Thursday, May 30, 2013

**REVIEW** After Tuesday by Renee Ericson


by Renee Ericson


Family really is a pain…especially when your father is an addict.

For the last two years, high school senior Ruby has been her own rock and solace. She has learned to depend only on herself and hides her family's issues by keeping herself somewhat unnoticeable. Despite her isolation, Ruby has intrigued the affections of someone unexpected. Finding herself loving life once again as his persistence sparks a romance awakening a well-protected heart.

While Ruby’s relationship with her father is constantly teetering, her new-found affection continues to blossom into something more than she ever thought possible. Soon, Ruby comes to realize that opening up your heart means being susceptible to love and disappointment.

Amy's Thoughts~

Ruby "Tuesday" isn't your normal average teenager. Losing her mother at a young age, she's been raised by her addict father. Addict being the operative word here. He's not just an alcoholic, he's a user. Checking out of reality to escape his life - and his daughter. Ruby works towards making through her senior year of high school. She's not abused, she's not anything. She's left alone to deal with the house, with the bills, with groceries. It's not unusual to her. It's what she does, it's what she knows. 

Brent is a great male character with one pretty big flaw. He assumes. And we all know what happens when we assume something.  Brent is certainly handsome & is an "all in" kinda guy. 

The emotions conveyed in this one are powerful. 

Ruby's thoughts "When will someone fight for me?" Haven't we all felt that way before?? 

Brent - "I want to be with you because I need to be. Those other things don't matter. I can handle all of them...because they're part of you. I want to be with you because when I'm with you, near you, around you, I'm better than any other version of me."


Renee Ericson is simply astonishing in her storytelling. I wasn't ready for the story of Ruby & Brent to come to a close. 

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