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Bound (Strand Brothers Series, #2) by Lora Ann
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When submission, love, and something far too terrifying bind. 
 How far will you go for someone you love? Which lines are you willing to cross? Who will you turn to when the ones that should be there for you aren't? 

 Lacey Kincaid is in search of her drug addicted, twin sister, Keeley. But every time she locates her, Keeley moves on. Now Keeley has disappeared without a trace and it's up to Lacey to find her before it's too late. 

Even (pronounced Evan) a.k.a. E Strand is the youngest of three and by far the most dangerous. No, he isn't a badass like his oldest brother, Nik. Nor is he the most handsome like his brother, Alex. His danger lies in his personal preferences in the bedroom. Many know him as the Master and it is a title he deserves. Owner of numerous sex clubs as well as instructor of BDSM Even is fulfilled, until the night a dancer at one of his clubs catches his eye. She's innocent. Beautiful. Off limits. Yet he wants her for his own. 

 It doesn't take long for E to realize the woman he desires to dominate needs his help. As their journey to find Keeley runs into one dead-end after another, passion ignites between these two. But is it enough to bind them together forever? Or, will the bond between sisters keep the lovers apart? Can they free Keeley from the clutches of a madman in time? And if they do, will happily ever after be in their future? 

Due to violence, language, & sexual content this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Excerpt 18+
From out of nowhere a handcuff was secured around one of my wrists and then to the headboard. As efficiently as he had that hand restrained, he did the same to the other. Now, I was at his mercy. While that probably should’ve frightened me, it had quite the opposite effect. Warm liquid trickled at my core as I squirmed under his heated gaze.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, as I stared at his beautiful mouth.

A wicked grin appeared. “Whatever the hell I want, sweetness,” he growled before slipping his finger inside me. I began to move my hips, for some kind of relief, as he toyed just on the inside of my channel. There was no controlling the whimper that escaped. “Tell me what you want,” he demanded.

On a frustrated moan I replied, “You.”

“Not good enough.”

I clamped my legs together, locking his hand in place as I confirmed, “Yes…” He hooked his fingers forward to stimulate—I assumed—my g-spot “…you,” I ground out under the onslaught of sensations.

He withdrew from my body and sat back on his haunches. “We stay like this,” motioning his hand between our bodies for emphasis, “until you tell me.”

I yanked on my restrains, which hurt. The grimace on his face told me he didn’t want me in pain. “Stop that,” he ordered. “Those things bite if you pull on them.”

Now he tells me! “A heads-up would’ve been nice.”

“And take away all the fun.”

Grr. The man could really get my hackles up without any effort, whatsoever. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Mm-mm, just the sight of you gets me hard.”

Without forethought, my eyes drifted to his amazing erection. How could he do that so quickly? “I thought men weren’t capable of multiple orgasms,” I blurted out my thoughts. He threw his head back and laughed. “Nice to know I can entertain you while I lay here all hot and bothered,” I grumbled.

He leveled his gaze on me and pointed out, “I’m merely waiting for your instructions.”

I swallowed hard before I confessed, “I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“Let me demonstrate.” His hand moved over his left nipple as he pinched it. “Ah, yes,” he moaned. “Right now, I’m imaging your teeth biting down. Do you see my dick pulse in response?”

Again, my eyes traveled over his washboard abs, along the hairline below his navel, until they alighted on his cock. He hadn’t lied, it was throbbing. As he moved his hand over to the right nipple, his other hand began to stroke his rod. He continued, “I’m picturing your hands fisting me, moving up and down before you place it inside your wet, pink pussy.”

Oh, my. His dirty words were actually going to make me come. I couldn’t very well touch myself in this position, so my legs began to spread of their own accord. I directed, “Put it in.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “What exactly would you like me to put in?”

Heavens, the man was both infuriating and sexy as hell. And while his filthy talk was a complete aphrodisiac, I wasn’t sure I could reciprocate. “Your…manhood.”

He chuckled. “Say it, Lacey.”

I raked my bottom lip with my teeth and closed my eyes. “Please, E.”

He straddled my hips, sliding his shaft between my sopping folds. “Talk dirty to me, sweetness.” To get my capitulation he balanced his weight on one forearm and used his other hand to stroke and tease my nipple. His mouth descended onto the other breast as he continued to stroke himself along my overly lubricated slit. “I won’t let you come until you do as I’ve asked.”

A whine came forth before I acquiesced, “I want your big and thick cock inside me, now. Let me milk you dry,” I added for good measure.

“Fuuuuuck. That was hella sexy,” he commended. “Say something else.” Then he began to suck on the sensitive tip of my breast and pinched the other to the point of a wonderful ache. All the while the head of his penis stroked my bundle of nerves between my thighs. I locked my legs around his waist as I lifted my hips. “Put your dick in and let me take you with me over this damn edge.”
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I received ARCs for honest reviews. Honest is always what you will get from me: good, bad or in-between.

BOUND (Strand Brothers Book 2)

This is the second book in the Strand Brothers series and the second one I have read. Nordic Gods? Almost! Hold on to your hearts (and panties) ladies. You will swoon reading this book. Enough said…almost. *grins*

If you like BDSM, blond, tall, tatted, muscled (but, not too much) men, then you have Even Strand. He is a Master at what he does, but not to the point of pain. He isn’t into all of that. Well, pain and pleasure, to point, if that is what you want, but not torture, nothing too extreme, but maybe a good spanking. *wink* He’s Dominant with a capital “D” all of the way. He is bossy and he is protective and caring. *swoon.*

Lacey, is a tall, lean sexy dancer. Just the perfect fit for E and for some reason, she makes him rethink his feelings of one lady forever; something he has never thought he wanted. When he finds she needs his help to find her sister, Keeley, he is all-in and will do what it takes to help her. But, Lacey is innocent and this causes him to rethink his stance on being her Dom. He doesn’t want to taint her innocence. This becomes an inner turmoil for him, and she isn’t too happy with her inner turmoil about him either.

Lora Ann got into some deep writing with this book. While this is a deep erotic book (she really got into both Even’s and Lacey’s naughty thoughts), there is so much more in this book: danger, mystery intrigue, twists and turns. Your emotions will be all over the place. The villains in this book make you want to tie people up and beat the pulp out of them…or worse. Character development was spot on.

The storyline keeps your interest as to what is going to happen next, but she sure teases you in the beginning with E and Lacey trying to decide what their feelings are and what they are going to do with each other.  There is so much going on, so you are never bored.  It isn’t a short book, so be prepared for a good long read, but a good decent read.

If I based my review only on the story line and character development, I would give it a 4.5, however, there are a few problems with editing and timing errors that need correction. To be fair, I got this book early and she was still doing edits. So, I am sure most of those were corrected.  I need to disclose that. With that I am going to give it a 4.25 until I see a revised copy. This may change at a later date. KC

BRANDED (Strand Brothers Book 1)

What would you do if you found out your dad was ill, needing treatment that he couldn’t afford and you were the only one to help with the bills? Would you put your own dreams on hold to make that possible? That is what Aimee Taylor did. Though some may call her methods a bit unorthodox, she did what she felt she must do to help her dad survive. Along the way, she meets a mysterious man at a masquerade party where she is also to meet her new employers. 

Five years later, and her life went down a path she hadn’t planned, but her dad is alive and well and she is wondering how to get out of a mess that seems to have no good answer. Along comes Nik Strand, who seems so familiar. See where this is going? 

Nik Strand, a tortured soul from a past that keeps him in a self-imposed prison, doesn’t want a relationship, but he is a protective person when it comes to the situation he finds Aimee in, so he will do what it takes to protect her. AND for some reason, she seems so familiar… 

As you can imagine, Nik is one tall, sexy, Nordic alpha male. *sigh* Muscles out to ==here== and hair long enough to run your fingers through. *OMG* You will melt just reading about this sexy beast. Then there are his two sexy brothers, Aimee is surrounded by loads of testosterone! Be still my heart! 

Aimee is one sexy siren and she knows how to use it. As much as Nik tries to resist, he just can’t stay away from her. So here is where his heart’s dilemma begins to weigh on him, but his first priority is Aimee’s safety; although she sometimes fights his overbearing ways to do so. 

Lora Ann has a good writing style. She always keeps your interest. While there is plenty of heat in this book, she isn’t overly graphic in the sex scenes, but you get enough to warm you up a little. There is some mystery and intrigue, good and bad guys, not just love and sex going on in this book. There is a little bit of everything to keep your mind going and wanting more to keep reading. While there is no cliffhanger, I am ready for the next book soon-to-be released about the next Strand brother, Even. Oh yes, this one should be good. Let’s just say Even has a little more kink but oh, so, yummy side to him. *wink* A 5 star read! KCW
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Please note: Bound should not be read as a standalone due to the subplot.
Branded (Strand Brothers Series, #1) by Lora Ann On sale throughout the tour
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Lora is a Missouri native who relocated to California as a teen. She spent several years as an international flight attendant for a major airline, before taking on her greatest job ever, a stay-at-home mom. Now she resides in Kentucky with her family, and has taken on her newest adventure, writing.  

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