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**BT & GIVEAWAY** The Healer's Gift ~ Barbara Cutrera

The Healer's Gift

Barbara Cutrera


Ainsland, a virgin widow fleeing from her husband's murderer, and Collum, a healer who possesses supernatural abilities, are brought together by circumstance. What begins as a marriage of convenience for the couple evolves into one of great love and passion. Yet, Collum's tragic past and the ever-looming threat of Ainsland's malevolent pursuer's appearance in their close-knit rural community overshadows their ability to be truly content. When evil strikes and all seems lost, will it be the resilient, headstrong Ainsland who is able to save herself, her husband, and the people she has come to know and cherish or will Collum, determined and wise, somehow manage to rescue the love of his life before time runs out?

Amy's Thoughts

I was skeptical about this book. I'm not really a "historical romance" kind of chick. However, I was pleasantly surprised, this should fall under "historical romance with a touch of paranormal". 

Ainsland has lost everything she holds dear. Her husband. Her parents. Under attack, she escapes and run. While on the run, she meets Collum.  Collum is a healer.  As he rescues Ainsland & heals her, he hasn't escaped her beauty.  In an attempt to keep her safe, they marry. As life begins to settle around them, tragedy strikes. 

Barbara Cutrera did a fabulous job of recreating life in this time period. I felt like I was watching the story unfold in front of my eyes. Extremely engaging, I couldn't put it down. I almost wish Ainsland & Collum's story hadn't come to an end so I could read more. Beautifully written, classic love story.  

About the Author~

Barbara Cutrera has been a writer since childhood but didn’t begin writing novels until 1999. She released In a Manner of Speaking, a mystery blended with romance, and Over, Under, Across & Through, Book 1 in The Real World Series, in 2012. Cutrera, a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Florida Writers’ Association, was born and raised in Louisiana and moved to Florida with her husband and son in 2004. She works with the visually-impaired and is visually-impaired herself. She firmly believes that our minds are only limited by the restrictions that we place upon them. That is why her literary credo is, “Transcending reality by exploring it one story at a time….”

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Collum stood near the well looking up into the clear night sky at the two moons. When Ainsland came up beside him, he took her hand and wordlessly urged her to walk with him. She could feel the sadness emanating from him and wanted to say something comforting but knew that it was unnecessary. He understood without having to be told.
They walked deeper and deeper into the woods, and Ainsland began to become concerned. If something should happen to one of the children, then how would anyone find them?
“Don’t worry,” Collum said unexpectedly. “I explained to Edward where you and I were going. He could find it if he had to.”
They went past the place where Collum had found her unconscious fourteen years earlier. Another five minutes passed and then another. Just when Ainsland was about to ask him how much further they had to go, he slowed to a stop near some overgrowth on the side of a hill. Without warning, he released her hand and ducked between what appeared to be brambles and poison ivy.
“Collum, what are you doing?”
“Trust me, little wife,” he called to her, his voice muffled by the living things that stood between them. “Come to me.”
Pulling her cloak tightly around her, Ainsland gradually pushed her way through and was surprised to find that there were no thorns. She assumed that there was also no poison ivy as she went blindly forward.
Ainsland had only just emerged through the tangle of vines, plants, and branches when Collum took her in his arms and pulled her against him. He bent low to kiss her, and she felt the familiar passion begin to build between them. Abruptly, he released her then gestured for her to look around.
Walls of the thick overgrowth surrounded them on all sides. In front of them lay a small pool of water that was surrounded by lush groundcover and a multitude of night-blooming flowers. The air smelled sweet, and the moonlight shone brightly, unobstructed in the clearing.
“What is this place?” Ainsland breathed.
“My gift to you,” he answered.
“I don’t understand. I’ve passed here many times and never suspected that any of this was here. Do others know of it?”
“Edward does, because I showed it to him tonight. Otherwise, no.”
Still perplexed, Ainsland began to slowly walk around the little pool. She knelt beside it and touched the glassy surface with her fingers. The water was warm.
“Part of the hot springs,” Collum told her.
“Was this place always like this?” she asked, as he knelt beside her.
“When I discovered it years ago it was an almost impenetrable area of the forest. However, I found herbs within that could be located nowhere else, so I began to clear the useless weeds and dead brush. I found you not far from here soon afterwards, and I sensed that this was meant especially for us to share. I’ve been working on making it ready ever since.”

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