Saturday, April 20, 2013

Down N Derby (Love & Skate #3)

Down N Derby (Love & Skate #3)
Lila Felix

Maddox is a mystery man. At first glance, particularly, in the previous books, he was the funny guy, the one who always made light of any situation. Could make anyone laugh. Maddox is a pretty tormented guy. He's held on for so long wondering about his real father, that he's on mission to find him. To find the answers to his questions. He hopes he's not hurting his family in the process. What no one knows about Mad, is that he gets an itchy feeling when he touches other people, even his family. He doesn't feel cold. Almost as if he is so tormented he's blocked out all feeling.

Storey, wow, what a MC! She's a derby princess, but for the past few years, she's been playing a pin up model to pay for college. She's got the pin up glamour down pat, and boy can she work it! The great thing about Storey? Even though she's famous, she's totally down to earth, looking forward to the end of her contract & the normal things in life.

Maddox and Storey meet by pure chance that they have ended up on the same beach. They are instantly attracted to one another, but Maddox is terrified that if he touches her he will get that feeling again. It's a wild ride to go on with Maddox as he discovers new things about himself and about his love for Storey and his family.

I've gone on and on about Lila Felix in my previous posts. And really, what else can I say? She has a way of telling a story that reader is so immersed in it that the lines between reality and fantasy blur. I have loved every book that she has written and she truly has a fan in me. I can not wait until the next book in the Love & Skate series.

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