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Book: The Collar of Sacrifice
Author: Alexandra I 
Series: The Collar Duet (Book 2)
Release Date: December 22, 2014

A love greater than life itself. 

A memory buried deep enough to stay hidden forever. 

A secret that could destroy their fragile happiness. 

Treacherous games are on the horizon.
Amelia Jones knows the truth; she lives and breathes it every day. The endless monotony of a loveless marriage, and years of domestic slavery stretch before her in minutes and hours that are destined to end in a mental breakdown. 

Then Alexander Reeves walks through the door. 

Her new boss is intriguing, charismatic and clearly driven by unspoken demons, and while Amelia knows she’s playing with fire, she’s relentlessly drawn to the man. Alexander is just as taken by her, but knows that giving into temptation can only end in disaster. When the couple succumb to a passionate, furious battle of the wills, Amelia is thrilled and afraid; Alexander’s erotic preferences are shocking to the uninitiated. The trouble is, wild as his life may seem, Amelia knows that he at least is living. Alexander may bring about her ruin, but he also holds the secret to her salvation, and Amelia prays she might be able to save him


(Pre-order until December 22nd, then goes live!)
This book is not a standalone, so to understand it; you need to have read, The Collar of Freedom, The Collar Duet, Book 1 (see the link above for my review on that lovely book.) The main H/h are Alexander and Amelia and these characters were fully developed in book one, along with most of the secondary characters. Alexandra I, the author, did an amazing job developing these characters in that book, along with all of the characters.

In this second book, she gets a little more detailed with the mystery surrounding Alexander and his past, and keeps you guessing through most of the book until about 75% of the book, then layers start peeling back and you eventually get to see more and more of what makes him this mysterious dominant man. The story is told from Amelia’s point-of-view, so you are in her head and you know what she is feeling, seeing and thinking, which isn’t always rosy. As-a-matter-of-fact, Amelia is a very naughty girl in that hot little brain of hers. ;) But, let’s not forget Alexander’s dirty-talking mouth either. 

Then, there are the characters surrounding these two; some causing problems, some helping; with new characters added since the last book. Each one developed with skill. Alexandra did amazing with character development.

I loved her writing-style. While Amelia has spent the last 10 years in the UK, she is American. You can tell Alexandra took that into account when writing her dialogue. Some things she says in a very English tone, because, after all, she has been there for so long, she would have picked up on a few things a British person would say. Alexander is also American, but doesn’t spend as much time in the UK, so while he may have some “British-speak” he does speak more American. She nailed it there. She is very descriptive in her writings, but not overly so to make it boring, which is important. Sometimes over-sharing can drag a book down. She nailed that too. The hot scenes, OMG! While, this book isn’t over-loaded with them, the ones in there are panty-melting (or should I say knickers-melting.) *winks* Yes, she nailed those too. Hmmm. Lots of nailing going on. *grins* 

It’s kind of sad to see this series end, but I understand we are going to be getting a prequel to her Flash Burn series with James Knight, so I can’t be sad. I will wait patiently for that book. 5 stars KC

Kat Interviews Alexandra I

Kat: Alexandra!!! I am so excited for you to join me today! I know you have been so busy: last month with your 1000 likes event and your big Cover Reveal of The Collar of Sacrifice, the sequel to The Collar of Freedom (which I LOVED, by the way) and now this month you are releasing the book. But first we MUST discuss your first book, Flash Burn, the history of the book and the mysterious man behind it and now who has finally joined you online!

Alexandra: Of course!! I’ll try to be as honest and as decent as possible. Although sometimes you can’t have both!

Kat: *Grin* Who said I wanted decent!?! :) What inspired Flash Burn and here I must point out it was first a novella series that became a boxed set (thanks for that!)

Alexandra: What inspired Flash Burn? Sexting. Lots and lots of sexting. I am lucky enough to be a friend with someone who’s done a lot in the virtual world (It seems funny, right?) and that’s where the idea came from. The book was written as a full length novel, but on the advice of some great authors I split it in four parts so I could get more presence online as it was my first published story.

Kat: James Knight is the sexy Dom in this book. I hear he helped in some small way inspire the writing of this book?

Alexandra: James Knight is my knight in shining armor. Or should I say my knight with shining computer. He made me think in a different way …. Scratched my heart from the inside a few times to show me I am alive. James Knight is my favorite book boyfriend.

Kat: Now how did you get this sexy Dom to join you online?

Alexandra: I always thought James would be great if he joined my world on facebook. So I suggested it and he agreed. It was as easy as that. Now I wish I’d done it sooner.

Kat: Can we expect more from that series or are you finished with it? I mean more James Knight…bring it on! *sigh*

Alexandra: It seems that my fans do want more of James Knight so I think more they shall receive. The prequel should be out by December 2015, if not sooner.

Kat: Oh, I am excited to here that myself!
Now, let’s talk about your NEW book The Collar of Sacrifice and her sister book The Collar of Freedom.
First, what inspired you to write The Collar Duet Series?

Alexandra: After nearly 20 years of avoiding romance books on purpose I had agreed to read Fifty Shades of Grey and needless to say, that book made me stew in so much emotions that I just HAD to write something in order to lower the pressure in my head.

Seeing what was happening around me, many of my friends getting divorce and being unhappy in general, I took off from there. And the story was written.

Every woman at some stage in her life has been where Amelia is, and has done (whether in reality or only in her mind) what Amelia did. I wanted to portray the fact that those feelings are natural and that yes, the heroine found her perfect man, but not always do we act upon them. Often, when those feelings are not acted upon a part of us dies. Therefore, it’s down to us to decide if we want to step forward into growth or remain where we are, in safety. Amelia did step forward and she was lucky enough to find love.

Kat: You’ve chosen the name Alexandra I as your pen name and then Alexander Reeves as the main character name in this series. Is there a reason you love the name Alexandra/Alexander so much? Is it special to you in some way?

Alexandra: It’s special only because it’s mine lol But no, initially the main character was called Daniel. I was also playing with other names but I was looking for a longer name to portray his complex character. Don’t ask me why. It felt right. But I see now the confusion when people leave me reviews.

Kat: The ladies are having a lot of fun with James Knight online; will Alexander Reeves be joining us online as well?

Alexandra: I expect Alexander Reeves to join us online very soon. As soon as I stop playing with him in my head.

Kat: Okay, now let’s change this up. Be forewarned, I am about to get personal! *winks*

Alexandra: Bring it on!!!

Kat: Both of these books have BDSM intertwined within them and believe me, it is delicious! So, is that a hint into your own life? Yes, I am straight out asking if you and hubby practice the BDSM lifestyle.

Alexandra: Oh..erm….that ‘Bring it on’ I said earlier, I take it back. Lol What happens between me and my hubby in the bedroom, stays there. Unless erm… yeah. Stays there.

Kat: So, all of the "fun action" in these much of this "fun action" have you been able to put to the test? Yes, I do mean all the hot sex in these books! I do remember you giving me a link to a fun place that was in The Collar of Freedom. Honey, if I ever get to the UK, I want to visit that place!

Alexandra: Ha-ha! Kat…oh Kat….when you come to UK I’ll take you places you’ve only read in books! As to how much I’ve done of the ‘fun action’ in my books, well, let’s just say that every action was tried out for the sake of authenticity.

Kat: So I hear you are a big that is. Do you even know how many pairs of shoes you have? I know in your takeovers and on your page you have shared some pictures of a few.

Alexandra: Now we are talking! I have many shoes, and when I say shoes I mean heels. I tend to buy a pair every fortnight. Saying that, I don’t over spend. One has to be clever rather than rich in order to have the best heels in the universe.

Kat: Last question before a speed round. I know you love cars; your street team is called the Pit Stop Hotties after all, so name that one car you would buy if you had all the money your heart desired?

Alexandra: *sighs*Orange Lamborghini. *sighs* Every time.

Kat: Okay time for a round of This or That: Fashionista
Trousers or Skirts? Alexandra: Always skirts. Women look good in them.

Pearls or Diamonds? Alexandra: Diamonds, darling!

Jumper or Blouse? Alexandra: ¾ sleeve tight top looks good on me combined with pencil skirt. No blouse or jumper can make my boobs jump as the 50's fashion does!

Thong or Boy shorts? (or commando?) :) Alexandra: A lady would never tell when she’s not wearing panties. (She would show. :) (Kat: YES!)

Pantyhose or stockings? (or none?) Alexandra: None.

Fuck me pumps or Flats? Alexandra: Ohhhhhhhhh What a question!!! Do I need to provide an image of my fuck-me-heels cabinet?? Do I? Cause I have at least 100!

Boots or Shoes? Alexandra: Fuck-me-heels.

Long nails or short nails? Alexandra: Long. Manicured. Pretty.

Cotton or Silk ropes? :) Alexandra: Um….. none. I’d go for something else.

Leathers or Sexy Dress? Alexandra: Leather.
Kat: Alexandra, Thank you so much for your time and answering ALL of these questions. I know I got very nosy, but you are fun as hell and I just had to do it! I wanted people to see the fun side of you!

Alexandra: Ohhhh you have no idea! :) Thank you too, I’m glad me being fun can be seen virtually. In real life I am exactly like this (times 100)! Mwah!

Kat: Mwah!


“Amelia!” I hear someone shouting my name and I turn around; on the other side of the restaurant, next to the wall, Alexander is sitting at a table set for four people. I smile, relieved, and wave. Thank god, I’m saved from further embarrassment.

As I swerve around the tables, heading in his direction he watches me with a slight smirk. His head is cocked, and I think he’s looking at my legs, I’m not sure. By the time I reach him, he clearly has a salacious look on his face.

“I’m glad you could make it.” Standing up, he places his hand on my lower back and kisses me on the cheek. I try to move away but his hand stays put while he inhales my hair. 

“Alexander!” I say in a hushed tone. 

“I can’t help it.” I’m let go and he sits down. “I just love how you look. Tight, professional dress, red lips, very pretty face, your hair… Oh, how I love your hair! Neatly tied but completely untamed…” he stares at me with his all familiar charge, licking his lips while I sit down next to him. “Seeing you like this...oh, you have no idea...” 

“Please.” A whisper leaves my lips. He knows the effect he has on me.

“I know how it feels for you, too.” He swaddles me in his brazen charge.

“The desire, the flame,” he comes near me and leans closer, “That just about now ignites between your legs.” He blows in my ear and all of a sudden, there isn’t enough air around me. I feel the hair prickle on my body.

“Why are you doing this? Your son will be here any minute.” I can barely breathe.

“Relax, Amelia, they’re running late. Besides, you were missing from work these past two days and you know how much I love to make you squirm in public.”

I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

“Yes, you do make me squirm, I agree. But we were fucking only a few hours ago.”

“Who says anything about fucking?”

“Your games always end with fucking.”

“Oh, I know many games, Amelia. Some without fucking at all.” he smirks. “Those games you’ll feel deep in your mind for days after.” He places his hand on my bare knee, under the table, and squeezes it. “Tell me. Have I made you think of fucking, yet?” and then he glides his hand very slowly, under my dress, towards my eager than life pussy. I bite my lip to stop myself from panting out loud.

“Yes, I know I have,” he smirks dominantly. “I love you when you are completely at my will.”

“Okay, Alexander, you made your point. Now please, stop. I’m wet and I’m suddenly not so hungry. All thanks to you.” My chest rises with each breath I take as if I’m flying already. Dammit, I’m arousing myself. My pebbled nipples chafing in my bra are not helping either. 

“Good. Let's see what we want to order, shall we?” he passes me the menu.

“Alexander,” I take a deep breath. “If I’m as horny as I am now when they come, I’ll go. And you won’t be able to stop me.” He’s made me ache right there, in the apex between my thighs, where every feeling derives from. 


Alexandra, a singing and dancing force not to be reckoned with, especially when she holds a microphone, is someone who imagined her life will be just like in the film ‘Grease’. So she found her 'Danny’, married him and right at this moment she is annoyed his car doesn't fly. 

When she isn't glued to her trusty laptop creating magic, Alexandra prowls the pits of twitter … find her there if you dare.

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