Monday, May 27, 2013

Restore My Heart & Salvaged by Chelsea Camaron

Restore My Heart

Daddy's Girl #1 

  by: Chelsea Camaron


Bad Boy, Ryder Davenport comes into Dina Fowlers life in the middle of her own personal hell. Still coming to terms with the death of her parents, she pushes everyone away. When she trusts the wrong man, putting her in a bad relationship she felt she couldn’t escape, Ryder comes along. Enjoying his play boy ways, fast cars, motorcycles and a new woman in his bed nightly, Ryder had no thoughts of settling down. That is, until he sees the damage a man can do when he meets a very broken Dina. He changes in hopes of one day being enough for her. But, can she ever feel safe with a man again? Ryder has restored hundreds of classic cars, can he restore Dina’s heart?

Amy's Thoughts~ 

Restore My Heart is a sweet, short story about a woman who doesn't know her own worth. Dina has been through hell and back. An ex boyfriend learned to play on every single weakness she had. Next thing she knows she's being beaten, and then rescued by Ryder. 

Feeling like a shell of herself, Dina closes herself off from everyone except Maggie. She gets tongue-tied around Ryder even though she's already half way in love with him. Ryder is so YUMMO!! Successful business owner & reformed player. He's adored Dina from the moment he first met her and decided to change his ways. 

After a series of misfortunate events and lack of communication, these two finally get their acts together and it's immediate sparks and love. 

Restore My Heart is a sweet read, definitely recommend when you want something to warm your heart. 


Daddy's Girl #2


Brayden and Maggie have been dating for four years. Maggie is ready and expecting an engagement ring. Brayden has a past full of weaknesses and mistakes he can’t seem to shake. As he slowly loses everything, he also loses Maggie. As his world unravels, can he find the strength to shake his inner demons? Does he have it in him to face the ghosts of his past? Can Maggie overcome his deceptions? Will they find a way to love and trust again?

Amy's Thoughts~ 

I have to say I was kinda shocked with this book. In book 1, Brayden & Maggie seemed to have the perfect relationship. WOW... was I wrong. 

Brayden has secrets. BIG secrets. He managed to keep his demons hidden, his secrets from being exposed until like everything in life, it caught up with him.  Maggie put everything into her life with Brayden, gave him ultimate control. He dropped the ball. Big Time. Shattering Maggie and leaving her a shell of herself, she takes the time to find herself again. To figure out who she is without Brayden. 

As I said, this book kinda shocked me. Again it's a short story at just under 160 pages, but so much fills those pages. 

Chelsea Camaron takes a stab at doing alternating POVs in these books. While the first book was a little rocky in this respect, the 2nd book soars, she found her niche so to speak. Also, in this book we are introduce to the broading, sexy older brother of Maggie named Harrison - whom I personally can't wait to get to know better in the 3rd book in the series. 

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