Friday, April 12, 2013

Off Limits by Sawyer Bennett **ARC review**


Off Limits      
By Sawyer Bennett

***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. ***

After being raised in a political household where appearances are everything, Emily Burnham has finally broken free. Now that she's away from home at college, has her best friends & brother close by, Emily can be herself. She's at the top of her world & loving it.

Nixon Caldwell can bring any woman to her knees, imagine his surprise when he meets Emily. Nix is a war veteran, trying to get his new business off the ground and doing a great job pretending like all is well in his world. And then, Emily comes crashing in. She is a force that he is not prepared to deal with.

I love Emily. When we first met Emily in Off Sides, she's was a snide, spoiled brat who hung on Mother's coat tails. If Mother said the sky was purple, Emily would agree. If Mother said to hate someone because they were beneath her, Emily would agree. I hated her. And when I found out that she was the MC in this book, I seriously wondered how Emily could redeem herself for me. In Off Limits, the growth & changes we see are astounding. Emily is someone I would be friends with.

Nix is an asshole, straight up. He's hot, but an asshole nonetheless. Nix has been through hell and it shows with his demeanor. I love that he doesn't close himself off from the emotions that Emily evokes in him. On the same hand he doesn't pursue them either. Just kinda rolling with the punches. It's awesome to watch Nix come to the realization that Emily calms him & fulfills him in ways he's only found with his dog, Harley.

What's so awesome with Nix & Emily's story is that they come together under less than ordinary circumstances to the tune of $10k. Really, it's not even that they hate each other, they don't, they are just so different. Nix is so closed off from relationships. Emily is so open to new experiences. It really is truly magical to see these two come together & open up to one another.

Sawyer Bennett has once again grabbed me and pulled me into this awesome world that she has created within the pages of Off Limits. She's truly a great storyteller and I look forward to her future works.

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