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**Review** Forgotten By You ~ Carlie Sexton ~ Donna's Review ~

Some decisions in life seem wonderful and wise. For Charlie Andrews and Mitch Hawkins, who have been blissfully happy together for seven years, nothing could have prepared them for that one fateful day. What they thought would be one simple choice to bring their future together sooner, became a disaster causing their future to change to bleak and bereft of hope, direction…and each other. 

When Mitch falls and hits his head, suddenly his past becomes his present, and his beloved Charlie, a stranger. Charlie’s heart is broken into thousands of pieces as she mourns the loss of her fiancĂ©, who although alive, is dead to her. Will they be able to find their way back to each other, and overcome overwhelming obstacles, or will the domino effect of their choices cause ramifications beyond redemption? 

One decision. 

One day. 

One irrevocable mistake.

Charlie and Mitch plan to be married in 6 weeks. Then an accident causes Mitch to lose his memories of the past 7 years-- the amount of time they have been together. As Mitch comes to terms with his memory loss and tries to remember his life with Charlie, circumstances arise that keep them apart. They have to deal with Mitch's manipulative mother who doesn't like Charlie; his brother who loves Charlie; his high school girlfriend who wants him back; and a stalker bent on making Charlie his own.

This book has so many twists and turns that work to keep this story entertaining and moving along at a good pace. All the characters are believable. I'd like to have some of them for real life friends. I really like the fact that seeing a counselor to help a person deal with traumatic life events is portrayed in a positive light. Too often it is looked at as a person being weak and a cop-out. The fact that open, honest communication between characters is used to solve their problems is a big plus. Even though two characters were wealthy, I loved the fact that Charlie and Mitch were a solid middle class working couple.

The book is told from the POV of both Charlie and Mitch. In a few places, some other character tells their POV. I enjoyed that each character didn't go back and rehash what the other had already discussed. I've seen that way too often.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book is a spin-off from The Killer Next Door Series. I definitely intend to read The Killer Next Door Series. I look forward to reading more from Carlie Sexton.

5 Stars

I have always been a sucker for a good love story, especially with angst. I have read most of Nicholas Spark’s books for this very reason. I had no idea that I would be writing a book let alone three a year ago. My books are a work of fiction with some real events that happened to me woven in. 

I began writing Fallen for You in October 2012 after I had the pleasure of meeting a well-known indie author who inspired me to push forward and complete my story. At the time, I thought Fallen for You was just going to be one book, but it has blossomed into three books. Taken by You and book 3 Given to You complete The Killer Next Door series. I wove real life and fiction together to create the series. 

My latest release, Beholden is a stand-alone, but a spin-off of characters from my trilogy. It has been amazing to bring characters to life and watch them grow on the pages of my manuscript. 

I have several more books in mind that I want to bring to life.

I am a second grade teacher in my 9th year. Teaching has been so rewarding because I get to impart my love for reading onto my students. There’s nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up when they are reading a great book.

I currently reside in Southern California with my loving husband and two dogs. We enjoy the lifestyle that California has to offer and spend time at the beach and in the mountains.

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