Sunday, July 19, 2015

#RARAE15 ~ Jason Blayne

Jason Blayne

Shadow Wolves begins with the book Youthful Inexperience in a three book series. 

The first story begins with three best friends: James, Josh, & Justin beginning summer break in 1997. After nearly flunking 7th grade due to bad behavior the boys get sent out to Uncle Mike's farm suspecting they're going out there for the usual summer fun and work. To their surprise they're thrown into the woods for mini boot camp to teach them a lesson and help them bond by having the others work on their weaknesses. When the boys come home two weeks later things begin to change. You see the differences in how they're raised, James and carefree lifestyle since his mother's an over the road trucker, Josh and how his home is uneasy and the tension between him and his mother continues to build with the breaking point coming later in the book, and Justin's religious family being close together. As things change during the final year of junior high school, the boys grow closer and begin to consider each other brothers. They pull pranks throughout the year and pull in friends and other students to not get caught unlike the year before so they don't spend another summer at camp. When high school begins, Justin's old enough already to drive to school while James moves in with Josh for a short duration for freshman year. Life continuing to evolve around them, the boys get into the dark twisted world of underground car stripping and eventually car boosting and some drug running with other behind the scene friends from their past. Watching how things continue to spiral out of control, Justin and James pull themselves out of the shadows while Josh continues to free fall after a few heartbreaks and keeps it bottled up deep inside until he finally loses a girl he loves dearly and his friends step up to help him through his issues bringing them back together. The story begins to wind down as the trio stay bonded and even introduce a new friend to the mix along with some serious new love interests. James finds his soul mate early with a girl named Scarlett, Josh finds a mirror image of his attitude in Ginny, while Justin struggles with a hot head in Hilary that nearly ends his future police career early with a wreck that nearly costs him. As the story comes to an end unexpected events unfold for the boys as high school draws near an end for Josh through this AP classes and transitions into college meeting a new girl at the very end where the cliff hanger leads you into the beginning of the next book. This is a rough copy and readers who have purchased it from love the story line and enjoy how the characters come to life for them and feel the realness in the situations the boys find themselves struggling to work through as they gain the experience to handle life.

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