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The NYC Premier Experience and Review of the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY MOVIE by Lorraine Darcy

(Blogger Note: Kat's bestie, Lorraine, was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to attend this event. Kat asked Lorraine to give our readers an account of her experience and review of the movie. Enjoy!)

Roving Reporter Lorraine Darcy Goes to Fifty Shades of Grey Premier in NYC and Reviews Movie

#FiftyShadesFirst on Today Show in New York City

Ziegfeld Theater, February 6, 2015

Outside of the theatre

Yes..…it’s true. I was incredibly lucky to be invited by a friend, Alissa Marino, to the Today Show preview of Fifty Shades of Grey. And what an experience the entire morning turned out to be!

7:30 am show time…..yep….AM! Tickets were available for pick up at 5:00 am and if you didn’t pick up by 6:30 am, they would be released to the general public. Ouch. So this journey began with the alarm going off at 3:45 am and picking up my friend at 4:45 am so we could drive from Long Island into New York City.
Alissa Marino and Lorraine Darcy

With the temperature a balmy 11 degrees, we arrived in Manhattan at 5:30 am, parked and got in line. A long line. Like around the block from the theater line. But hey, this is Christian Grey were talking about here, so, on went the hood of my coat and the scarf covered half my face. However, about five minutes later a staff member came around asking “one or two?” I thought he meant the number of people so I raised my hand. He said go around the corner and up to the front. Well, alrighty then! I grabbed Alissa and we made our way to the front and then realized he meant the Will Call window, which we were #2, and into the tent we went.

Looking inside the tent

As we picked up our tickets, we were given a “contract” and a black velvet bag with a surprise inside.

The staff and security were friendly, polite and wished us a great time. It was pretty quiet in the tent and we quickly started to realize the enormity that this event was going to be. Pictures adorned the side of the tent so people could stand in front of Christian holding his tie and take pics!

Fresh flower arrangements of red roses adorned the tents as well.

And then we see the men. Men all wearing grey suits lined up on one side of the tent all holding silver serving trays of drinks!
 My heart was beating out of control and Alissa and I were shaking! We were going to be a part of something pretty special.

Oh wait…..are you wondering what was in the black velvet bag? J A replica key to Christian’s playroom attached to a flogger keychain!
 The Today Show thought of everything!!

Now we head into the warm theater where there is complimentary tea, coffee, pastries, passed foods, popcorn, water and soda! The theater itself is beautiful with deep red walls, sconces and 50 Shades pictures everywhere. There is a backdrop of the #FiftyShadesFirst on the Today Show so Alissa and I took a picture there
Alissa and Lorraine
as we met some friends of her's from a book group we’re in. It still amazes me how books and the internet can turn complete strangers into “virtual” friends and then when you’re able to meet in person it’s so natural!

Alissa and I decide to get to our seats and check things out. We enter the theater and there on the big screen is the shot of the infamous elevator scene!
 We’re really here! This is really happening! 

On our way down the aisle, who do we see being photographed and chatted up is author Colleen Hoover. I’ve read a few of her books and enjoyed them but Alissa had a fangirl moment! We waited our turn to say hello and take a photo with her.
Lorraine and Author Colleen Hoover
 She is very nice, quite funny and down to earth.

Colleen came to the event with Vilma from Vilma’s Book Blog. It happened to be the blog where Alissa won the tickets. As we sat down, the woman in front of me was talking and she mentioned her blog name – The Sub Club. And then I saw another woman on my right and knew which blog she was from – Schmexy Girl Book Blog. The bloggers, who helped launch 50 Shades into the realm it is now in, were an important part of E.L. James’ success. And it was great to see that they were included and recognized. Have you seen pictures on Facebook of the swag they received in their hotel rooms??? Sweet!

There was a bit of commotion behind us and lo and behold….there was Kate Kavanagh….I mean Eloise Mumford. One word – GORGEOUS!

I think Alissa and I were a bit overwhelmed as we sat there pretty quiet just taking it all in and waiting for the show to start. The Today Show is all set up and in walk Natalie Morales and Carson Daly.
Natalie Morales and Carson Daly
 Things are getting real now! And moments later….a low roar starts and then the room explodes…..E.L. James is walking down the aisle in her black coat, red scarf and her notorious glasses atop her head! Holy freaking cow!!!! As she gets to front, she crying and wiping her eyes. She waves and the audience is screaming clapping and waving back!! She even runs over to sign some people’s books!

Now we know we’re only a few moments away from another eruption of the room. And then it happens… walk Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and the director Sam Taylor-Johnson. You can’t hear anything that anyone from the Today Show is telling you what to do!! I’m elbowing Alissa like crazy because I cannot believe we are in the same room with Christian Grey, oh, I mean the gorgeous, talented Jamie Dornan!
EL James, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Natalie Morales, Carson Daly

Sorry….I’m still swooning over here.

Okay….deep breaths. Everyone gets miked up, seated and they do a quick interview. And then the stars leave, the equipment is quickly moved and the lights go down. And so it begins…..


The Movie
Wow. To see Seattle, Escala, Grey House and, of course, Christian and Ana come to life was breathtaking. The opening scene pretty much seals the deal on the instant attraction that Anastasia and Christian have.

I know that everyone pictures characters differently in their own mind. In mine, I pictured a physique like Jamie Dornan’s. And Jamie nailed the brooding, intense Christian. I don’t know if using an American accent over an Irish brogue was a challenge for Jamie because on the pronunciation of some words, it seemed as if the brogue may have been trying to come through. But that’s such a minor blip that it doesn’t affect the film.

Ana was a bit more of a challenge for me. And Dakota Johnson, initially, did not fit the bill. However, it is Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, who steals the movie. The lip biting, the quirks, the simplicity, the nerves, the strength, the innocence, the determination that is Anastasia, Dakota captures them all.

The movie moves along at a pretty quick pace but the intensity of Christian and the blooming relationship with Ana is certainly felt. And I was happy to see and feel that because there are many details and scenes in the book that are not in the movie. There just wouldn’t be enough time! But the scenes that are included I believe will make the 50 Shades fans happy. A few scenes differ slightly from the book but I don’t think it’s enough to disappoint the fans.

I’m sure you’re dying to know about the Red Room of Pain. It’s like another character in the movie! According to an interview with Jamie Dornan, the first time Ana sees the room is actually the first time Dakota sees it too. I think the room was captured perfectly. The bed is front and center as well as the variety of implements placed all over the room. And the first time Christian brings Ana in there, well, um….let’s say it gets steamy and pretty explicit.

The sex. Holy crap on a cracker! Was it explicit? Yes. Did it push the envelope? Maybe for some but reading an explicit scene is a whole other animal versus seeing it on the big screen with 1,000 people! Did they go there? Oh yes, they did. Let me just say that these two actors made their “acting” so real in these scenes it was hard for me to believe it didn’t really happen! ;)  I bet there will be a baby boom in nine months!!

If you enjoyed the book, I honestly believe you will be satisfied with the movie. Do I wish it was longer? Yes! Do I wish that it included more of the details in the book? Yes. Do I think that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson fit the bill in their roles? Absolutely.

Two days later and my heart is still aching and yearning for more Ana and Christian. I definitely have a Fifty Shades hangover! Hurry up 50 Shades Darker in 2016!!

Oh and yes, I’m going to see it again on February 12th. Laters, baby.


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