Thursday, May 2, 2013

My French Vanilla by D.L. Kelly

My French Vanilla
D.L. Kelly

Ms. Suzanne Simmons, newly divorced, ready to meet life head on. She's got her best friend, Jackie, by her side. They sign for an adult cooking class at a local college. Time to have some fun and do the things Suzy has always wanted to do.

Chef Robert Donvier, a French Kentuckian (I know right?!?!). Chef extraordinaire, restaurateur, & University of Kentucky alumni (yay go Wildcats!!). He is instantly attracted to Suzy and can not wait to get to know her better.

Suzy & Robert embark on a whirlwind romance, battling best friends, tragedy, and ex husbands.

Compliments to D.L. Kelly on her first book. I really enjoyed the story and the life the characters had. I enjoyed that this wasn't young people trying to find love. This was a book of a divorcee trying to find herself again. I felt like the MCs meshed well together, however, I didn't feel a good emotional bond with them. I think this - at least for me - is in part due to Robert calling her Miss Suzy. When she was a student in his class, I can see it being totally acceptable for him to call her Miss Suzy, but to continue this in their personal lives made me feel like.... I don't know really. I also felt like the last chapter of the book would have worked better as an epilogue, the book ended well at the end of the previous chapter.

Overall, definitely a good read, I would read another of her books!!

About the Author~

D.L.Kelly is a retired RN, having worked as a nurse for almost forty years. She lives in Latrobe, PA, (summer training camp of the Pittsburgh Steelers) with her husband Bob and canine children Nellie and Jenny.
When she’s not reading or writing Ms. Kelly enjoys working in her garden,cooking, painting, (especially on walls) and Steeler football. My French Vanilla is her first published novel. She is working on several new ones.
“I have been writing since age 13, when my eight-grade nun read my short story aloud in class. First I was embarrassed , then I thought, ‘Hmm, maybe this is something I could do.’ I’ve tried to publish in the traditional way but found it difficult and expensive, and was happy to hear about the Createspace/Amazon program.”

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