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*Indie-Credible Authors* Stacey Marie Brown w GIVEAWAY

Stacey Marie Brown

Stacey Marie Brown is the author of the Darkness Series. A paranormal romance series focusing on the Fae.

Darkness Of Light

Fire In The Darkness

Check out the rockin interview with Stacey below to learn more about her and her work. :)

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How do you balance your writing with your time for your family? 
I don’t have kids or a husband but I still find it a hard to balance it at times. I don’t know how people do it with children. I am watching my nieces right now and going to the bathroom by myself is a miracle! 

Inspiration for you characters, where do you find it? 
Reading and people I know. The characters for the Darkness Series all came to me with very strong personalities. It came to me from reading books with the characters I love and those I didn’t enjoy, my own grew from there.

Do you generally outline a book before you sit down and write it, or does it just come to you naturally? 
I do a little of both, but I am mostly a pantser. I’ve tried outlining and thoroughly plotting my story and it ended up to be a waste of time because my characters tell me how the story is going to go.

In your lifetime, you've held a lot of different jobs, what made you decide to become an author? 
Writing and creating have been a part of me since I can remember. Acting, Staging, Design—all of my passions are about creating worlds. I’ve written short stories and written in journals. But it wasn’t till about three years ago that this story started to come to me and it wouldn’t go away. It wouldn’t let me sleep at night! So I started to write and realized that everything I’ve been doing has led me here.

Were you this creative as a child? 
Oh yeah. I used to get my friends to put on dance performances. When camping, my friend and I would re-create scenes from a movie (mostly a shortened version of Grease) and sing and act for the entertainment at night. I would write stories and put on plays. I was always the right-brained kid.

Work space – what's your writing area like? Special time of day? Music or no music? Any quirks when it comes to your space? 
I can’t concentrate at home. I find too many distractions. So there are a few coffee shops I like to go to in San Francisco. I don’t let myself go on the internet, I plug myself into my Darkness Series playlist and go into my zone. There is nothing better than when you get into that writing zone.

When it comes to the genre of Paranormal, there are so many different roads that can be taken. How did you decide which direction you were going to go? 
I’ve always been drawn to the Fae world. There are so many possibilities to go with, but at the same time can be overdone. I decided to create some species of Fae and change a little of the typical lore of some. The Fae world is so magical to me, and since I was little, I’ve always wanted to believe there was things out there like that. When I was young, I used to play for hours, creating a world that was half Goonies and half Fairies. Funny, how some things never change. I am still living in that pretend world!

Do you find that writing about Fae runs into the same problem that one does with vampires or werewolves, in that there are so many different ways they have been written, it's difficult to come up with a unique path to take? 
Yes. Maybe not as much as vampires or werewolves, but there is still a lot of Fae books, lore, and ideas out there. Instead of fighting it, I took it all in and then decided to go my own way, at least in some things. You are never going to get away from what has already been written, but there are no rules and boundaries in creating new kinds of Fae or rules. I used some of the mythology, but put my own unique spin on it.

The 2nd book in the Darkness Series comes out in September, what can we expect from you following this release? 

There is two more books left in this series. Book 3, Dwellers of the Darkness I am hoping to get out early next year. And then the last book hopefully that next August/September. I am so excited for people to read Fire in the Darkness. I feel it is even better than the first. So much action and WTF things going on! *Poor Ember*. There were times it was easier to write because I already had the basic outline and character voices. But to keep up with the suspense, intrigue, and make sure the unanswered questions were all brought forward was sometimes a little mind boggling. Not everything is going to be answered in this one. To keep it intense without overdoing some themes can be tricky. I really don’t think people will be disappointed. And just for a teaser—things get a lot “steamier” in the second. Book 2 definitely becomes more a NA.

Can you give me 5-10 Facts About You?

I always find these so tough…

  • I lived abroad for six years in London, Australia, St. Martaan, and New Zealand. 
  • I got my first degree in Theatre Arts and then my second one in Interior Design. 
  • Grew up on farm and first wanted to work at Marine World. 
  • Traveling and writing are my two biggest passions. 
  • Rode horses and ATVs before I could barely walk 
  • Bungee jumped off the first place that invented bungee jumping (Kawarau Bridge-A.J Hackett in New Zealand) 
  • Spent 8 years in L.A acting on shows like Buffy, Angel, and others. 
  • Dream job would be set design for a movie like Harry Potter. 
  • I hate math. 
  • Not a morning person. 

Fun with Eli & Torin~ 

So, today Stacey and I are meeting up with Eli & Torin from Darkness of Light. I couldn't decide if I wanted to have coffee or something stronger, Stacey recommended drinks, so here we are hangin at Mike's Bar. Eli’s favorite haunt. It’s shady and a little scary, but so is Eli. Hopefully we’ll be safe! Let's see if I can keep my fan-girling tendencies in check, cause lets face it, they are hot as hell. My nerves are on edge as I don't normally do interviews, I'm more the “behind-the-scenes” kind of girl. OH look, they just walked in!!

Amy~ Hi guys!! Thanks for sitting down with us today and answering a few questions for all of your fans.
Stacey~ Hey Amy!
Eli~ I am here to please *Eli winks at Amy*
Torin~ Nice to meet you Amy. I do wish we could have included Ember and could have met at a better location *Torin looks around with a frown* this is not a place for ladies.
Eli~ That includes you too Fairy Boy.
Stacey~ Eli…*gives Eli a warning look* Sorry Amy continue.
Amy~ Well, it's kinda hard to ask you guys questions about Ember and be honest IF she's here!! *laughs*

Amy~ Ok, so lets jump in. Straight up – what are your thoughts on Stacey?
Eli~ Relentless. And extremely frustrating. She is constantly trying to arouse me, push me into saying or doing something. I swear that woman never sleeps.
Torin~ I actually have to agree with Elighan as much as I detest that thought. I don't understand why she keeps putting him and Ember together. *scowls over at Eli*
Amy~ Stacey? *looking over at her* anything you'd like to say?
Stacey~ *raises an eyebrow at the boys* I’d sleep if you stopped giving me ideas and playing out scenes in my head when I am trying to sleep….or taking a shower…
Eli~ Now those times, I enjoy. *Eli sits back smugly*

Amy~ Next question~ What were your first thoughts when you saw Ember?
Eli~ Trouble... But I should probably stop there. My imagination can get pretty graphic. Let's just say it includes handcuffs and Sheriff Weiss' desk and her over it.
Torin~ *Glowers at Eli* I’d say beautiful. I wanted to protect her. Especially from beasts like him.
Eli~ *Shrugs* Been called worse... and by Ember.
Amy~ Really Eli? *Laughs* Has Torin always been so sweet and charming?
Eli~ Charming? Yeah he’s a real prince. Why don’t you tell everyone how sweet you are with the Qu—
Stacey~ Uhhh…*Stacey jumps in* let’s stop there. That is something they should read, So zip it. And behave *points at Eli. He only grins more*
Eli~ Never.
Stacey~ okay, okay, moving on. *shaking her head*

Stacey~ What are you guys most afraid of?
Amy~ Great question!!
Eli~ Fear is not an emotion Dark Dwellers know much about.
Amy~ BS answer Eli!!
Torin~ The Queen finding and using Ember. And him influencing her. *nods at Eli*
Eli~ See, Fairy boy, that's where you have it all wrong. If you think Ember is so easily persuaded or influenced, you don't know her. What she does or doesn't do is completely her choice. Believe me. I wish I had more say, but she is not something you can control.

Stacey~ Sum up Ember in 5 words.
Eli~ Pain. In. My. Ass.
Torin~ That is only four.
Eli~ *holds up his hand, counts down on his fingers* HUGE. Pain. In. My. Ass.
Torin~ Beautiful, smart, determined, challenging, and sweet.
Eli~ *scoffs* Sweet? We are talking about Brycin, right? Sweet is definitely not a word I would use for her.
Stacey~ So tell us what word you would use?
Eli~ Fiery *smiles cheekily* spirited and very feisty…
Amy~ sigh staring at Eli dreamily~
Stacey~ Amy! *snapping her fingers*
Amy~ what??
Stacey~ Amy, you were drooling.
Amy~ No, I wasn't!!! 

Eli~ *leans forward* you have a little right there. *he wipes Amy’s lip*
Amy~ It wasn't you I was thinking about... *blushes*

Stacey~ Moving on. Do you regret meeting Ember?
Eli~ *rubs at his head* My sanity does, but I don't do regret. Good or bad.
Torin~ Absolutely not. I can't deny my life has gotten more complicated since I found her again, but Ember is special. All I want to do is keep her safe.
Eli~ *huffs, sitting back in his chair* Good luck with that.

Stacey~ Last question ~ Describe the perfect day. What would you do?
Amy~ Oh gravy, *whispers to Stacey* pinch me if I stare again k? ~
Torin~ Out in the forest, walking or enjoying a picnic with someone I care about.
Eli~ An activity *winks*… that requires me staying in bed with my girl, my sheets around my ankles and then later going for a ride on my Harley with her. Then repeating that activity on my Harley.
Amy~ oh shit.... a Harley. *whisper*
Stacey~ umm hmm ok!! Wow. Guys, that’s all we have for you today. Amy currently can't say “thank you” so from Amy and all her readers, Thanks for taking time out to talk to us today. I think Amy might need a drink before we can go. There's enough testosterone in here, she's gonna be flying high for days.
Eli~ Nice to meet you Amy. Anytime you feel like a ride on a Harley let me know.
Torin~ Amy, been a pleasure *Takes her hand and kisses it*.

~They head out~

Amy~ Stacey?
Stacey~ hmmm
Amy~ Did I make a complete fool of myself?
Stacey~ Oh nooo… okay, at the end there, yeah, a little bit.
Amy~ OH man *thumping my head on the table*
Stacey~ It's ok, they didn't mind. I am surprised Eli’s ego could fit through the door though.

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  1. LOVE the interviews! Great job and thanks for participating!

  2. Now I have to read the books just to get more of the characters. Great job!

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  4. Love the interview just amazing you guys. I was laughing to myself while lying on my couch reading it. Just fab. Stacey Maria Brown you never fail to amuse me. HUGE FAN. Now i can smile my way to bed. :)

  5. I just read the first two books in the series and Eli's POV novelette - in two days! I love love love these books! It sucks having to wait until spring to find out what happens next!