Saturday, April 27, 2013

He's So Shy by Linda Cajio

He's So Shy
By: Linda Cajio

**ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Meet Richard Creighton. Movie Star, Hottie, Mr. Personality. Or so he wants everyone to believe. What they don't know is that Richard was tormented as a child, he was bullied for everything a kid could be bullied for. And he still pays for it. Richard spends his life proving to all those old bullies that they didn't break him.

Penelope Marsh, hometown girl, school teacher to gifted children. Pen had a major crush on Richard as a child, they just so happen to go to school together. Now, Pen's cousin is directing Richard's movie and they are all back in town.

Pen & Richard go on a whirl wind ride of movie sets, paparazzi, jealous actress, runaway horses, lust, & romance.

While I enjoyed the plot as a whole, I still had issues with a few things. Richard has a tendency to jump in and out of his character on and of set of his movie, there were times that it was difficult or confusing to tell who was talking. It also came across as the characters were very "wishy washy" on their emotions. Neither of the MCs could make up their minds on what they wanted, it was rather frustrating! And could Richard martyrize himself any more?! He blamed everything that could possibly happen on his past, he tormented himself more than the actual events. I also felt like we were missing an actual climax. All relationships have their problems, their issues they must overcome as a couple. While we saw plenty of these problems between the two of them, there wasn't really a big "ah ha" moment for me.

Based on the synopsis, I would have purchased this book, and I would have left exactly the same review. I don't know that it's one I will pick up again in the future, only time will tell.

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