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***Blog Tour** Something's Gotta Give** Tempered Steel Series Book 3 ~ Maggie Adams ~ Donna's Review ~

Something’s Gotta Give,
Book 3 in the Tempered Steel Series
by Maggie Adams,
Genre: Romance
Release Date: June 30th
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Chance Coalson loves women. And they love him. Young or old, no woman is immune to his charm.
Except one.

Georgia Haines is the only female volunteer firefighter in Grafton. She’s had a crush on Chance Coalson since he offered her his handkerchief at her momma’s funeral. But she’s smart enough to know that it takes a special woman to tame a charmer like Chance, and there’s nothing particularly special about her.

When fire breaks out at the Coalson’s construction business and Chance is trapped inside, Georgia braves the flames to save him, only to discover her “crush” has morphed into love. And she’s helpless to hide her desire.

Chance awakens to find an angel breathing life into his lungs with a kiss. The woman he wanted more than any other was the one who paid the “Casanova of the County” no mind.
So how does a man with a bad reputation convince a shy firefighter that he’s worth taking a chance on love?
By fighting fire with fire…..

Georgia came alive. “No! Don’t touch me!” She twisted away from him and flew around the tree. Peeking at him from around the fat branch, she said accusingly, “What’s the matter, Chance? Am I the only woman to break it off first?”

“Georgia! What the hell are you talking about?” Chance had no idea what had changed since last night. “I love you.”

“You say that now, but I can’t believe it. If I let you, you will trample across my heart just like my father did to my mother. I’m not going to let you get that far.”

Chance took in her wide-eyed face and the panic in her voice. Missy Dee had filled him in on her parent’s relationship, and Georgia’s feelings on the matter, but he hadn’t really listened. And now he didn’t know what to do. How do you fight damn ghosts?

“Georgia, honey, you’re overreacting. What happened to your parents was unfortunate, but it doesn’t apply to us. We love each other.” Chance tried to placate her.

“My mother told me how my father would say that he loved her right before he left to be with one of his other women. You can’t trust a man. You can’t give him your heart,” she cried out.

“We are not your parents! We have the choices here,” he roared as he advanced on her. “We chose to make love last night. Me and you. And there were no goddamn ghost lurking around trying to screw it up.”

He stopped for a moment trying to find a way to reason with her. “What we felt last night was not sex, Georgia. We made love. Love manifested in the physical sense. It was precious, sweetheart. You can’t believe I would feel that way with any other woman, now that I’ve had you.”

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NOTE: To see Donna's reviews of the first two books in this series, see the links below. 

Something's Gotta Give takes place at the same time as Leather and Lace.

Chance Coalson is known as The Cassanova of the County. Woman of all ages love him. He is drop-dead gorgeous, extremely well built, tall, beautiful eyes, deep voice, a killer smile, good manners, respect for others, likes kids, and, last but not least, loves and respects his momma. *fanning myself* My idea of a HOT, SEXY man! He works with his brother, Mac, at Coalson Construction. 

Georgia Haines owns a daycare and is a volunteer firefighter. Due to her father deserting her mother and her, Georgia is determined to never allow a man to steal her heart. She believes if she marries, her husband will leave like her father did. She also sees herself as unattractive to men - even though it isn't true. 

When Georgia was 14 her mother died. Twenty year-old Chance realized she needed a break from the people offering her condolences. He took her outside and gave her a shoulder to cry on. She has been in love with him ever since. Georgia has never given Chance any idea of her feelings for him. 

Now Chance has set his sights on Georgia and is determined to make her his forever love. He is going to have to work hard to convince Georgia that happily-ever-afters are real.

All the characters from the first 2 books are back in Book 3. The Coalsons are still trying to determine who is out to destroy them but aren't making a lot of progress. The attacks are becoming more personal and violent.

I enjoyed this story. It moves at a good pace and held my attention. The characters are well-developed and interesting. The chemistry between Chance and Georgia is HOT!! I loved the way he volunteered to help out at the daycare thinking it would be a cake walk, an easy way to be around Georgia and prove he was a good guy. He found out it is a hard job but he also found it rewarding. He was so good with the kids. I will never think of chicken casserole without laughing!! Read the story to find out why! 

I do feel this book could have been fleshed out a little more. There were a few places it felt rushed to me. You definitely need to read this series in order or you will be lost in some places.

I recommend reading the Tempered Steel Series. There are 7 Coalson brothers and they will all have their story told. I have it on good authority that the Coalson parents will also get a book. I hope so.

4 Stars

Book 1 – Whistlin’ Dixie


 Book 2 – Leather and Lace

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