Wednesday, April 23, 2014

**Review by Jennifer** Windows ~ Emily Minton

Lucas Beck crawled through Melinda James’ window every night. Each time, gaining a piece of her heart and leaving a bit of his behind.

Lucas was in love with the girl next door, but he ruined any chance he had of making her his. So, he moved on without her.

Lindy gave her heart to the boy next door, but he left her humiliated and heartbroken. So, she started a new life without him.

They both head off to college, leaving the other behind. Lucas finds success then misery on the Football field. Lindy finds new love, but it never feels quite right.

Years later, Lucas and Lindy find themselves back in their hometown. Will Lindy open her window again and give Lucas another chance?

*******Jennifer's Review*******

Windows, book one of Emily Minton's series Coming Home grabbed my heart by page 3 and never let go...

Believable from beginning to end I will give it 4 stars!

When friendship ends and true love is torn apart what's a guy to do? Well, Lucas Beck did a lot! (Of woman that is) and when the girl of his dreams returns home from college he plans on winning her back. Melinda James however has not forgotten the hurt and humiliation she felt when she gave her virtue to the boy next door, the one she let climb through her window! She has re lived that night over and over... the dirty bathroom floor, the blood, and him leaving her there alone. (I could say more but I cry ever time I think about it!)

Faced with the reality of her father's murderer still on the loose the suspense had me turning the pages to see what was next, and oh gosh was I surprised!!! Now bring on book 2 !!!

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