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Blackjack: Wicked Game by Sam J.D. Hunt

Book Two of The Thomas Hunt Series

Sex, love, and a wicked game throw Samantha Drake and Thomas Hunt into an adventure that takes them to places they’ve never been. From the mountains above Las Vegas to the glitzy casinos of Monte Carlo, Sam and Thomas are forced to confront demons from the past while nurturing their fledgling relationship. Thomas goes from being Sam’s skilled submissive lover to discovering his own inner Dominant side. Will she be able to surrender control? Will love be enough to see them through the twists and turns of this new adventure? Don’t miss the hot follow-up to the highly acclaimed Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game.

Blackjack is a modern, steamy erotic novel set in Las Vegas.

It contains explicit sexual scenes, light BDSM, and frequent profanity. It is intended for adults only.


Hot Excerpt:

My hips rise off the bed, desperate for him. He slowly inserts one long finger, then a second, before running his tongue along the entire length of my inner folds. Stroking my hardening G-spot, he says reverentially, “God, baby, you taste so good,” as he lowers down to lap at my entrance with his skilled tongue. As he caresses my throbbing bud in a languid figure-8, his fingers cradling my G-spot, I’m lifting toward release in a slow swell.

I grind against him, urging him to let me have my climax. “Please, don’t tease me,” I beg, my toes curled, my legs shaking. Barely lifting his lips from me, he resists my push for control, sternly saying, “You’re mine, I own you right now, and I plan to savor you. You’ll come if and when I decide that I’m finished with you.” His commanding tone drives me even higher as he works my body with precision.


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I was given an ARC for an honest review. Honest is always what you get from me: good, bad or in-between.

By now, I hope you have read the first book in this series Roulette: Love is a Losing Game. My review of that book can be found here:

To catch you up if you haven’t read it, Thomas Hunt, a younger PhD, student in Literature, started out as Samantha Drake’s submissive. Samantha is a wealthy attorney, living in Las Vegas. Somewhere along the way, they fell in love and Samantha let Thomas explore his Dominate side, and he seems to like it and she realizes that to be true. He is quite good at it, and she doesn’t want to subdue that side of him. She feels she has to learn to submit if she wants to keep him. And.She.Does.want to keep him.

But, life isn’t easy for them. Samantha ran into some problems in the first book that caused them to have to go into hiding to stay safe. Doing as her father said, they hide for a while but, that gets a little confining and they decide to leave the country for more adventurous places. We get to follow them to Europe while Thomas looks at all of these artifacts he has been wanting to see for his PhD and Samantha tags along and pays for everything. Yes, she spoils him and he loves it.

Samantha has trust issues, both with Thomas and her dad, so this plays into this book. Thomas’ ex-domme’ doesn’t help matters either. This may all sound boring at first, but let me tell you, this book is anything but boring! It is hot-as-hell. The first half of this book is so chalked full of sex, it was hard for me to get through without summoning the husband…OFTEN! If I had been single and reading this book my poor BOB would have had his batteries replaced at least twice! But, as you can tell, it isn’t all sex and no substance.

There is plenty to keep your brain functioning besides the sex. You “see” so many beautiful places and things while you are visiting Europe and even while you are in Vegas. So, don’t think this is just a fluffy book.

I also love the comic relief in this book between Samantha and Thomas. I mean how many names can you come up with for Thomas’ “love stick?” REALLY? Geez… Okay, a little cheesy, but they are funny together on a lot of subjects; that just being one. They have chemistry and besides the love they show each other and the sex, they are also fun together.

I love, Sam’s writing style. She is very descriptive. You “see” everything. She is very educated. If she hasn’t been to those places, she has done some very deep research. At least, for me, a novice of Europe, she got my interest. I have been to Las Vegas, however, and I have stayed in a couple of the hotel/casinos she mentioned and have eaten in at least one of the places she mentioned. So, I loved having that in common with the book. You can tell, Sam poured blood, sweat and tears into this book. Her books are her babies. I can hardly wait for the third book in this series. But, she has also gotten my interest about a certain other character she introduced in this book, that she mentioned would get his own series. *OMG* Now that series is going to be interesting too!

As far as editing, she is good at reading and rereading until she gets that almost perfected, so you have no worries there. If you happen to find one small one, that would not be uncommon for an indie author, but I very rarely run across one in her final edits.

Well done, Sam…Well done! 5 Brilliant Stars! KCW

Blog Tour Exclusive Teaser

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Blog Tour Exclusive Thomas Hunt Bio

Name: Thomas Hunt 
  Age: 25 
  Marital Status: I’m not giving that one away! 
  Hair: Dark blonde 
  Eyes: Emerald green 
  Height: 6’3” 
  Weight: Not sayin’ I tend to be on the leaner side 
  Profession: Right now, a professional student working on my doctorate in English Literature, but I do student teaching. The truth is, my lady does pay the bills. When I become Dr. Hunt, I’d like to be a full-time professor.
  Hometown: I’m a Las Vegas native, from the Green Valley area. 
  Leisure Activities: I read a lot, the classics. I also run every day, and I’m a great swimmer. 
  Favorite Luxury: I have a new Camaro that I enjoy very much. 
  Desert Island Book: Oh, um, I’d have to say East of Eden by John Steinbeck. It’s deep and would keep me busy for a while. 
  Guilty Pleasure: I rarely feel any guilt over pleasure, but I do like fast food. In-N-Out burgers keep me needing to run.
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Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game by Sam J.D. Hunt

Book One of The Thomas Hunt Series

Sex, love, and Las Vegas, Roulette will take you on a thrilling adventure you won’t be able to put down.

I’m Samantha Drake, and you might call me a Domme, but really I’m just a very successful woman in my 30s looking for sexy role-play without the complications of a relationship.


Love has never been on my agenda. Until, of course, one day the much younger Thomas Hunt came into my life. He broke down my walls and taught me to let go; he made me feel alive for the first time. I might even be capable of loving him if lies and betrayals don’t tear us apart first.

Is it possible for me to let him in, or is love a losing game?

The first book of The Thomas Hunt Series, Roulette is a modern, steamy erotic novel set in Las Vegas.

It contains explicit sexual scenes, light BDSM, and frequent profanity. It is intended for adults only.


ROULETTE is on SALE! $.99 Limited Time Only

31 FIVE STAR Reviews!

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also available on Apple iTunes/iBooks Paperbacks available from Amazon and Createspace

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