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**REVIEW** Leather and Lace ~ Tempered Steel Series Book 2 ~ Maggie Adams ~ Donna's Review ~

Sam Coalson, ex-Navy SEAL, has returned to Grafton for the wedding of his brother. After being run out of town fifteen years ago for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s determined to claim what is rightfully his and take on anyone crazy enough to try and stop him.

Angel Devereaux is smart, sexy and definitely on Sam’s blacklist. After siding with Sam’s enemy fifteen years ago, Angel can’t help but wonder what if….what if Sam had never left? What if he could forgive her now? She had her reasons, but he won’t listen. So enough with words, sometimes action is exactly what’s called for.

Sam Coalson joined the Navy 15 years ago. He became a Navy Seal. He never came home because Angel Devereaux had broken his heart and he didn't want to face her. He never stopped loving her.

Angel Devereaux never stopped loving Sam. She prayed one day he would come home and she could explain what happened all those years ago. Now, Sam is home but he doesn't want to hear what she has to say. Angel, however, refuses to take no for an answer. With the help of his family, she is going to win him back.

The mystery deepens and the vandalism turns more violent. More personal. Sam has enlisted the help of a couple of his Seal buddies to get to the bottom of things. Security guards have been hired to protect family and business. Still, the criminals stay one step ahead.

Sam and Angel are just as volatile as Mac and Dixie. Not in the exact same ways though. It would take a strong-willed spitfire to go toe-to-toe with the Coalson men. Plus, the Coalson men wouldn't be smitten with a weak or mild-mannered woman. She has to be as passionate about life as they are. I enjoyed the fact that Dixie and Angel are both strong women capable of handling things but feminine enough to want a man--not need a man.

I haven't figured out who is behind all the criminal activity yet. It has to be an inside job. I just know it. But who and why is still a mystery. I'm going to have to hound Maggie Adams daily so she will get the 3rd book in the series written. ;-)

I hope the next book deals with the romance of Chance and Georgia. Considering their first meeting, it should be quite a story. 

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. You need to read Whistlin' Dixie before you read this one because it continues the mystery from Book 1. They are both well worth your time.

4.5 Stars


His eyes admired her beauty as he lowered himself between her legs. He knew that there would never be anything sexier than the way she looked right at this moment. He was surrounded by her feminine scent. Her passion lured him like the mythical sea sirens of old. He had to touch her, taste her. Claim her as his forever. She was presenting herself in all of her beauty to her man. She beckoned him with her womanly charms. She tantalized him with her very essence. She was his woman to love, and she offered herself with a joyous smile. 

He flicked his tongue against her clit and she groaned. With a smile, he swirled his tongue around and around her sensitive nub, felt her body tighten and press toward him. “Not yet, Angel baby,” he whispered against her flesh, making her quiver. “I’ll tell you when you can come.” 

“Bossy,” she gasped and her breath hitched as he forced his tongue inside her, his face pressed against her flesh. 

His head came up and he slapped her mound lightly. “Damn straight, baby. Get used to it.” He took her clit between his lips and tugged lightly. Angel whimpered. 

He glanced up at her from between her legs and smiled. “I want you to grab hold of the brass spindles and don’t let go.” When she did as he required, he spread her legs wider. “Hold tight, baby. This is going to feel so good.” 

Sam stared at her creamy perfection, spreading her lips apart and prepared to feast. His finger found her entrance and ruthlessly pushed in and up until he found her sweet spot. She tensed. “Tighter, baby. Hold yourself tighter. Come off the bed if you need to. I’ve got you.” 

He grabbed her ass as she lifted and her heels dug into the mattress. His tongue continued its relentless assault on her clitoris as he added another finger to her tight passage. Angel cried out. 

“Not yet, baby. Soon. Just let me…..,” Sam twisted his fingers slightly. He felt Angel’s muscles contract against them. “Now, Angel. Come for me!” He pressed higher and bit down lightly on her clit. She screamed in climax while Sam greedily lapped up all her sweetness. 

Hi! I'm Maggie Adams. I live near St. Louis, MO, with my high school sweetheart, Ned, and my wonderful kids, Katie (Kyle) and Ross (Valerie). My life is like a walking, talking sitcom from I Love Lucy, but I love it, although people do tend to keep their distance from me!

Writing has always been my dream, with reading my favorite hobby. When I’m not writing, I can be found singing, dancing, and cooking, often all at the same time. I try to include a little bit of my life in everything I write, so when you read my books, keep your eyes wide open - I'm in there somewhere! Happy reading!

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