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In six weeks Zoe Harper will marry Dan Costi in an over-the-top Sydney society wedding, complete with fire-eaters and belly dancers. But when she receives an unexpected gift from her future mother-in-law, Zoe realizes she’s making a huge mistake. In a blazing sidewalk argument, she breaks up with her fiancĂ©, and his mother—who has joined the fight via conference call.
Following the advice of friends and co-workers, along with some inspiration from late-night-television self-help guru Dr. Pam, Zoe sets out to find the life she thinks she should be living. Always a planner, she makes a list of goals: travel, career, tattoos, and no romantic entanglements. It’s all carefully laid out, until she meets Angus Creed.
Angus is supposed to lead the opening waltz at a charity ball in New York City. Only problem is the handsome billionaire construction magnate with the tabloid past can’t dance. Not one step.
Tainted by gossip and with a well-publicized failed engagement behind him, Angus has become a master at keeping an emotional distance. Until he meets Zoe.
What starts as dancing lessons, slowly becomes something more. Angus begins to let down his guard and open his heart, even when his past makes an unexpected and unwelcome return. As Zoe discovers the real man behind the headlines, she questions where her new choices are taking her. Her goals look good on paper, but are they what she really wants? And by the time she realizes where her heart lies, will it be too late?

The Awesome Suzanne Carroll

About the Author~

Suzanne lives in Sydney with her husband and children. By day she works in an office where she sneakily scribbles plot ideas on yellow sticky notes and hopes they don't accidentally end up on the departmental monthly report.
One such sticky note has turned into her first novel, Over the Edge.

Q & A with Suzanne~

Q. What were your thoughts when you found out you were
being published? And how excited were you to find an Australian publisher?

Mm, my thoughts when I found out I was being published. Something along the lines of “Really? No. Seriously? Really?” I was overwhelmed, I think. It had been a dream of mine since childhood, so to have it realised was…yeah, overwhelming! I remember when I got the email on my phone, I walked downstairs and I was kind of speechless, holding the phone out to my husband and just saying “look, look”. Then there was a lot of hugging and laughing and the kids joined in, jumping around. It was a good moment. And to be honest, I don’t know if I was excited to find an Australian publisher, I was just excited to find a publisher, full stop! But yeah, the fact that my publisher is Australian is a nice bonus.


ARC provided by The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Meet Zoe Harper....
Zoe is in the midst of dealing with a psychotic soon-to-be Mother-in-law, a fiance, who quite literally doesn't listen when she speaks. When the future MIL takes over Zoe's wedding, she loses it. Newly single, Zoe sets out to find herself. A Bucket List of sorts. Soon, she finds herself giving waltz lessons in the arms of her boss.

Insert Angus Creed...
Can we say YUM?! Angus Creed is hot. Uber-HOT! After a very public breakup, Angus becomes reclusive. Staying away from the spot light, never getting close to anyone. Now that he's back in Sidney, he finds himself making any excuse to get close to Zoe.

Zoe & Angus did not act like a couple. They didn't look like a couple. They are friends.

I love the flow of the relationship between Zoe & Angus. Again, they are friends. Just being there for one another, never crossing those boundaries. The awesome thing about them?? They don't even have to set lines for the boundaries. They just know them, from talking or body language. These two can definitely read one another. I love the confidence we see in Zoe at the end of the book. She goes from being a meek mouse to a fire breathing dragon. And it's FABULOUS!

The author did an amazing job of portraying the relationship between Zoe & angus. I felt like they were never going to get where they needed to be to get together. And when they did?? I didn't want it to end! I would love to see another chapter (or 20) about where Zoe & Angus are headed, what they face.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last scene in the book. IT WAS PERFECT!!

Suzanne Carroll has gained a new fan for life!

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