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**Review** Unbroken ~ Scott Hildreth

Book 4 of 4 (Book 1 & 2 tell one tale). Unbroken is the second and final book in the "UNDEFEATED" series. It follows the lives of Shane and Kace from the first book.

As Shane Dekkar prepares for the biggest fight of his career - the Heavyweight Championship of the World - life throws him an unexpected uppercut so damaging he takes a step back and reconsiders EVERYTHING. 

In his reevaluation of life and all things in it, he migrates to where he found comfort for years, street fights and bare knuckles matches for spare cash. Risking his career, health, the championship, his relationship, and his friends, Shane must find a way to rise from the muck and mire he's living in and either fight for what he believes in, or remain where he currently finds comfort - in the bowels of society.

Can people truly change or do we always naturally migrate to a place of comfort in hard times?

Will Shane go back to his love, friends, and life, or will he revert to his roots and be a loner?

Best described in A-Train's discussion with Ripp, Shane just might be "Unbroken"...

"I've seen what exposing a man to violence and bloodshed can do, Ripp. I've witnessed it first hand. Some men take exception to it from the start, and those men can recover. The savages? The men who came from a life of violence? Well, they actually find comfort in it. There isn't a way to fix 'em, because they aren't really broken. Lemme ask you a question. If you take a wolf out of the wild, does it take the wild out of the wolf?"

Unbroken, the final chapter in the Undefeated series. 

If you enjoy Jamie Begley, Joanna Wilds Reaper's Stand, Tessa Bailey, L. A. Casey, Deborah Bladon Ruin, Heather Topham Wood, Zane Zane's Addicted, Rachel Robinson, Shayla Black, Stepbrother Dearest Penelope Ward, or Down and Out Kelley R. Martin, Pepper Winters, Lexi Blake, Whitney Gracia Williams, Lauren Blakely, and Laurelin Paige, you'll certainly love this novel. 

“Sometimes when you least expect it, life throws a curve ball your direction. One that breaks at the last minute and flies right past you – leaving you standing there wondering what the hell just happened?”

When life threw that curve ball Shane’s way, at first he had no clue what to do. Life as he planned it was going to change and he didn’t know if he could handle that. So he went back to his old ways of the streets, thinking only of himself and nothing of what it was doing to the people that loved him and that he loved. Then…

“Often it seems we’re forced to hear exactly what it is we aren’t willing to listen to when we want to hear it the least but need to hear it the most.”

Sometimes, people, things, places are put in ones path to cause a change for the better. Open one’s eyes to the truth of what they didn’t want to see. What they needed to see. Getting them to see it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it may be a fight. In the end, one always hopes that fight, be it a long drawn-out hard-fought one, or a short one, is worth it, to make a person listen to what it is they do not want to hear but need to hear; especially those, stubborn souls, hard set in their own ways.

Shane and Kace, Ripp and Vee, A-Train and Bug and Austin plus all of Ripp’s loving family and a few surprise guests from out of town are in this book to give us a wrap up of some storylines we loved in this whole Un series (aka, the Fighter Erotic Series.) I hear Scott has another series planned with a few of these characters we would love to hear more about but he doesn’t leave us hanging with a cliffhanger in this book. He gave us his signature hot sex scenes (my husband and I thanks you, Scott), Ripp and his funny stories and filthy mouth (gotta love Ripp!), hot muscled boxers (in the words of and excited author, “Dhshshsysgsvsgagsgavausbsv Sjshshs s” His words…my excitement!) and more than one hell of a fight scene. Oh, let’s not forget Harleys, trucks, boots, chucks and socks.

You will feel the warmth of love, laugh your ass off, cry a few tears, want to beat an ass or two and get turned on. This book has it all. BUT the life lessons Scott always manages to throw into his books. Here, I want to sigh. Actually, in writing this I just did sigh, because this is where I LOVE AND DEVOUR his books. This is the part that gets me in my soul. I love all of those other parts too, but this part touches my soul.

Now, one reading this will say, “This is a biased review, this girl is a devoted fan so it is biased.” Well, I argue that. Because what I am, is a knowledgeable reader of his work, so I can tell you what most of his books are about, not biased; knowledgeable of most of his work. I have one book of his to finish. That will happen, soon!

Scott has another book due out soon, Karter. Impatiently waiting for that book too! But for now, UNBROKEN gets 5 amazing STARS! KCW

Scott Hildreth was born in San Diego, California and now resides in Wichita, Kansas.
He lives a simple life of reading, writing and riding his motorcycle. When he isn't writing, you may find him in a local coffee shop, tattoo parlor or riding his Harley.
Scott is a proud father and lives devoted to the love of his life, Jessica.
His exposures in life and his experience in writing allow him to cross many genres and do so with a high degree of accuracy.
Scott's novels include Broken People, Undefeated, Unstoppable, Unleashed, Unbroken, Baby Girl - Ruined, Baby Girl - Owned, Baby Girl - Loved, To the Depths of Hell, The Alpha-Bet, Finding Parker, and Karter (November 2015).
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Undefeated : Amazon Amazon UK Goodreads

Unstoppable : Amazon Amazon UK Goodreads

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