Monday, September 21, 2015

#RARAE15 ~ Michelle Iannarelli

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Intoxicated By You
Tall, dark and strong, that is how Liam drinks his coffee, how Emily likes her men….
All Dr. Emily Kelly was looking for was a latte...instead, she fell for Liam…literally.
Detective Liam St. Paul isn’t looking for love, he is a one night stand kind of guy…until he looked into Emily’s eyes.
When Emily's life is in danger...Liam vows to protect her.
Will Emily and Liam find a way to leave their pasts behind them and move forward together?
Or will their pasts tear them apart?

Craving You
Storm Donovan’s parents had his whole life planned out for him at birth. Graduate college, spend his days as a CEO at Donovan International, marry a wealthy woman and have a token child.
Storm however, had plans of his own. Graduate from the Police Academy, work his way up to the rank of Detective, marry his childhood sweetheart Evie and have lots of children. He had almost achieved all his goals, his wedding date was growing closer and then on his honeymoon he would hopefully start his family…until the day Storm met Jameson. The feelings he had instantly confused him. What the hell was wrong with him? What will his parents think, and what about the guys at the station? What choice will he make?
Jameson Kelly didn’t grow up with much. His parents died when he was a teenager leaving him to care for his younger sister, Emily. As a small child he knew he wanted to be a firefighter, and so he was and a good one at that. No matter what life threw at Jameson he handled it head on and always managed to get what he set out to accomplish, no matter how long or how difficult a task.
Jameson finally thought he had a chance to be happy. Then his life was suddenly turned upside down and he was being accused of something he didn’t do, which began a chain of events that could tear his world apart and end his happily ever after.

Crazy Over You
Dani Donovan was the type of woman who set her sights on what she wanted…and then did everything in her control to make sure she got it. Once she met Drew Travis she knew he was exactly what she wanted and no matter how long it took, she was determined not to stop until she made him want her too.
Drew Travis knew he should steer clear of Dani. They were from two different worlds. Dani was an upper class white woman while Travis was a middle class black man. He had been involved with women like her before and it never worked. His family would never accept her. He knew he had to forget her…but could he?
Just when Dani thought everything she had worked so hard for; her career, bid for District Attorney and a relationship with Travis was finally within her grasp, her life was turned upside down by a madman who was on a mission to end it.
Will Dani survive? If she does, will it be too late for a happy ending with Travis?

Taming You
Sawyer was a manwhore, plain and simple. He was gorgeous, tattooed and had a smile that could make any woman drop her panties…and many did, one after the other. As a detective he spent his days protecting people and his nights protecting his heart. He’d spent the last twenty years of his life alone, avoiding any sort of a relationship because getting close, meant getting hurt and he vowed he would never allow himself to feel that pain again.
Mia was pure, innocent and had a heart of gold. She had been attracted to Sawyer since the first time she saw him smile, his dimples sealed her fate. Although Sawyer flirted with her often, Mia never acted on her feelings, she promised herself she would wait until she fell in love to give herself to a man.
After surviving a near death experience together, their relationship changed. Sawyer let down his walls a little and he let Mia in. Mia realized Sawyer was the man she had waited her whole life for, her body ached for his touch and she knew she wanted to spend her life with him...she was in love with Gabriel Sawyer.
Will Mia be able to knock down Sawyer's walls for good?
Is Sawyer capable of loving her?
Can he let his past go and move forward or will he spend the rest of his life alone?

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