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bound release day
                                                Bound: Strand Brothers Series, book 2
(Due to the subplot it is not recommended you read this book as a standalone.) 

When submission, love, and something far too terrifying bind. How far will you go for someone you love? 

Which lines are you willing to cross? Who will you turn to when the ones that should be there for you aren't? 

Lacey Kincaid is in search of her drug addicted, twin sister, Keeley. But every time she locates her, Keeley moves on. Now Keeley has disappeared without a trace and it's up to Lacey to find her before it's too late. 

Even (pronounced Evan) a.k.a. E Strand is the youngest of three and by far the most dangerous. No, he isn't a badass like his oldest brother, Nik. Nor is he the most handsome like his brother, Alex. His danger lies in his personal preferences in the bedroom. Many know him as the Master and it is a title he deserves. Owner of numerous sex clubs as well as instructor of BDSM Even is fulfilled, until the night a dancer at one of his clubs catches his eye. She's innocent. Beautiful. Off limits. Yet he wants her for his own. 

 It doesn't take long for E to realize the woman he desires to dominate needs his help. As their journey to find Keeley runs into one dead-end after another, passion ignites between these two. But is it enough to bind them together forever? Or, will the bond between sisters keep the lovers apart? Can they free Keeley from the clutches of a madman in time? And if they do, will happily ever after be in their future? 

 Due to violence, language, & sexual content this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.
I received an ARC for an honest review. Honest is always what you will get from me: good, bad or in-between.

This is the second book in the Strand Brothers series and the second one I have read. Nordic Gods? Almost! Hold on to your hearts (and panties) ladies. You will swoon reading this book. Enough said…almost. *grins*

If you like BDSM, blond, tall, tatted, muscled (but, not too much) men, then you have Even Strand. He is a Master at what he does, but not to the point of pain. He isn’t into all of that. Well, pain and pleasure, to point, if that is what you want, but not torture, nothing too extreme, but maybe a good spanking. *wink* He’s Dominant with a capital “D” all of the way. He is bossy and he is protective and caring. *swoon.*

Lacey, is a tall, lean sexy dancer. Just the perfect fit for E and for some reason, she makes him rethink his feelings of one lady forever; something he has never thought he wanted. When he finds she needs his help to find her sister, Keeley, he is all-in and will do what it takes to help her. But, Lacey is innocent and this causes him to rethink his stance on being her Dom. He doesn’t want to taint her innocence. This becomes an inner turmoil for him, and she isn’t too happy with her inner turmoil about him either.

Lora Ann got into some deep writing with this book. While this is a deep erotic book (she really got into both Even’s and Lacey’s naughty thoughts), there is so much more in this book: danger, mystery intrigue, twists and turns. Your emotions will be all over the place. The villains in this book make you want to tie people up and beat the pulp out of them…or worse. Character development was spot on.

The storyline keeps your interest as to what is going to happen next, but she sure teases you in the beginning with E and Lacey trying to decide what their feelings are and what they are going to do with each other.  There is so much going on, so you are never bored.  It isn’t a short book, so be prepared for a good long read, but a good decent read.

If I based my review only on the story line and character development, I would give it a 4.5, however, there are a few problems with editing and timing that need correction. To be fair, I got this book early and she was still doing edits. So, I am sure most of those were corrected.  I need to disclose that. With that I am going to give it a 4.25 until I see a revised copy. This may change at a later date. KC

Bound teaser 2 (nice)
Excerpt 18+ 
My eyes lit on the dancer that was mine as she moved her scantily clad ass to the Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons.” I would do more than loosen her up. That was for damn sure. Fuck me. They were doing that chair scene and I immediately knew we would be replaying it in my playroom. My dick flinched at the thought. Down boy, let her finish the set. I adjusted the fly on my jeans. I’d had to change out of my ruined Armani, so I was beyond uncomfortable in the unforgiving denim. 

I strode towards the hallway off the stage, pacing like a caged lion as I watched her move. God, she was fantastic. What I could teach her to do with those assets was making me even harder. As if that were possible. The dance had finally come to an end, and one by one the girls passed me. Stella winked on her way by, promise in her sexy sway. She had always been a flirt. I liked her and her boyfriend, one of the bartenders, Gary. She should’ve known me well enough by now that I didn’t mess around with another man’s woman. Plus, I wasn’t into threesomes. I inclined my head when she peeked back over her shoulder at me, acknowledging her flirtations would need to be discussed sooner rather than later. 

All of a sudden the hairs on my body stood at attention—joining my erection—as the current of awareness slid over me. Sweet baby Jesus, what this woman did to me should’ve scared me shitless; instead, it made me want her more. I slowly turned just in time to place my body in direct contact with hers. My eyes closed at the intensity. Fire swirled in my gut as electricity sang in my veins. In a swift movement, I locked her in my arms and trapped her against the wall. Whoa, she was tall. With those four-inch CFMPs on, we were eye to eye. Such possibilities we had with that advantage. I leaned in, stroking her jaw with my teeth, as I lightly bit my way to her rosy, full bottom lip. She gasped at my forwardness when I sucked said lip into my mouth. Just what I need to make my entrance. I claimed her mouth with all the pent-up desire I had in me. Holy hell, she was as sweet as I had imagined. After a few minutes, I pulled back for air and clasped her hand, “My office,” I demanded, “Now.” At least one of my fantasies was being met tonight. Because I already knew wasn’t letting her go any time soon.

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