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**RDB & Reviews** Dominic: The Prince ~ Ties of Steel 2 ~ MJ Fields ~ Amy's Dual Reviews Dominic & Abe ~

Dominic: The Prince
Ties of Steel Book 2
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Book Information: 
Title: Ties of Steel Series - Dominic: The Prince 
Series: Men of Steel Series 
Author: MJ Fields 
Publication Date: January 18th, 2015     

The Italian, seductive, quiet alpha, Dominic Segretti, is leaving Livorno, Italy and headed for the Jersey Shore. 

His family's business is in danger of crumbling under the management of a man who tormented and grossly underestimated his investment in a business he grew up loving and the hatred of a man who made his life hell for thirteen years. 

He has been quietly waiting for the right moment to bring Benito Deluca to his knees. He comes to the US, armed with enough evidence to prove his case to, Josephine Steel, his aunt, and his cousins, Cyrus, Jase, Zandor, and Xavier. 

The night before he plans to tell them of the corruption that could cause the demise of DeLuca INC, he decides to take a night to de-stress. He plans a night of relaxation and enjoyment for himself at the Hilton Casino on the shore. 

Delaney Johnson is starting over after a break-up and graduating college. She has landed the job of her dreams in NYC. Arrangements had been made to stay with her best friend, Nikki Bassett, and her fiancé', Abe O'Donnell. 

Feeling that her luck has suddenly changed, she stops to play a few slots, just for fun. She finds herself winning big, and gains an admirer. 

One hot night of uninhibited sex with a stranger takes her places she never knew she could go. 

Dominic sees something in her, something familiar, something undeniable. Will this one hot night turn into many or will the Beast's plans crush any hope of them exploring their future?  

Review of ABE

Oh dear sweet sexy overworked Abe. 
The poor boy is losing his mind trying to keep the Steel boys from ending up in the press, and doing his every day to day job. He needs some R&R. 

Deciding to head off to the beach for the week, Abe is on the hunt for a couple of one-night stands. He doesn't do anything more. He doesn't have time for it. Unbeknownst to him, his pool is a community pool. He gets a load of the women next door... and oh boy, they get a once in a lifetime look of him. 

Nicolette isn't looking for a man, yea Abe is nice eye-candy, and she can handle a fling, but can she handle him? When his words and actions cause a storm inside of her, she knows she is in over her head.  Knowing she will never see him again? Makes it a little easier to let herself go. Running into him again after this week? 

Impossible... right? 

I absolutely love MJ Fields. A friend introduced her to me and I got the pleasure of meeting her at Rebels & Readers this past November. Her work is impeccable. Her story lines are flawless. One thing I definitely love about them is that it isn't all sweet smelling flowers. There's a mystery to unravel. And it all surrounds Steel Inc. 

If you haven't read her series Forever Steel, you're missing out on some amazing books!! 

Review of DOMINIC


Imagine you're in a casino, playing to your little hearts content, and a dark, sexy, Italian offers to buy you a drink, do you refuse?

Yea, I didn't think so.

This happened to Laney. What is it about this man that is so magnetic? Laney is on a downward slope. Between her mother and father and her exboyfriend, she just can't seem to get things together. Life, fate, whatever; she has decided, hates her. On the road to start a new job and a new life in the same town as her best friend Nikki, she meets Dominic, and she can't refuse him a night. But she can't figure him out either.

Dominic has a job to complete. That job is taking down the men who are currently destroying his family's work. He just hopes he can do it with the help of his cousins from Steel, Inc. Laney, she was a surprise. Finding out she's connected to his family, even better. He doesn't want to let her go, but he fears he has too many secrets, too many things he can't tell her yet, to keep her.

MJ Steel keeps giving us these Steel boys. I think she's secretly trying to kill us with all the sexiness. Dear Lord, Dominic!!!! You'll need a change of panties for this man's sexiness. It can not be contained.

As the story line gets deeper and deeper, I'll admit, if it doesn't have your full attention you can easily get lost. The secrets continue to unravel, lies exposed, lives ruined, wrongs made right. Dominic: The Prince pulls us deeper in to the web and you are anxious to find out what is going to happen next.

Dominic is a sexy, mysterious, heart pounding, roller coaster. Do not miss this amazing addiiton to the Ties of Steel.
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 Ties of Steel Book 1 is available now 
 Abe: Four in Hand
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MJ Fields's love of writing was in full swing by age eight. Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter for family members. The newsletter was put back into ‘publication’ in September of 2001 for the entertainment of her cousin on a Navy aircraft carrier in the gulf, (Her cousin is a female Navy officer and helicopter pilot).

She self-published her first New Adult romance in January 18, 2013. Today, she has completed four self-published series, The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, and The Men of Steel series.

Ties of Steel, (the first series spun off of some the Men of Steel series) book 1 ABE is available now.
The Norfolk series, has two titles available now, Irons 1 and Irons 2.

MJ is an Amazon bestselling author in multiple categories as well as all of Amazon as a whole.

MJ lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.

Twitter: @mjfieldsbooks
Tumbr: mjfieldsbooks

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