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Sex, love, and foolish games being played by an evil organization throw Samantha Drake and Thomas Hunt into a thrilling adventure that tests the limits of their courage and resolve to do what is right.  From the sandstone arches of Utah to the islands of the Caribbean, Sam and Thomas go all in to finally finish the game and give their love a chance.  Thomas embraces his Dominant side as Sam learns to surrender control.

Will she be able to commit to forever?
Will love be enough to see them through the ultimate test of their new bond?

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the highly acclaimed Roulette: Love Is A Losing Game and its follow-up, Blackjack: Wicked Game.

Poker is a modern, steamy erotic novel set in Las Vegas.
It contains explicit sexual scenes, light BDSM, and frequent profanity.  It is intended for adults only.
And. I. Sigh. I love this series and this book is the end of it. This series is the debut series for this author and she did an amazing job. While these books are chalked full of more-than-panty-melting scenes, there is SO MUCH more! We get to “visit” some amazing locations and “see” some amazing views.

This book, while still being quite red-pepper hot, didn’t have as many of those scenes has Black Jack (Book 2), so I got through it quicker, since I didn’t have to take as many cool-down breaks. *wink*  But, that doesn’t mean the book is not as good! It is! There is just so much going on, with trying to bring down an organization that traffics sex-slaves, getting Thomas’ ex-domme’ out of his life, getting her business back on track, getting Thomas through his doctorate, and making peace with her father and keeping him out of prison. As you can see, the book isn’t a fluffy book.

Sam does an amazing job putting all of this together. She also does an amazing job with character development. She introduced some new characters, of which one is Ben, Samantha’s cousin. Let's watch to see if she doesn't have a spin-off series with Ben, the sexy fighter-pilot. *yeah*  Sam also, managed to have some humorous scenes in the book as well as throw in some references to one of her favorite authors. I will let you see if you can pick those out. :)

Editing was almost flawless! I hardly caught a thing. Not enough to even get a frown. BRAVO, Sam! Yes, as you can tell, I loved this book. I loved this series and I am so impressed with Sam and this series, especially since this is her debut series. You can tell she put blood, sweat and tears into it.

5 Golden Stars! KC


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Sam J.D. Hunt authors her own fresh brand of erotica, filled with hot, steamy sex, plenty of humor, and refreshingly different characters that you will both relate to and fall in love with.  Her first series, The Thomas Hunt Series, dabbles in mild BDSM role-play, following a young male submissive graduate student who falls in love with his very non-traditional Dominant, Samantha Drake.  Their journey to happily ever after is complicated by her desire to maintain control even as his playful, energetic side challenges her desire for order.  As Sam struggles to surrender control and Thomas discovers his own Dominant side, they are whisked into an adventure that takes them through unexpected twists and turns.

When the first series completes in late 2014, Hunt plans to pen an art-adventure series set in Cambridge, England.  The second series will feature the wealthy art acquirer Ben Hunt, a kinky playboy who struggles to reform when he meets the unlikely love of his life, the simple American girl who falls into his life, Jane.  Hunt also has a fighter pilot series in the works, which features a strong, curvy heroine in addition to an Alpha male man in uniform.

Hunt’s writing always combines true love with laugh-out-loud funny scenes, authentic settings and culture, and explicit panty-soaking sex.

Hunt is a frequent traveler and lover of art, literature, coffee, and wine.  She calls Las Vegas home with her husband, the inspiration for the young Thomas Hunt, and two children.
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