Thursday, April 11, 2013

Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder

Falling into You
by Jasinda Wilder

After reading this one, you've got to take a few minutes to get your thoughts together. Wow, what an emotional ride Jasinda takes us on!!! It still blows my mind and I finished it earlier this morning.

I really loved that we got a snippet of the relationship between Kyle and Nell. It gave me a real sense of how their relationship progressed from childhood friendship to infatuation to full blow adolescent love. The reader can really connect with them, we've all had that sweet, all-encompassing, passion of a first love. In that aspect, we can again connect with Nell as she falls into her grief & pain of losing Kyle.

Colton surprises me. When I got a first glimpse of Colton, I didn't expect his story. I knew that he was going to have a profound affect on Nell, especially as she coped with her grief. I loved that he was able to draw Nell out of her denial and help her. He was the only one who could.

Nell and Colton embark on a road to recovery for the both of them. Each for separate reasons hoping to get to the place they need to be.

Their story is heart wrenching, gut wrenching, but necessary. Colt is an amazing rock for Nell and vice versa.

Jasinda Wilder takes us on a roller coaster of emotions & shows us how grief can bring to souls together. Beautiful, amazing job!

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