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**Review** Sweet Mystery ~ Under the Moonlight #3 ~ MaryAnn Kempher ~ Donna's Review ~

Title: Sweet Mystery
Series: Under the Moonlight #3
Author: MaryAnn Kempher
Genre: Adult, Mystery/Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2014



Candy Dashwood was young, beautiful, and accustomed to getting exactly what she wanted, by any means necessary, including sex and blackmail. Does that make her murder less important? Or her killer less guilty? Her mother doesn’t think so. She asks private detective Jack Harney to help find Candy’s killer. 

When all signs point to her police officer lover, the case seems cut and dry. So why does the evidence seem so flimsy? And why are the police so unwilling to dig any deeper. 

Jack uncovers a web of sex and deception in which nothing is as it seems, and the list of potential killers grows every day. Can he put the pieces together and discover who really killed Candy, or will her killer get away with murder.


Most of the cast of characters from Forever Doomed are back in Sweet Mystery. Jack Harney has moved back to Reno and opened a detective agency with his friend Curt Noble. Nene and Gaga Albright have their bakery/candy store across the hall and live upstairs. Scott Hamilton has opened his bike shop and his brother Alex is helping him run it. Katherine O'Brian is still infatuated with Starbucks coffee. Amy O'Brian and Jack have split up and she has moved to Seattle.

When a woman, Candy, who works for the police department is murdered a cop, Mark, is charged with her murder. Mark asks Jack to investigate in order to clear his name. Candy's mother Yvonne also asks Jack to investigate. Detective Nolan doesn't think Mark is guilty either but he has 7 other open murder cases. When Jack asks him for information on the case he reluctantly gives Jack his notes and crime scene photos. 

The mayor is looking into funding renovations of the area surrounding the detective agency. Plans call for a visitors center, park, and new businesses. Aggressive tactics are being used in order to get people to move and owners to sell. 

As Jack investigates he begins to suspect everything is related. All he has to do is find the proof.

Meanwhile, Curt is helping pet store owner Daisy find out who is stealing her birds. He is also falling for her.

Sweet Mystery is another cozy mystery. It has murder, corruption, romance, humor, and plot twists. Like the first two books in the series, it moves at a good pace and is an interesting story. I enjoyed the quirkiness of the characters. None of them are perfect. They are normal people. I look forward to the next book in the series. Will it be Curt and Daisy? Jack and Amy? Or Yvonne and ____? Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I did find quite a bit of spelling and grammatical errors. They were slightly annoying but didn't distract from my enjoyment of the story.



MaryAnn Kempher writes mystery with a dash of humor. These books will test your crime solving skills and keep you guessing, and smiling until the very end. 

Her books can be read out of order, but she recommends you start with her first, Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder which is a romantic mystery set in Reno NV, then Forever Doomed, which is a murder mystery set on a cruise ship. 

Sweet Mystery is her most recent release and another “I did not see that coming.” murder mystery. 

MaryAnn lives in Florida with her husband and two children. Her influencers include Janet Evanovich and Agatha Christie. 

She is currently working on book number four.


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