Friday, September 18, 2015

*~*~* Cover Reveal *~*~* Uncovering Stone by T. Saint John

Title: Uncovering Stone
Series: The Stone Brothers Series #3
Author: T. Saint John
Genre: Romantic Erotica
Release Date: September 18, 2015 


In the final book of the Stone Brothers series we meet Evan Stone, the most enigmatic brother.

Evan Stone, a high-powered Chicago lawyer seemed to have it all---handsome, rich, and intelligent. His confidence and dominant nature allowed him to have any woman he desired, except the one he truly wanted. Alani may drive him crazy with her smart mouth, but he can't deny his obsession for her.

Once the victim of an attempted assault, Alani James became a private investigator, dedicated to getting justice for others. When her search for answers to the mystery of her own past leads to her disappearance and puts her life in danger, she has to rely on the one man she's sworn to never turn to.

Lani moves in with Evan to hide from a dangerous stalker, but will living with Evan really be safer? Every time she's alone with Evan, she finds it harder and harder to resist his charms.

Other Books in the Series

Molly Madden has always been looking for something more. Growing up in a small town, she never quite fit in. She didn’t fit the preacher's daughter mold. Now at twenty-four, she has graduated from nursing school and has found a job far away from her small town. Chicago. Something was leading her there. Her excitement turns to lust, then to fear, and the shock of her life. This wasn’t a part of her plan. She never planned on Noah Stone...he just happened. 

Noah Stone has returned to Chicago, after his six year serving as an Army Doctor. His only family lives here, his two brothers that he would do anything for. At thirty-five, he doesn't need anyone else. One and done is good enough for him. His past made sure he was incapable of love. By chance and circumstance, a young, smart-mouthed nurse keeps showing up in his life. Slowly, Noah realizes that he's changing. Changing the way he is thinking, the way he is acting. As much as he tries to fight it, he realizes he can’t fight the fate that keeps bringing them together. 

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Maddox Stone, a dedicated police officer for the Chicago P.D., grew up in an abusive home. He learned early on that the only people he can trust are his brothers and has vowed to never have more than a one night stand. 

Kerrigan Andrews grew up believing she was trailer-park trash. She moved away from home determined to make a better life for herself. 

When Kerrigan finally relents to Maddox’s constant request for a date, they realize there’s a connection neither are familiar with. With one thoughtless moment, Maddox sends Kerrigan straight into the arms of another man - one that nearly kills her. 

As an officer of the law Maddox’s job is to serve and protect, but he couldn't even protect the woman he's fallen for. Now Kerrigan is living in constant fear, and she can no longer ignore Maddox. She has no choice but to trust someone who has proven himself untrustworthy. Or is he? 

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