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**Series Review** The Un Series ~ Scott Hildreth

WARNING: This book contains scenes of abuse. They are descriptive, heartbreaking, and may cause you to feel certain emotions. If you're incapable of reading about a woman that recovers from an abusive relationship, don't read this book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

Kace Meadows lives in Austin, Texas. Now 26, she has been in an abusive relationship since she was sixteen years old. As abusive as it is, she can’t seem to find a way to allow herself to end it. With her abusive boyfriend, she can’t seem to win. 

Shane Dekkar is an unknown, undefeated, and somewhat shy boxer from Compton California. After the death of his grandfather, he moves to Austin and meets Kace by happenstance as she and her boyfriend are in an argument in public. He is drawn to her, and she to him. 

When he meets her again two years later, he begins to believe in fate. But, as he prepares for a potential shot at a championship fight, there’s not time in his life or career for a woman. 

Shane fights his inner demons by using his fists. On the street or in the ring, Shane does what he does best, he wins at any cost. Unlike Kace, Shane can’t seem to lose. 

Undefeated is an extremely romantic erotica novel about fighting. Fighting for what you believe in. Fighting for life. Fighting to live. 

And fighting to find love in the most unlikely places. 

Be prepared to be moved, touched, stand up and cheer, and cry your eyes out. This book will, without a doubt, knock you unconscious. 

CAUTION: Graphic sexual content. This book contains fighting scenes that are descriptive. Additionally, it contains graphic scenes of street fighting that may be perceived as unnecessarily violent. Lastly, the abuse scenes in this book are descriptive, realistic, and emotional.


Um.. yea.. Why haven't I found Scott Hildreth before???

What cave have I been in?

Shane Dekkar is lethal. As a new man in town, no one knows him. They don't know what he's capable of. They know he claims he's undefeated in the circle. But he has to prove himself. As a wanderer, Shane is trying to find his place in this world after all of his family has left him. He has his one constant - his hoodie. Shane also has another "thing" - he can't stand violence against women. EVER. He stands against it, he stands against the men who harm women. He will not allow it.

Kace is such a damaged soul. She broke my heart. In an abusive relationship for so long that she knows no difference. She's to the point that she believes if "only she would behave" that it wouldn't happen. Then she befriends Shane. Shane teaches her to love herself again, and to know that it's never ok for her boyfriend to hit her. He teaches her to fight back. He gives her the strength to get out. *sigh*

Shane is the ultimate *hero* to me.

Both Kace and Shane embark on a journey of self-discovery. While Kace finds the strength to face her boyfriend and find herself again, Shane discovers things he never realized and has to come to terms with.

READERS** Consider yourself warned. Scott Hildreth holds nothing back. There is violence in this book. Violence that will make you cringe. Violence that makes you want to say "woohoo do it again" just because it is deserved.

Warning ~ You will *swoon* over Shane, and he will forever hold a dear place in your heart as a BBF. <3

Mike Ripton "Ripp" is witty, covered in muscle, rides a motorcycle, and drives a 1969 Chevelle. he's tattooed, and has 4 piercings on his cock. He has never been in love, nor has he ever been in an actual relationship. He does relationships, 'just not for that long'. He boxes professionally, and fights bare knuckles matches in the 'hood' for cash. Ripp is a take me or leave me type of alpha male that won't change for anyone. 

When he meets the 'most beautiful woman in the word' one day in the bar, a local prominent attorney, he decides she'll be his next 'victim'. Little does he realize that he just might be hers. She eagerly admits she's attracted to one type of male, and one type only. Bad Boy. Alpha. Tattooed. And. Dominant. 

As long as she's in a relationship. 

But Ripp doesn't do relationships..... 

Unstoppable is steamy. The type that fanning yourself wont fix. It's got alpha males. Fighting. Tattoos. Muscles. And above all, it's got Mike Ripton.

 After falling in love with Shane in book 1, I didn't think I could love this series anymore.

I was wrong.

Mike Ripton is awesome. He's the charming, witty, man-whore we all love. With all his "bad-assery", he's also a total sweetheart. The one guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He's loyal to a fault, he just can't keep his dick in his pants! Until he sees Vee.

Vee is instantly attracted to Mike. Seeing how she's a prominent attorney during the day, at night, she wants one thing and one thing only - a man who takes all the control. She gives Mike a run for his money in all his bad-assery and she gives him the one thing he needs - a challenge.

This is the first part of the story between Mike and Vee. Yes, you read that correctly, this is a small cliffhanger. The book ends in a perfect spot, so don't be discouraged.

Scott - phenomenal job with Mike and Vee. LOVE Mike to pieces. <3

Book 2 of 2 in Mike Ripton's story. Yes, HEA, no cliffhanger. Written in a manner that can allow the reader to enjoy this book as a stand alone steamy fighter erotica. **WARNING** 18 and over only. 

Tattooed, muscular, boxing, motorcycle riding bad boy Mike Ripton is a fighter who loves two things, Fucking, and fighting. He's a champion at both. One small problem, the latter has him in a court battle facing a murder charge. 

As Mike prepares to face trial for murder, his attorney prepares to do the one thing she does in a courtroom, win. Vivian Simon is tough in her battling what she believes is right. And this case, deep in her heart of hearts, she believes she's right. 

The Hero in this book is tough, but the heroine just might be tougher, in the courtroom, that is. 

Prepare for the unexpected. Prepare for a battle not only in the courtroom, but in the lives of all involved. This book wraps up the story of Mike and Vee, and does so in a manner that will leave you satisfied. 

Is it what you'll expect? It never is when Mike Ripton's involved. 

Warning, strong sexual content, mature reader's only.

In this powerful conclusion to Mike and Vee's story, readers will get to see what happens when you have to put unyielding trust into another person. And how one phrase can make everything ok. 

Mike battles to come to terms with what happened and how everything has come to this moment. He constantly questions his actions, and finds that, his actions wouldn't have changed. Now, he has to reach deep inside himself to find forgiveness for himself and that trust he needs to have in Vee. 

Vee has got this. She has no doubt. Convincing Mike of that, a whole other story. While Mike takes control in the bedroom, Vee takes control out of it. 

This book is about trust. Trusting in yourself and being able to love another person unconditionally and putting that unyielding trust into them. Allowing them to take the reigns. 

Bravo Scott! Another masterful book to the series!!! <3

I have somewhat of an old school approach to life. I enjoy listening to music, riding motorcycles, talking to people, reading, and writing. I do not watch television or drink alcohol. The majority of my time is spend researching materials or interviewing people regarding what I am writing about. My preference is writing a story that makes an impact on the reader. An impact that causes them to sit and think when they are finished with the book. To have someone finish a book and say, "Great book..." is fantastic. To have someone finish a book and say, "This book made such an impact on me that I immediately read it again, it changed my life.." is what I strive for. My novel, Broken People, is just that book.

I will never forget the first time I actually felt as if I had helped someone resolve an issue in their life. I was in middle school. It started then, and has continued throughout my entire life. I have always made myself available to talk to people and resolve (or attempt to resolve) issues that they struggle with.

Having an exceptional ability to communicate has always been a gift of mine, and I have enjoyed doing so. Telling stories has always been second nature to me. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have written poetry, romance, self-help, addiction, alcoholism, codependency, technical, and satire. There isn't a genre or a topic that I feel more comfortable with. I enjoy writing about whatever it is that I feel passionate about at the time.
Being open-minded and often seeing abusive relationships unfold, I have always been passionate about abuse, or the prevention of it. My main focus has always been people that are incapable of helping themselves, primarily women, children, and the elderly. I have talked to hundreds of women that were in abusive relationships, and assisted many of them in removing themselves from these relationships.

I try to focus in my writings to develop a story that makes people stop and think. To look at a subject or subjects from a different point of view. If I am able to get my point across, and make the subject entertaining to the reader, I feel that I have met my objective. I feel that I have tremendous depth as a person, and have had some great experiences in my life. To date, what life has offered me has been nothing short of spectacular. My opinions, point of views, and perspectives on matters are just that; an opinion. There isn't necessarily a right or wrong in what I write, but more of a belief. I always believe in what I am writing, and I further believe that the reader may benefit from viewing it from the written perspective.

I hope that you enjoy reading what I have written as much as I enjoy writing it. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing a reader enjoyed something I have written. Considering that, please take time to leave a book review if you have read something I have written.

"Stay Human"

Scott Hildreth

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