Wednesday, April 23, 2014

**Review by Jennifer** All of Her Men ~ Lourdes Bernabe

Jolene enjoys her privacy. She's always been a woman with lots of secrets. That is, until she begins receiving strange letters in the mail. Someone knows her secret and she doesn't like it very much.

A story filled with intrigue and oozing with sex. All of Her Men is a story like none other. This book is sure to keep you guessing at what Jolene plans to do next.

*******JENNIFER'S REVIEW*******

Dazed and confused

If you are a sucker for psychological suspense this needs to be on your TBR list...
Jolene is a beauty, but since she was a young girl her lack of emotion and empathy has lead to too many handsome young men in New Jersey dying happy. (I know it sounds crazy but keep reading)
A wonderful family, a BFF, and a loving devoted boyfriend can't quince Jo's need to kill. What will happen when she gets as good as she's giving? We will find out in the continuation.
All her Men was a bit hard to read before I realized the author was writing in New Jersey slang! Once the setting was reviled it made more since. The plot is really not uncovered until the end of the book but kept me reading and sayin' humm...
If you think outside the box you can see what's coming and that's all you need to want the next book right NOW!
I'm giving this one a 3 star review.

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