Tuesday, February 4, 2014

**BT** My Chance ~ Chance 2 ~ Joanne Schwehm

My Chance Synopsis:

**This is the final book in the Chance Series**
Aubrey Ryan thought losing her sight would be the biggest shock of her life. Then Alex Logan turned her world upside down by standing right in front of her in Paris. Alex convinces her to take a chance just in time for them to land in a specialist’s office in New York. Aubrey’s new diagnosis sends them on a journey through her past and the negativity she’s wrestled with her whole life.

As they work through their issues, they’re forced to choose sides with their family and friends. The only thing Alex and Aubrey know for sure is that they need to move on from their mistakes and focus on each other in order to turn a chance into their dream.

***Due to adult content and language - Age: 18+***

Well, where to start. This has been the perfect continuation to Alex and Aubrey's story. Aubrey has really had to learn to love and trust and it all seemed to happen in such a short amount of time. But what Aubrey learned I think as well as is a lesson to others is that when you find love, it doesn't or shouldn't matter how long you've known them. When you deeply love and trust someone, time has no constraints. Alex does everything he can to make up for his mistakes. He knows he's screwed up in his past and with Aubrey. But he also knows and will spend the rest of his life moving heaven and earth to prove to Aubrey just how deeply he loves her. He learns that even though someone may not be with you any longer, they still have a way of keeping you with the people you need to be with. And remember these 3 simple words ASK/DO/TELL!

When I first read Unexpected Chance, Joanne Schwehm blew me away with her storytelling abilities.  I think I was in BHO mode for a couple of days. For a debut novel, it was spectactular. With My Chance, I was terrified to open the book. I didn't know how the story was going to play out. Yet, I was a giddy little school girl when I saw it in my inbox. I might have actually squeeled. 

Alex has proven over & over again just to what lengths he will go to to show Aubrey his love, to show her how sorry he is for his mistakes of the past. Alex is such a complex character, we get to see so many sides of him. He's so dedicated to Aubrey, he loves with everything he is. And enough for both of them. 

Aubrey discovers some things about herself on her path to healing. Things she never even realized. This story is all about discovery for her. Discovery that a love as deep as Alex's doesn't mean she will be a burden to him, that she can be an independent person and still love him. I think being a burden to anyone is her greatest fear. Learning to let go of the past of one of the biggest lessons she will learn. 

Joanne Schwehm has once again shown her amazing story telling abilities. Shocking me with facts that I had to go google some of them when I read them. She doesn't just tell part of the story, she goes into such detail with her characters that you truly feel like they are alive and well right in front of you. When I sit back and think about My Unexpected Chance and My Chance, I automatically think Best Seller. These 2 story's are so amazing, you have to read it to believe them. Joanne Schwehm has a bright shiny future in front of her. 

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