Friday, April 12, 2013

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

Off Sides
By Sawyer Bennett

The moment Ryan sees Danny in the diner, he's fascinated. Long blonde hair with purple tips, sporting a nose & brow ring, yea, he's fascinated. From their first date, Danny exposes Ryan to a world he's lived in, but never bothered to see.

Danny has been put through the ringer in her life, losing both of her parents in horrific ways, surprisingly, it hasn't jaded her. Danny always has a smile on her face, and she's not about to let the troubles of life bring her down. Ryan is in awe of Danny, especially after hearing if everything she has gone through. Her strength, wit, outlook, are never ending.

Ryan, while falling in love with Danny, is trying to break free of the picture perfect world his mother lives in. He don't want to be a lawyer or doctor, he doesn't want to be in politics, he wants to be free to make his own path in life. Danny becomes his supporter, his rock, his everything.

I love the strength Danny & Ryan give to one another. The gentle push of encouragement they inspire in one another. The all encompassing love they create together.

Sawyer Bennett has become one of my favorite writers. Since reading Off Sides, and getting to know Sawyer, I've encourage every reader I know to pick up this book and the up-coming Off Limits. Thank you, Sawyer, for sharing your world with us.

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