Monday, July 22, 2013

Review Country Roads (Whisper Horse #2) by Nancy Herkness

Country Roads

Whisper Horse #2

by Nancy Herkness


When sheltered artist Julia Castillo flees her family home, she has just one goal: to prove to her overbearing family once and for all that she can make it on her own. In Sanctuary, West Virginia, her horse paintings promise to take the art world by storm. Yet Julia finds her courage tested as never before—by her love for a handsome country lawyer, by her bond with a dangerous black stallion, and by the secret she is so desperate to keep…

Paul Taggart abandoned his high-powered legal career to return to Sanctuary, giving up his own dreams to care for his troubled brother. But the day he rescues Julia Castillo from the side of the highway, his staid, responsible life changes forever. Irresistibly drawn to the fiery but unworldly artist, Paul will do anything to protect her—even sacrifice his own happiness to guarantee hers.

Dramatic and emotional, Country Roads is a heartwarming tale of two people struggling to balance the bonds of family with a passionate love of their own.

Amy's Thoughts~ 

When I agreed to read and review Country Roads, I didn't expect to get a full signed paperback in the mail! It was the first ARC that was sent to me in that manner.  I carried this book around with me for about 4 weeks before I found time to sit down and read it. Plus being that I am an electronic junkie, getting me to put my iPad down long enough to read a paperback is difficult. I sat down this weekend and put my iPad aside to dive into Sanctuary, Wv.

Julia is an artist. She paints beautiful, equine paintings. When her paintings went from light & airy to dark & tortured beauty's, her uncle/agent, took it upon himself to decide that her paintings were too dark for the artist world. So, in an attempt to get a real opinion, Julia run aways and sets off for Sanctuary for the one gallery owner she knows will give her an honest opinion. 

On her way, Julia meets Paul. Paul is home-grown Sanctuary resident who knows everyone. These two strike up a friendship that immediately change their lives. 

There's a moral to the story with Country Roads.  The one word that comes to mind is ~ Overcome. Julia overcomes her secret. Paul overcomes his own commitment problems. Jimmy is a work in progress, but sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Every character in this novel has their own personal problem to overcome. 

Nancy Herkness has an amazing series here. I didn't read the first novel in the series, and you really don't need to. Each book can be read as a stand alone. However, each novel is connected by their characters. I do think I will go back and read the first novel to get a little more insight into Paul. 

If you are in the mood for a feel good book with a great underlying message, check out this must read series. 

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Find out more about Nancy Herkness on her website~

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