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**Release Blitz** When We Fall ~ Kendall Ryan

In this third and final installment of the much loved When I Break series, Knox and McKenna’s relationship has reached a critical impasse. The mistakes and secrets of their pasts have caught up to them and threaten their future happiness. Can McKenna trust that Knox’s sexual addiction is behind him and make a life with this beautifully troubled man? And when Knox reveals the full truth about his past, will McKenna be able to put her own fears aside and accept him?


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~~~~~ Katrina's Review ~~~~~

Note: I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review. Honest is always what you will get from me: good, bad or in-between.

We are at the end of this three-part series. If you have read my review on April 9, 2014, of the second book, When We Surrender, or my review on March 2, 2014, of the first book, When I Break, you know by now I am a fan of this series. I’m hoping you have read these first two books by now and, like I, have been waiting patiently for this last book, but if not, there are links below to my first two reviews to catch up on the first two books to where we are now, but here is a little back story to get us going.

When I Break

When We Surrender

In the beginning, Knox is required to go to counseling due to a DUI. The counselor sends him to a Sex Addicts Anonymous group where he meets McKenna, his group leader. They become friends, then lovers. Knox is an older brother to three brothers ages 8 to 18 and he has sole custody. It’s a huge responsibility. McKenna becomes almost part of the family. The boys love her, but she and Knox have a lot to work out. McKenna has her own broken past, with her parents killed in an auto accident (hit by a drunk driver) where she feels guilt from that loss. To keep herself busy from thinking about that guilt and loss of her parents, she over works herself by donating her time to various charities. Knox has never told McKenna why he had to attend the SAA group so she knows nothing of his DUI. At the end of book two we are left with a big cliffhanger when McKenna walks in on something she sees going on in Knox’s bedroom and faints. *whew*

Now for my review of When We Fall:

So, Now here we are at the end of the series where McKenna has driven home from being out of town for several weeks where she has had to face her past, realizing she has been working herself too hard and needs to make some changes in her life and she need to discuss some things with Knox about their relationship. When she gets to his house, let’s just say, there is a lot going on. They don’t get to talk right then, it is a few days before the talk can happen. While McKenna has been gone, Knox has realized how much he loves McKenna but telling her is hard for him. Saying those three little words is hard for him, but he can show her all day long (yes, the sex scenes *sigh* are amazing hot yet, loving,) but she needs to hear them badly. She craves it. McKenna decides to cut back on the hours she works by quitting the SAA group leadership position and since someone else has been leading it while she was gone, that was easy to do. Knox has already met his required hours of counseling so he is no longer required to go. How convenient is that? Here I was worried about that causing a problem with the whole leader/sex addict/group dynamic! Kendall worked that out with ease! *fist bump*

Kendall keeps you on the edge while softening your heart to, not only McKenna and Knox, but all of the other secondary characters. I love all of the brothers. They each have their own personality and feel real-to-life. She didn’t sugar-coat them. They each come with their own problems and sets of questions in life and love; yes, even the little one. His love is for McKenna. He needs a mother badly and he wants McKenna. Brian, McKenna’s roommate has been in love with her for years. Now he has to move on when he realizes she is never going to be his. I love how his story is played out. Do I smell another book for Brian? *evil grin* Just my own thought. I have heard nothing from Kendall on that.

I love Kendall’s writing style. She changes from each character’s point-of-view (POV) as needed to get a better picture of what is going on and what each are thinking so the reader isn’t left wondering. The book becomes a cerebral movie, the way she writes her scenes. The reader can clearly picture the scenes in their minds. Picturesque writing is what I call it, which works out well during those hot scenes with Knox and his dirty mouth! Lucky McKenna! *swoon!* Knox is one Dominate male between the sheets, or against the wall, or in the shower…well you get the picture.

A few minor editing problems, but you are going to want to read this series, if romance with some angst and sex is your flavor. Each book doesn’t take that long to read but is packed full of emotion, love and even laughter. I teared-up, laughed and got a little knickers-dripping wet (should I admit that?) from all three of these books.

Rating: 5 Stars

Katrina CW

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