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James Knight POV 

“…I read the last lines of the letter and the words are just ringing in my ears… I have pleased you, Master. Only now do I notice that I'm practically panting, my breaths coming in short shallow huffs, and my dick is throbbing in my slacks. I'm almost afraid to move a muscle, because I just fucking might come in my pants… What the fuck was that? Get your fucking shit together, Knight, you're acting like some horny teenager and not the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.
I close my eyes and pinch the bridge of my nose, my left hand sliding under the table and rubbing the hard throbbing bulge in my pants, adjusting it.”
Eva Roberts POV 
“Stop listening to your needy body, Eva! My mind is always here to wake me up.
I deliberately minimize the Gmail screen and focus on um…my work emails. Is my breathing shallow? Argh! I place my hands on the edge of the desk and push off. The chair I’m sitting on slides backwards on its wheels and I swivel around, stopping right next to the window, looking outside. I need sex. I really do. I’ve had a very dry year and this is the closest I've gotten to fucking. Okay, getting wet. But good wet. Scary wet. Should I email him back? Am I that gutsy? No. I know I’m not.”

Having sent a controversial email by error to someone else, James Knight receives a reply from that email address in the same erotic language.
What follows is sexting like you've never read before and as you read on, all you want to know is, will their virtual relationship become a real one? 

I was given an advance reader copy for an honest review. Honest is what you will always get from me: good, bad, or in-between. 

First off, let me say, I have a new book boyfriend in James Knight! OMG!!! If I were single, HOT DAMN! There would be no reason to wear panties anywhere near that guy, they would always be wet! Why even wear them to work, because if I got an email from him… there goes the panties! That man can write one naughty email! I love dirty talk in my sex and sexting, and he is the king of it! Not only has he got the hot mouth from hell, he is sexy as hell, he has the body, face, well, the whole “package” to make a girl scream (yeah you caught that, didn’t you *wink*) *fanning my face* Okay, let me calm down a little so I can finish this review! 

(15 minutes later)

Eva Roberts, sexy, shy, all business, Eva Roberts, well, on the outside; on the inside, that girl is just as naughty as James. Her secret desires get written out in her emails to James, whom she has never met and she has fun with that. When they do meet…beware of melting Kindles! When they start writing back and forth and I was reading that, no lie, it became a slow read for me because of all of the breaks I had to take, but my husband loved the down time. Yeah, think on that a minute. *shy grin*

Yeah, I know, it sounds like all sex and no substance which is incorrect; though in the beginning Alexandra made the book so hot, I begin to wonder if I was going to be able to make it through. Then, that part of the book slows and the substance starts rolling in and I get all of the other parts of their stories. Their back stories, their depth and started seeing how love affects their relationship. While, BDSM is discussed some in the book, there is very little elements in the book; nothing hardcore.

Alexandra has a very descriptive style of writing and I can see what she is writing. The story plays out in my mind as I am reading it. Her hot sex scenes are great too! She doesn’t overdue the description of the sex scenes but she gives me enough so I can imagine it in my mind’s-eye. 

Alexandra has become one of my go-to authors. Anything she writes, I will read. The only thing we Americans will notice is a little bit of British lingo running through the book when the characters are American. That will happen when you have a British author writing from the perspective of being American. Had she only sold the book in the UK, no one would think twice about it, however, we Americans will pick-up on a few words used differently, but nothing to throw the story off. Editing was spot-on in this book. I couldn’t complain about any of that at all! I can’t remember very many indie books that I could say that about. Way-to-go, Alexandra! 

5 Stars!! KC

Alexandra I 
Alexandra, a singing and dancing force not to be reckoned with, especially when she holds a microphone, is someone who imagined her life will be just like in the film 'Grease'. So she found her 'Danny', married him and right at this moment she is annoyed his car doesn't fly. 

When she isn't glued to her trusty laptop creating magic, Alexandra prowls the pits of twitter ... find her there if you dare

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