Monday, September 30, 2013

Review ~ Living Again ~ LL Collins ~ Release Date Oct 4th 2013

Living Again 

L.L. Collins


Kayley Carson thought she had it all...married to the love of her life, a great job, and a baby on the way. Then one day, her life changes forever when she loses her husband in a tragic accident. No longer sure how to navigate life after her enormous loss, Kayley clings to her newborn baby, her family, and her friends to keep herself living.

When she meets someone that challenges her belief that she's better off alone, she has to decide if she is capable of letting him in after swearing she was never going to love anyone the same way again.

She's not the only one with a painful past. He is struggling with trust issues after a previous relationship went horribly wrong. After a terrible misunderstanding brings out both of their insecurities, will the painful memories of the past keep them both from living again?

Amy's Thoughts~

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an HONEST review*

WARNING ~ Keep Tissues on Hand. 

See that warning above? Yea, keep 'em handy. You'll need them. 

L.L. Collins has a best seller here. This is my prediction. This book will tear you apart, break your heart, make you ugly cry, & make you wanna jump in and smack the MC upside the head. Then when you think all hope is lost, it will make you cheer, make you happy cry, and then swoon. 

We go on a journey of love, loss, survival, & the will it takes to get yourself up, dust off, & start Living Again. 

She's created for us a man that we all dream of. I know there are hundreds of book boyfriends out there, but to go to the lengths that Ben does. *swoon* A man who after everything else is gone, he is the only one who can bring her back. He is the perfect match to Kayley's broken heart. He doesn't give up on her in any way. Getting Kayley to open up again & start living her life again is one of the biggest challenges he's ever faced. And one of the most rewarding. 

One thing I really loved about this book is that it's REAL. This is real life. It may not have happened to me, or the author, but this is stuff that people go through every single day. And it's gut wrenching, and it sucks. Until that one person comes along, gives us hope, and shows us that it's going to be okay. 

This is one of my Must Read books of 2013. Don't miss it. 

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