Thursday, May 2, 2013

Penthouse Suite by Sandra Chastin

Penthouse Suite
Sandra Chastin

**ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**


Kate Weston was a feisty Jill-of-all-trades who could fix plumbing and repair any car, but no adult education class had prepared her to face hotel owner Max Sorrenson draped in nothing but a towel! When she dropped her wrench in lustful embarrassment, causing a flood that soaked them both, the mirrored bathroom of his penthouse revealed her blushing in triplicate at least--and confirmed her belief that the hunk with the bad-boy grin could easily be a Playgirl centerfold! Kate had vowed to fill her life with grand adventures, but she'd never shared the fun... until one slightly stuffy pirate vowed to carry her off to his fantasy island. Kate believed in taking risks and moving on, while Max had silenced his private demons by building a world more safe than exciting... until he fell in love with a spirited gypsy. Could they bridge their very different lives by sharing Max's castle in the air?

Amy's Thoughts~ 

Ya know when I started reading this book I ran across a few lines of it thinking "what time period is this book set in???" Here I was thinking it was a current time setting. To me it felt like the 80s. Here was the MC going out for a jog in some serious running shorts and A SWEAT BAND on his head. Then there was the heroine wearing a gown that was held together by seashells at the shoulder & her hair swept up on one side with a shell. All I can remember thinking was omg this is the 80s!!!!! 

So I go over to Amazon to get the synopsis for this post and discover, this is a re-release!!!! Original publication date? 1989. That right there explains soooo much. 

So, anyway, I really enjoyed the MCs, I enjoyed the "different" story line. The whole thing with the 80s, threw me to the point that I, honestly, couldn't finish the book. This is very, very rare for me. I always finish my books! Even now, days later, when I think of opening the book to finish it, I just can't do it. Just can not do it! 

I don't know that I will ever finish this book. Maybe if it was re-written and updated?? Maybe. 

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