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**RB** A Choice for Claire ~ AJ Harmon ~

Claire Release Blitz Title: A Choice for Claire Author: AJ Harmon Genre: Contemporary Romanceclairepic

Claire Larson decided early in life that the key to happiness was money. Experience had taught her that not being rich led to misery. The handsome and rich Brent Cooper enters her life and promises her all she wants, but at what price? Is she willing to live in fear and without self-respect in order to have the mansion and drive the luxury car? When she meets Zeke Dayton she couldn’t be at a lower point in her life. Zeke is gorgeous and sexy but a mechanic with a struggling auto repair business, definitely not with whom she’d envisioned herself. Claire has to make the biggest choice of her life between having everything and having it all. Caution - this book contains rape and domestic violence and real life situations. Please be aware of the nature of this book. Ages 18 and over only. Facebook Event

Well, this topic hits home for a lot of women. Abuse. Physical, mental, and emotional. And Claire suffers through them all. 

Growing up poor, she swore she would never go back to that kind of life. Brent gave her everything. The cars, the home, the black AMEX card. But the one thing she wanted most he wouldn't give her. 

Finding a friendship by accident was just what she needed. But would she be able to live the life she had grown accustomed to? Was having all the finer things in life worth the occasional abuse? I mean, he said he was sorry each time and would never do it again. So, he must mean it. Right? That's what every abuser says as their own form of apology. Like a moth to a flame, once they start they can't stop. Living in fear was no life for Claire, no matter what materialistic things she had to give up.

A.J. Harmon has hit this subject straight on and this will suck you in from the beginning. Each page you are just waiting for the next big surprise. A definite must read.

Two Women Enjoying. Selective focus on brunette. Claire7 Claire3 Sexy couple in the shower standing behind the transparent bath curtain 
AJ was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, and currently resides in the United States. She has been married to the love of her life for 30 years and has two grown children, and a dog named Max. She is an avid reader, writer and wannabe chef. 

New romance author AJ Harmon published her first romance novel "First Class to New York" after accepting a challenge from a friend to write a book. She self-published the book on November 17, 2012 in Amazon's Kindle eBook store as a contemporary romance. "I just write about what I like to read as a romance novel enthusiast myself," stated Harmon in a press release. It must be working as readers from around the world have downloaded thousands and thousands of her books and left rave reviews across the internet. 

AJ Harmon's 'First Class' romance series is available in paperback on Amazon and for digital eBook download from the Kindle store. She has released all nine of the books in this series of contemporary love stories, including a boxed set that includes a bonus novella and is ranked #1 in Top-rated Collections. Sky Romance Novels currently has two books available for purchase, San Diego and Las Vegas, and her new stand-alone novel, He's No Saint. Book 3 of the Sky Romance Novels series, Chicago, will be released in early 2015, and her new standalone, A Choice For Claire, Fall of 2014. 

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