure of this guy? Think again.

JakeMalden-TheJaredEnigmaTeaser2 Just a taste of The Jared Enigma...
He shafted her minutes longer—sheer scary heaven, as her pussy learned to accommodate him all. Then he pulled out and threw her onto her hands and knees before she even knew what the hell was going on. “I want you to have a good view of your surroundings,” was his explanation for the change, but maybe it was more so he could see her ass and back, or get a good grip on her. Whatever the reason, he wasted no time. Before she could squeak, he refitted himself and slammed into her cunt from behind.

“Aaagh! Fuck, Jared, holy shit!” Her cries, however, were all but drowned out by her lover’s animal grunting as he screwed her without restraint. Instinct and need drew her hand to her clit and she rubbed it in a fury consistent with that of Jared’s fucking. Then as if his cock’s insane thrusting wasn’t enough, his palm smacked hard against her ass-cheek. “Fuck!” Damn him – what was he trying to do, brand her with a fucking hand print?

One set of fingers grappled her by the shoulder, securing her fast while his groin slapped soundly against her butt-cheeks, cock burying itself in her on each savage stroke. The other flexed hand rose and fell, landing on the same spot as before with equal ferocity. “Aaagh!” Her flesh shuddered as it absorbed the smack along with the persistent barrage of his fucking.

“How does that feel for you?” “God, you fucking bastard!” “That good, yeah?” Rather than relent he spanked again, his other hand shoving her down with her face against the mattress. On he shafted, seemingly oblivious to her muffled cries. Pain and pleasure combined to incendiary effect;

Kareena’s hand had not strayed from her pussy despite his savage fucking and excitement was climbing towards its peak once more. How many would this one make? She was losing count. The battered old vehicle rattled around her. Don’t come a-knockin’ ... went the corny old phrase; Jared was rocking the hell out of her and the van.

And then someone did come a-knockin’. She thought she’d imagined the tapping on the van’s back door, but Jared slowed his thrusting and eased his grip so that she could look up. The blond-haired drummer from the band was standing slack-jawed, entranced by the pendular motion of her tits. He was as young as she remembered from the concert, positively gauche-looking compared to his older band-mates. The guy could have passed for a boy-band member as easily as a that of a rock ensemble and his look of amazement was as far from the bassist’s leering interest as conceivable.
“Buddy!” Jared had slowed down, but he sustained both rhythm and depth of penetration as he hailed his younger friend. “What’s up?”

“I ...” The drummer fought for words, his gaze not leaving Kareena. “Sorry, I got beer all over me. Drunk girl in the bar. I was going to change, but ... I can come back ... don’t mean to interrupt ...”
The guy’s t-shirt and jeans were indeed splashed dark.

“Is he interrupting, baby?” From the way her cunt was still being stretched out, Jared didn’t seem to be suffering too much disturbance. And oddly she felt little concern that the blond boy with the English accent could see her getting slammed.

“No,” she said between her gasps. “Let him change.”

“She says you can change,” Jared told the drummer. “So get on with it. Then you can give us back our privacy.”
“Ehhh – yeah, sure, thanks.” The young guy scrambled on board and stumbled about beside the fornicating couple until he located a backpack.

“That’s providing she still wants privacy while she fucks. Whadda you say, sweetheart?” Jared had a hold of her ass now, his cock still searching deep, however sedate the current pace.

“Doesn’t much matter tonight,” she managed, her new defiance giving her the presence of mind to articulate the basic notion. Close by the drummer was stripping off his t-shirt with haste, trying to keep his eyes averted this time; he was a gym-ripped kind of skinny. “I don’t care if he sees me,” she elaborated. He paused in reaching for a fresh t-shirt and stared at her again, looking to Jared in his state of bafflement. The contrast with the guitarist’s bravado was irresistibly cute.
“This is Robbie,” Jared told her, and his voice had changed like he was picking up on some unconscious cue she had given him. “He’s all the way from England and he’s a damn fine drummer. He’s not used to this kinda crazy shit, though. Not yet ...”

“Hi Robbie,” she said. “I’m Kareena.” She’d never introduced herself to someone while being fucked before.

“Hi,” the boy her own age said, his clean t-shirt dangling from his fingers. “It’s ... I ... fuck, you’re hot.”

“Isn’t she?” Jared reached to grab one of her tits, she was sure for Robbie’s entertainment. “She’s a nice girl, but she’s getting’ in touch with her slutty side tonight. I’m helping.”

“Don’t be shy,” Kareena told the boy, biting her lip to rein in an overload of sensation. Just how slutty could a nice girl get in one evening? The desire to find out overtook her. “Stay and watch.”
JakeMalden-TheJaredEnigmaTeaser6 A little about Jake Malden...
Jake Malden is a freelance journalist and writer based in London. He has been experimenting with erotica both on the page and off for some years and has a growing number of titles available. His interests, aside from the staringly obvious, are theatre, cinema, literature, fitness-training and travel (particularly back to his native Ireland). He is an enthusiast of juicing, in every possible sense.
JakeMalden-TheJaredEnigmaTeaser5 Brought to you by... rowsrpromo-blkpromotionsBanner
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**Blog Tour** Hung ~ Selected Sinner MC Series ~ Scott Hildreth ~ Amy's Thoughts ~

Welcome to the BLOG TOUR from SCOTT HILDRETH for his NEW book in the SELECTED SINNERS MC series!!!

Title: HUNG
Author: Scott Hildreth
Release Date: July 13, 2015
Series: Selected Sinners MC
Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth

If a girl wants a bad boy, they don’t come any tougher than Dalton “Biscuit” Biskette. Biscuit rides with the Selected Sinners MC, and takes no shit from any man - especially cops. He’s tall, covered in tattoos, muscular, has an awesome beard, a huge cock, and a tongue that can tickle my g-spot.

The only thing he likes to do more than ride and fuck is lick…

Considering my penchant for bad boys, he’s perfect in my eyes.

My police officer father disagrees…

And so does my former Marine ex-boyfriend who just got out of jail.

The license plate on my bike says it all – RFOF – Ride, Fuck, Or Fight.

I’ve never met a girl who made me stop and pay attention until I met Kat. There’s only one problem, her father’s a cop.

And I hate cops.

If he thinks he can stop me from fucking his daughter, he’s as wrong as the day is long.

HUNG is a stand-alone MC Romance with an HEA and is book IV in the Selected Sinners series. There is no cheating, nor is there sharing of partners, but the sex is detailed, graphically depicted, and frequent. No other book is required to tell this tale. PLEASE be over 18 to enjoy this book.


This my absolute favorite book of the year! I FLOVE Biscuit!!!!...The steamy scenes were off the charts. - Crazy Daisy Book Whore

This book has some epic sexual encounters between the two leads. They seem to be insatiable to each other. Crank up the air conditioner and get rid of distractions. Have cold water near-by . Biscuit brings it. Every. Time. - Obsessive Reading Disorder

I absolutely LOVED this book. As a huge fan of Scott's books, each one just gets better and better. I love how he weaves in important issues, while making the book so very hot. - 
Hot Books Hotter Book Boyfriends

SMOLDERING HEAT is what happens before the EXPLOSIONS!...and we're not talking fireworks either (unless the ones behind her eyelids count...hehehe). Mr. Hildreth has done it again and I can say one of the best yet - Moments in West Florida Book Blog

This is one of the sexiest books I've ever read - Wendy's Book Obsession

ON THE SEX? He went FULL THROTTLE. He pushed his on boundaries on how much and what type of sex scenes. AND. I. LOVE. IT. But, he doesn't skimp on compassion, and love. Biscuit, shows a lot of selflessness in this book. He gives of himself in his relationships to others - Rebel Reviewer 

From the Author 

Thank you for making HUNG a #1 best seller in less than 24 hours, and a #1 HOT NEW RELEASE in less than 24 hours.

This not the typical MC Romance book. It is extremely steamy, has no sharing of partners, and no sex outside the relationship (once relationship develops). It does, however, have very detailed sex scenes which are graphically depicted.

Prepare for an inferno. 

I think with every Selected Sinners book I read, I say "oh this is my favorite". Hands down. Dalton takes the cake for me. And no, it's not because of the title of the book, or because of his particular set of skills in the bedroom...

It's because of who Dalton is, and what made him that way.

Biscuit is the story teller. He's the one that everyone stops what they are doing to hear what words come out of his mouth next. Granted most of the time isn't some insane, out-of-the-world story that no one believes, but it's more than likely true. The best part tho? Not the words that come out of his mouth, it's his inner monologue in this one that makes me want to claim him. Raised in an abusive household, Dalton knew the only way he'd ever survive was the leave. Leave all that he knew behind and find his own way. And he did. Then he found his Brothers. And then he found his girl. The one he'd do anything to protect, even kill if need be.

While he may be a "F*** em hard and leave em wet" kind of guy, He never lies about what he's willing and not willing to give. Kat takes him up on that offer. And her seemly normal life, turned on it's axis.

I do have one teeny tiny complaint. I felt as though there was a lack of conflict in this one. There was no "real" battle. And while that's not an unfortunate thing, it just not generally found. Technically would it even be a complaint?? I don't think so, I think I was more shocked. Being an MC book, you generally come to expect a little more by way of conflict between characters...

Although, I've always thought Scott Hildreth marches to his own beat. That in itself proves it. 


A HUNG discussion group was asked, “If you could ask Biscuit (Dalton) or Kat or both ONE QUESTION, what would it be?”

Then, Jen C, an admin from the group, came in with questions in hand to face the characters for the interview.

Thank you, Scott Hildreth, for letting her interview Dalton and Kat. They were fun, well except maybe Dalton, he was a bit intimidating. Thanks, Kat, for keeping him in check!

Jen C:  “Do you think you will ever get back in touch with your mom and sister again?”

Dalton: “Right now, my life’s in perfect order. I can’t see myself looking to a family that disowned me and my needs as a kid for somethin’ I didn’t need from them for the last seventeen years, no. My focus right now is my own family, Kat and our soon-to-be born baby.”

Dalton nods his head once toward Kat and grins.

Jen C:  “If you could change one thing about the other person what would it be and why????”

Kat raises her hand.

Jen C: “Go ahead, Kat.”

Kat: “Uhhm, no. I fell in love with Dalton because Dalton’s Dalton. For me to change even one simple thing about him would change who he is. Does that make sense?”

Jen C: “Yes.”

Kat: “Okay, well, that’s my answer. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jen turns toward Dalton.

Jen C: “And you?”

Dalton: “Same.”
Jen C: “We’d like to have an answer from you, Dalton.”

Dalton stands halfway from chair and narrows his gaze.

Dalton: “I thought I just fuckin’ gave it. If you want to ask questions and argue with me when I answer the motherfucker’s, maybe you and I …”

Kat raises hand and clears throat.

Dalton shifts eyes toward Kat, pauses and reluctantly sits.

Jen C: “Kat, did you let your brother know that he is going to be an uncle?”

Kat: “My brother was my best friend growing up. I’ve called him and told him, but I haven’t spoken to him in person. He’s almost as excited as we are about the baby. We haven’t told him the sex yet, but when he gets here we will. We’re both kind of excited too, because he bought a Softail Harley, and he wants to go riding. My dad’s not real happy about it, but he’s sure a lot more understanding than he used to be.”

Dalton chuckles out loud.

Jen C:  “As a father, what is one thing you plan to teach your child?”

Dalton: “I want to teach our child to be open-minded, understanding, and how to accept love. I ain’t never been one to accept love from anyone. I think it’s ‘cause I never felt I got it as a kid. So, it just makes sense that if Kat and I can give this baby all the love in the world, it’ll grow up accepting and giving love in return. The world’s got enough fuckheads in it. I ain’t lookin’ to raise another.”

Kat nods her head toward Dalton.

Kat: “What he said.”

Jen clears throat.

Jen C: “You’ve got nothing to add on your own?”

Dalton glares at Jen, stands from chair and crosses arms in front of chest.

Kat: “Dalton…”

Dalton slowly sits down.

Kat: “Nope. That’s all.”

Kat: “Well, I guess kind of what Dalton said. I just don’t want her to be closed-minded. I want her to grow up giving all people a chance to come into her life. I don’t want her to hate or be prejudiced toward people because of who she believes they are. Once she learns who they really are, she can make a decision based on fact, and not a preconceived belief.”

Dalton: “Thought we wasn’t gonna tell the sex, Kat?”

Kat: “Oh shit. Can you like, uhhm, scratch the part about the sex?”

Jen C: “Nods head.”

Dalton: “I ain’t bullshittin’ on this. Don’t print that shit, understand?”

Jen nods head.

Jen C: “Kat, why when you found out you were pregnant did you go back to the abuser, Kyle? Isn't it a mother’s job to protect her child? Did you not want the best for your baby? Did you not think that Dalton would make a good father? Families are made up in many ways.”

Kat: “Legally, Kyle was the baby’s father. In my mind, the proper thing to do was to give him a chance to be the father of the child. Turn the tables. If you were a shitty person in the eyes of your friends, would it be fair for someone to take your chance to be a mother just because you were violent, or crappy acting? And for them to make that decision before the baby was born, and take that opportunity would be wrong. I gave Kyle a chance to be his child’s father. He fucked up. I did my part to include him, and now it really doesn’t matter, but I feel good about my decision.”

Jen C:  “Biscuit, When Kat told you she was going back to the abuser, Kyle, why didn't you fight for her? Why didn't you try and protect her by not letting her go back? Did you not think that you could provide a good life for her and her baby? Did you not think you were more worthy then Kyle?”

Dalton: “Good question. Life’s about knowing how to provide respect. In the club, people make decisions all the time I may not agree with, but accepting them as my brothers means I respect them. And, if I respect them, I must respect their decisions. I don’t have to always agree with them, but I always need to respect them. No one person is always right. When Kat made that decision, I asked her if in her mind it was final. She said yes, and she told me it was the right thing to do. In her mind, it was proper for her to give him a chance. For me to argue with her, or fight, would have been to say I don’t think she’s got the ability to make a decision on her own. I sure as fuck didn’t agree with her, but I needed to respect her, and respect her decision.”

Jen C: “Being married and having a family has to be so opposite of being a 1%r. How are you going to manage the MC, your relationship with Kat and being a father??”

Dalton: “Bein’ a 1%er doesn’t make me any different than another father. Bein’ a 1%er isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, a way of bein’, a way of livin’. I’m gonna always be an outlaw, but that don’t mean I’m a criminal. Right’s always right, and wrong’s always wrong. Baby or no baby, if some cocksucker does wrong, and I’m within arm’s reach or earshot, he’s gonna get hands put on him. That’s just life working out the kinks and wrinkles. Baby or no baby, I got a responsibility to my brothers and my family. Bein’ a 1%er allows me to fulfill that responsibility.”

Jen C:  “Besides the obvious Kat, how does Biscuit complete you??”

Kat: “I can’t really put it into words. It’s a feeling, or maybe an understanding. Since he’s been in my life, I haven’t worried about anything. It isn’t just a physical presence, but I know nothing will ever happen to me. That feeling of safety, combined with the love that’s pretty apparent makes me feel so whole. It’s just really hard to explain. I guess it’s what love does.”

Kat shrugs shoulders.

Jen C:  “For Biscuit and Kat, in five years from now where do you see a family, a mother, a father, and the MC?”

Dalton: “In five years? Hopefully the room won’t be repainted by then. I’m thinkin’ I’m pretty good with the color I picked, and for once, I don’t want to change it. I’m gonna try and slow down on the drinkin a little, and not ride drunk. We talked about that, and I’m gonna give it an honest shake. As far as the club goes, it’ll be the same thing. Well, that and maybe I’ll be the Vee Pee.”

Kat: “In five years, all I want to see is two babies in the house. I don’t want anything else to change.”

Kat glances at Dalton

Dalton stands, walks to Kat, and bends down. After a moment of holding his mouth an inch from her lips and whispering something inaudibly, he kisses her on the lips lightly. As their lips part, he stares down at her, and kisses her full on the lips. As he stands, he turns toward Jen.

Dalton: “Add that to my list. Another baby.”

Jen C: “Dalton, why don’t you like oatmeal cookies?”

Dalton: “If that cocksucker’d taken an oatmeal cookie, I’d have shook his hand. Oatmeal is for breakfast. You don’t put that shit in a cookie.”

Jen C: Uhmmm. What's the fascination with the Red Bull? It's so bad for you. That's a whole lotta Red Bull!

Dalton: “It ain’t a fuckin’ fascination, it’s a necessity. Maybe you ought to drink more of it, and you wouldn’t be so fuckin’ uptight.”

Jen C:  I'd like to know what other hidden talents you have... hehe. Get your mind out of the gutter, not sexually, but like your diving skills...

Dalton: “Took me some divin’ lessons. Toad had a judo class at the YMCA for about two years, and I took it. In two years I got my brown belt. I’ve done some rock climbing, and I can do the splits pretty good. Did yoga for a while, and I got that down dog deal goin’ for me, but yoga got kinda weird when all the guys in the tights started showin’ up. I guess my one skill that I don’t advertise what maybe I ought to is this…”

Dalton sticks out his tongue, and with tongue extended fully from his mouth, flicks the end of it up and down in a rapid motion. As he retracts his tongue into his mouth, he grins.

Dalton: “Use your imagination.”

Jen C: “Kat, What is your brother’s name? Will we get to meet him?”

Kat: “My brother’s name is Kole. My parents spelled it with a K. He’s coming back to Kansas and we’re hoping he’s going to stay. He lost his job at the plant, so Dalton and I are hoping he’ll stay here. We’ll see.”

Jen C: “Dalton, Two final questions: Would you reverse your vasectomy without any thought, so you could have more children and last, would you ever walk away from the MC for Kat or your family?”

Dalton: “The MC is my family. For me to walk away from them would be no differently than my family basically walkin’ out on me as a kid. And the other question? Already answered that one in Kat’s ear.”

Kat turns to Jen and grins.

Kat: “And you can put that one in print.”

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