Sunday, August 25, 2013

**CR** Seeking Havok ~ Lila Felix

Seeking Havok

Lila Felix
Is that cover not effin gorgeous?!?!


All she wanted was a friend - one that knew her and not her circumstances. She needed someplace to call home. Hers was an open door to the countless men looking for the services her mother offered them. She camouflaged herself against lockers and blackboards to avoid the stares and whispers at school.

And then she found Cal...and Fade.

Cal lives like Frankenstein, rising at night to work and just trying to make it until dawn. He avoids most relationships, afraid of the things he will be asked to do. He moonlights as Fade, a radio station DJ who spends hours counseling his peers on their troubles. It was all mundane until Jocelyn called the station. 

Cal and Havok pursue a friendship. 

Jocelyn and Fade pursue a relationship beyond the confines of the radio waves. But when Havok disappears, Cal will find that Havok has been guarding a lifetime worth of secrets. And when Fade and Jocelyn's all night phone conversations cease, he finds a link between them he never saw coming.  

Release Date ~ September 30, 2013

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