Monday, July 20, 2015

#RARAE15 ~ Serena Pettus

Serena Pettus

The complete Wolfe Brothers Series in one huge book!!
-To Tame His Mate -
 Erik offers his help when an injury befalls the lovely she-wolf, Sarah, whom he discovers on his property. Attraction sparks and he soon realizes that she is his destined mate. Shortly after deciding to give the whole thing a trial run, their mutual attraction over whelms them, but danger is stalking her, and Erik is determined to find a way to keep her safe. 
- To Protect His Mate -
 Stephanie’s had her share of pain in life before moving to Hastings, only to discover that her new-found friends are werewolves. Abraham has already fallen hard for Stephanie, but she’s holding back and he’s not sure why. There’s a threat lurking close by, but can Abe figure things out, and still keep Stephanie out of harms way?
 - To Save His Mate -
 Lacy is an undercover officer trying to track down a killer when she meets handsome firefighter Ethan. Ethan’s life was simple, until he laid eyes on his every fantasy come to life. Now, as they work together to catch a killer, he must remain focused. However, when the killer makes their move, will he be in time to save his mate? 
- To Claim His Mate -
 Adam is feeling discouraged after of his siblings have found their loves. When he meets Eva in the store, his inner wolf instantly recognizes her as his fated mate. When she finds herself in an unthinkable situation, he immediately steps up to protect and shield her from the ugliness threatening to pull her down. But can he rescue her from the man behind all of her trouble before he does the unthinkable? 
- The Cub Club -
 Come and join the brothers in this little bonus story, as they welcome the newest members of the family in a very special way. Oh, those poor guys…-

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