Monday, April 1, 2013

Claim Me by J. Kenner

I had originally stated that I would soon post a review for the upcoming book Claim Me by J. Kenner. While, yes, I have completed a story, I'm stuck. I did submit my review to the publishers via netgalley, I feel it's more pertinent promote the book itself until the release date. Therefore, I will not post my review YET.

I will definitely say that the book is amazing, and J. Kenner did an awesome job of tying this 2nd book into the first. If you loved Release Me, your going to pour yourself into Claim Me.

I feel the need to state that I HATE when an awesome, amazing novel is compared to Fifty Shades of Gray. I read Fifty, devoured it really, but I have YET to come across another Christian Gray.

Christian Gray is dark, brooding, closed-off, millionaire Sadist. He gets great pleasure from pushing the pain/pleasure threshold onto his woman.

Damien Stark is a serious, closed-off, millionaire who is NOT a sadist. He enjoys his control, knowing he is the one who causes his lover to lose control. He may like to get a little rough here and there, but he is definitely not a sadist.

The comparison ends after closed-off, millionaire.  Do your best not to compare every controlling man to Fifty. And there's a lot of times when controlling isn't necessarily a bad thing....

If you haven't read Release Me by J. Kenner, definitely check it out. It's an amazing story.

Link to Release Me on Amazon

Claim Me releases on April 23rd

Link to Claim Me on Amazon

****I received Claim Me as an ARC from Random House Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review****

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