Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rush (Breathless #1) by Maya Banks

Rush (Breathless #1)
by Maya Banks 

Gabe has been attracted to Mia for years. He has always denied his attraction because Mia is the younger sister of one of his best friends. 

Mia has no clue what she's in for from the man she has loved for so many years. She's always known Gabe would never see her as anything other than Jace's little sister. She's tried for years to get his attention, to no avail! 

Little does Mia know that in or to get into Gabe's bed, a contract would need to be signed. 

"There is no negotiation," he said softly. "Remember that, Mia. You read the contract. You either sign or don't sign. But if you do, you'll adhere to those terms"

Mia isn't a virgin, but she is clueless.  As she researches the contract and the lifestyle, Mia comes up with a few demands of her own. 

Seriously, one of my favorite lines... "If that contract says I'm yours, then by God it's going to say you belong to me."

I love a hunky, alpha male like Gabe. Strong. Sexy. Knows exactly what he wants. And will do anything to get it, including lie to one of his best friends. 

Throughout the book, Mia finds her place by Gabe's side. Gabe finds himself longing for more, thanks to being burned in the past, he's hesitant (aren't they always??). Gabe is like every other emotionally closed off man we know. Suddenly, it dawns on him. I'm not good enough for her. She can do better than someone fucked up like me. I don't want you anymore, blah blah blah. They will say or do anything to not have to address their real emotions. 

I really loved this book. Gabe, Jace, Ash, Mia... there are amazing characters who are very well developed. I love seeing the growth in Mia as she goes from being a naive, young woman, into an amazing woman who is proud to "stand by her man". She puts the balls to wall on Jace and Ash and it was great to see. 

Truly a great read that I will read time and time again. 

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