Monday, July 20, 2015

#RARAE15 ~ Freya Barker

Freya Barker


Pain punished her.

The bottle numbed her.

Guilt kept her trapped.

In the dark alley of a pub, the words “Please don’t” take hold of her heart and break the silence she seeks. Thinking herself beyond redemption, she tentatively grabs on to the slim thread of hope that unfolds inside of her. 

Holding her secrets close, she can’t resist the comforting draw coming from The Skipper. The unconditional friendships it offers, the protective roof it provides, and the spark that its owner ignites in her—melting the frost off her heart, and slowly stripping away her resistance.

His life flows from one crisis to the next. Under the pressure of competition crowding him out of his family’s pub and the need to protect his children from the ruins of a bad marriage, he barely breathes. That is until a mane of strawberry-blonde hair and a set of big, pale blue eyes, shake him up.

He never expected the shadow of a woman he finds on the floor of his washroom to bring him the air―the balance and the light he’s been missing.

You need reasons to check out 💋Freya Barker’s CEDAR TREE series? Here you are:

"Another hit by this author. When I started this series, I binge read all four of them in less than 48 hours. This series is absolutely amazing. They are romance with enough steam to make panties wet and enough suspense to keep you guessing until the end." - Renee Entress Blog 

"The depth of emotions laced with humor puts the Cedar Tree Series as one of my favorites.” - Loves 2 Read Romance

"The Cedar Tree series is fast becoming one of my all time faves....” - Book Loving Pixies

"If you haven’t read this series yet I urge you to go out now and grab the first book and start delving into the lives of Cedar Trees’ misunderstood misfit individuals, you will not regret it.” - Hooked On Books

"Freya never ceases to amaze me with her writing skills, which always seem to evolve and in this book touched perfection! Her stories sing to my heart.” - Lena G.

"Her Cedar Tree series is one of my favourites as it deals with flawed, imperfect people. They are real and relatable." - Kez’s Korner blog

"If you haven't yet made an investment in these books ,DO. Trust me. Anyone not yet in their 40's will WANT to be." -Karen D.

"As always Ms Barker is equal parts suspense and heat. Love this author and series!” - Author Catherine Scott

"Freya Barker creates such real characters that you can't help but fall in love with them.” - Nancy H.


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