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**Series Review** The Savannah Series ~ Danielle Jamie

Book 1 

Synopsis ~ 

Savannah has been dating Logan for four years. She thought he was the man she was going to marry, and one day build a family with. The life she imagined for Logan and her all changes in a matter of seconds. Her entire life came crashing down all around her after she catches Logan in bed with another woman.

Savannah decides to leave Los Angeles and stay at her family's beach house in Galveston, Texas. She never imagined a man she only met once before, would come back into her life and be the one to mend her broken heart.  Kayden blows into her life faster than a tornado in Spring. After a wild weekend together, both of their lives will be changed forever.

Amy's Thoughts ~ 

As a debut novel, Danielle Jamie, has done a fabulous job. It doesn't appear that this book comes from someone who is essentailly a "newbie" to the indie world. She obivously did her homework. 

Irresistible Desire is the beginning of Savannah and Kayden. Savannah, a rich chick from LA, has the world at her feet. Yet, she's not the "stuck up princess" one would assume she would be. She works hard and plays harder. Happily involved with her long-time boyfriend, Logan, Savannah is shattered to find he hasn't been the most faithful of boyfriends. Deteremined to recover from the shock in peace away from paparizzi, she hides away at her family's home in Galveston. She takes her bestie, Brooklyn, with her to keep her company. 

What starts off as a one-night stand with Kayden turns in to a relationship that will change her life. Kayden is the playboy millionaire, the one that always gets what he wants. And he has his sights set on Savannah. He's thinking one weekend. Yea... One weekend turns into 2, then 3... you get the point. Realizing he will never get enough of her, Kayden sets out to prove to Savannah that 1. Not all guys are like her ex. 2. He has changed his playboy ways for her. 

The chemistry between the two of them is *off-the-charts*. They scorch the pages with their desire and the itmaticy.  My God, I kept trying to figure out just how they accomplished everything else in their lives, when they couldn't stay out of bed long enough to get it done!! HAHA. 

All in all, Danielle Jamie did an amazing job building up the lives of these 2 characters. I felt a deep connection to not only the 2 main characters, but also all of her secondary characters. I seem to have found a new fav author to add to my list, I'll be looking for what is coming next. 

Book 2

Synopsis ~ 

Savannah and Kayden's relationship is full of passion; the chemistry between them is undeniable, but will their relationship be strong enough to with stand jealous exes and an unexpected tragedy that threatens to tear them apart.

After giving up on love, Savannah built a fortress around her heart; until Kayden storms into her life breaking through her resolve and the walls she built around her heart. Savannah took a huge leap of faith deciding to move from Los Angeles to Galveston Texas. She wants to be closer to Kayden and away from the insanity of L.A. Being the daughter of Country Music's Hottest Duo and having a very public break up has made life in Los Angeles almost unbearable.

As soon as Savannah begins to feel like her life is finally piecing back together, men from her past come back into her life causing strain on her very new relationship with Kayden. Just when she thinks things cannot get any worse tragedy strikes; sending Savannah’s world crashing back down around her. Will her relationship with Kayden, be strong enough to with stand the new obstacles thrown at them? Or will it tear them apart forever?

Amy's Thoughts ~ 

One thing I really liked about this second book is I felt like we got to learn a little more about Kayden and what makes him tick. Who was this mystery woman who hurt him so? What happens to Logan?? 

I loved learning more about Kayden and Savannah and seeing their relationship grow. And good gravy - the sex. There's ton's of it. TONS. It seems like every time Kayden and Savannah hit a sweet spot in their relationship another piece of pooh hits the fan. We meet some more secondary characters in this book, and they are great additions to the story. As she did in the first book, Danielle Jamie did a marvelous job at building the characters and showing us who they really are. I see a book for Brooklyn on the horizon, or at least I hope so. That girl is halirious. 

And for the record. I never - EVER - saw THAT coming. WoW

Book 3

Synopsis ~ 

After going through a terrifying ordeal, Savannah has to try and overcome the tragic events that rocked her soul to the very core. With Kayden by her side, Savannah tries to piece her life back together. Feeling betrayed, she finds herself struggling to move on with her now fragile life.

Plagued with nightmares and the fear that she will once again find herself staring in to the face of danger, Savannah shuts herself away from the outside world. In the process, pushing away the man she loves and her closest friends. Two unlikely people will come together and prey on Savannah's weaknesses. Their sole purpose is to break up Savannah and Kayden, whose relationship is on shaky ground.

Savannah will experience a new life where past secrets will be exposed, exes will cause trouble and lovers from the past will offer comfort. Will Savannah and Kayden be torn apart for good? Or will their infinite love for one another be strong enough to withstand any storm that comes their way?

Amy's Thoughts ~ 

As we start book 3, I really didn't know how things were going to play out. Poor Savannah has been through hell, Kayden just continues to do his thing when it comes to supporting her and protecting her as well as he can. 

Between Savannah's nightmares and the reappearance of a couple of ex's, life is not easy for Savannah. I love Savannah and Kayden together. They are the sexiest couple. If they can overcome everything coming their way, it will be a sign. Can they manage to stay strong for one another?? 

In book 3 we get more of Kayden's POV and that's something I love. I love getting in the male character's head and seeing *what he's made of*. We also get more of Brooklyn and the supporting characters. I love Brooklyn, she's just an amazing chick. I'm ready for her story, cause there is definitely something there!! There was some places where I felt like Danielle Jamie went into a little bit too much detail, but nothing to be concerned about. 

At the end of the book, I wanted to smack Savannah upside the head and ask her what the heck she was thinking. Anxiously awaiting book 4. :) 

Tomorrow the BT post for Book 4 - Infinite Desire - will be live with an *Exclusive Giveaway* be sure to check it out!! <3 Amy 

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