Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fever (Breathless #2) by Maya Banks

Fever (Breathless #2)
by Maya Banks 

Jace Crestwell. This name should now be as synonymous as Gideon Cross, Ethan Blackstone, Gabriel Emerson. Oh good Lord, the ALPHA MALE!

Jace is HOT. He's sexy as hell, and his compassion is a mile wide. As soon as Jace saw Bethany across the ballroom, he knew, just knew, that she was his. For someone who has major kink, and had only threesomes with his best buddy, Ash, experiencing jealousy and possession is a knew one for Jace. After an awkward night in a hotel room, Bethany disappears. Jace does whatever he needs to do to track her down. And when he finds her? He's shocked, terrified, and wants nothing more than to make certain Bethany never has to want for anything again. 

Bethany has never had the "good life".  Tossed from foster family to foster family for years, she's now on the streets. She never knows where she's going to lay her head, never knows where her next meal is coming from, and certainly trusts no one outside of her foster brother Jack. Bethany is weary of Jace, always wondering when Jace is going to toss her away. 

Bethany and Jace are amazing characters. From the opposite sides of the tracks, they come together and create magic. I loved seeing a new twist on the trials that our MCs face. It's not often I come across a book where characters are homeless, former drug addicts who attract the attention and love of a millionaire Dom. Full control, that's what Jace wants from Bethany. Due to her past, and her skittish nature, he holds himself back. Not knowing that this is what Bethany wants! Someone who can take care of everything, she's tired of having to worry about every single little thing. 

Once these 2 get over their lack of thorough communication, things come together more perfectly than they imagine. 

I love that Jace seems to know exactly what Bethany needs. Its wonderful seeing Bethany get settled into her independence and we start to see pieces of her true personality. 

Maya Banks has done an amazing job with this series, as she usually does. She has a way of drawing her readers in and allowing them to experience every emotion that the characters do. Every bit of fear, love, trust, mistrust. What a insane web she weaves. She has a fan for life here.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers with Ash. I just know that's it's going to blow me away. Again, another series that will put my kindle to good use.  

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