Friday, June 27, 2014

**Review** Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game ~ Sam JD Hunt

"You might call me a Dominant or a Top, but really I’m just a very successful woman in my 30s looking for sexy role-play without the complications of a relationship. I need control. Love has never been on my agenda. Until, of course, one day the much younger Thomas Hunt came into my life. He broke down my walls and taught me to let go; he made me feel alive for the first time. I might even be capable of loving him if lies and betrayals don’t tear us apart first." Samantha Drake

Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game is the first book in The Thomas Hunt Submissive Series. Set in Las Vegas, it’s a contemporary love story that incorporates light BDSM themes with modern, steamy role-play.

The modern, sizzling sexual content and language used in this book is intended for mature audiences only.


*I was given a copy of an ARC of this book for an honest review. Honest is always what you will get from me: good, back or in between.

The first thing you are wondering, is this author male or female? After reading the book I can tell you this author likes to keep you guessing. While the ending did not have a big cliffhanger (Thank you, Sam,) there are scenes in the book that keep you on your toes and you are never bored. You might want to have a towel handy, if you know what I mean. *smiles*

Samantha Drake is a Dominant. Yes, you got that right, a Domme. She is independent. She likes to be in control. She is a well paid attorney in Las Vegas and one sexy lady. Whenever she decides to take a sub it is always with the understanding that it is only about the sexual relationship and nothing more; nothing romantic. EVER. To her, with her being the Dominant, romance can’t work. Then she meets the submissive, Thomas Hunt, a younger, scorching hot doctoral student looking for a Domme. When he moves in to become her submissive, his playful, sexy as hell nature gives her pause; she may have met her match. He pushes HER boundaries (she even feels a little insecure with the age difference) and slowly starts to tear down those walls she has around her heart, but not without a price.

From the very first page you are always on your toes. It is full of intrigue, a little suspense and loads of hot, steamy, OMG-did-they-just-do-that sex. It is hot! Sam knows how to write a sex scene. Well, let me say, Sam knows how to write, period. She (yes, the author is female) even makes you wonder if the book does not have some truth to it since the character’s name and her name are the same (Sam is short for Samantha.) But, then again, is not that part of her intrigue, using her name as the character name to make us wonder? Even though, the book is BDSM related, you don’t see a lot of that in here. It is light in nature.

The secondary characters add suspense, flair, laughter and some of them you just love to hate. There is a couple I want to throat-punch. Some of them you fall in love with so easily. I want to get my hands on Thomas’ mother and hug her neck; she is so sweet and fun. Sam’s dad, on the-other-hand… I want her housekeeper, Evan. I mean a gay former WWF-type professional wrestler as a housekeeper? Yes, he is fun to have around. With the type of law that Samantha and her partner practice, they deal with some high-powered, sometimes unsavory people and this gives the book some suspenseful situations and occasionally leaves you questioning what will happen next.

However, the book is not really about all of that, it is about tearing down emotional walls and the blurred lines between Dominance and submission. It is about learning to trust and let go. It is an emotional journey watching these two fight for this relationship and sometimes I want to *spank* Samantha. (smile) It is baby-steps for her, while Thomas wants to scale the wall. 

I am looking forward to the next book. I could have used it right now, this story is so good. I am really impressed with this being a debut book from this author. High-five, Sam!

5 Stars! KCW

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