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*Release Day Blitz* Fighting Me ~ A Shaft On Tour Novel by Cat Mason

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Title: FIGHTING ME (Shaft on Tour, #5)
Author: Cat Mason
Release Date: May 22, 2015


Henry Richardson is the man in the shadows. He’s the calm and cool protector that everyone relies on to restore order among the chaos that is Shaft.
After having his heart broken, not once, but twice, Henry is determined that it’s safer for everyone involved that he remain on the sidelines. He is content to hide behind his trademark shades and watch as his adopted family thrive in the limelight. When the live-in nanny for Shaft quits with no notice just before a much needed vacation, her replacement is nothing like Big Man expected.
Rae Sloan is sassy and independent. She loves kids; working at the daycare center inside Ironsound Records was her dream job until she was offered something more.
A live-in position with one of the hottest bands in the country.
When Henry and Rae collide, the tension is through the roof. Neither one of them are emotionally available, but what happens when those layers you have to protect yourself are suddenly stripped away? When push comes to shove, Henry will have to make a choice that will change his life forever. Can Henry find love, or will he lose everything while fighting the demons within himself?

Henry. The "Big Man" on the Shaft on tour show. The backbone of the crew. The main man. The provider. The security to them all. The one who is deep down hurting the most and no one sees it.

Rae comes in out of sheer luck, or better yet, Mack's royal screw up (pun intended) and manages to knock the sails right out of the "Big Man" himself. Going toe to toe with Henry is nothing for the pint size woman who can see right through him. Something that the people who he has spent 24/7 with for the past so many years of his life failed to see.

Taming the "bear" and proving to him at the same time that you are worthy of love no matter what your past has dealt you, is just what Rae has in store for Henry. But, can living separate on the road and her at home with the women when the kids start in school survive what they are building? Henry makes some tough decisions in his life and his career. Always being the front man of security and the alpha, he see's what is important in his life.

Henry has got to be by far the hottest of them all so far. He is the ultimate man and lover. Being older and wise within his years has a lot to do with just what he wants but not feeling he is worthy of those wants. Never knowing if he would have a lil Henry of his own one day. Never knowing if that was even a possibility. Can Rae and Henry work out their lives and settle down? This is a must read! I couldn't put this book down from the time I started it until I finished!

So ready for the next book in this series already!

Oh Henry!!!!!! 

I'm sure I won't be the only one saying that. HOT. Damn. 

I think as we go back and look over the previous novels, Henry was just there, never standing out, always doing his thing. Protecting his family. Doing what needed done. We never paid much attention to him and his haunting ways. What a mistake that was! 

Having his heart broke, not once but twice has him guarded. No woman has ever pushed him and brought him out of his world behind his shades. Until Rae. And she didn't even do anything other than her job. 

Rae is a breathe of fresh air among the family of Shaft. Especially to the likes of the Big Man. He find his eyes following her, his hands itching to touch her. But if he puts himself out there, even for one night with her, will he find himself backed into a corner again? She sees through the tough guy persona he's projected. She sees the teddy bear underneath. No one else has ever taken the time to do so. 

I can honestly say that Cat Mason has grown during her time with Shaft. Do I see this as the last novel? NOPE!! I think there's more coming, and I can not wait. There's change on the horizon for Shaft and the family.... I want a front row seat! 

“Wait for it.”

Mack tosses and turns, trying to get comfortable. Then it happens. “What the hell?” he yelps, sitting up in the bed. “Fuck! Shit! Ow! What the hell is going on?” Flinging off the covers, he slaps the lamp on beside the bed, staring down at the crabs not only attached to his shorts, but one dangling from his finger. “Sonuvabitches!” he screams, fumbling over the clothes and yanking open the door. “Aiden, goddammit, Aiden! Help me!”

Henry guides me out of the closet, his laugh vibrating not just his body, but mine as well. The rich, playful, carefree sound is something I didn’t expect to affect me, but it does. Heading up the hall, we both laugh as Mack attempts to shake them off while running and slamming into furniture as he screams for help.

“Ha!” Cam laughs, while Mack thrashes, kicking his legs and flinging his arms around, but the crabs hold firm, snapping and clinging to his clothes and skin for dear life. “Look, Mack’s a ninja.”

Aiden scratches his chin before shaking his head. “Mack the ginja ninja, I like it. You know, Mack,” Aiden laughs, while Mack leaps around like his ass has been lit on fire. “I’d think after some of the women we’ve caught you tappin’ you’d be used to handlin’ crabs.”

“You two are fuckin’ hilarious, you know that?” Bumping into the coffee table, Mack tumbles onto the couch beside Aiden and Cam before rolling onto the floor. Cam yelps, leaping into Aiden’s lap while Mack flails in the floor like a fish out of water, the crab flying off his finger and landing on his bare chest before snapping at his nipple making him scream. “Would you help me before they snap off my dick?”

“Don’t be so crabby, muffin,” Henry says, angling his phone at Mack. “Looks like they just wanted to help you relax.”

I erupt into a fit of uncontrollable giggles causing Henry to grab his phone from my fingers when I nearly drop it. Mack’s eyes snap up, widening the instant he spots us walk further into the room. “You motherfuckers.”

“Big Man, you’re a goddamn legend,” Aiden says, leaping from the couch. Running over, he bumps Henry’s fist before taking the phone and hitting a bunch of buttons before handing it back. “I can’t wait to upload this bad boy,” he says, running up the stairs.

“Oh, yeah, he’s a damn riot.” Standing to his feet, Mack yanks at the crab on his shorts causing it to fall to the floor. “Asshole,” he says, glaring at Henry. “I can’t believe you put these little bastards in my… fucking hell!” he shouts, jumping on the couch. “That little whore just bit my toe!”

“I’m positive those aren’t the worst things that have been in your bed, and they won’t be the last,” Henry teases. Walking over, he picks the crab up from the floor and holds it up to Mack’s face. “Isn’t it cute, Dominick?” he asks, holding it out as his little claws snap open and shut just inches from Mack. “Give it a kiss.”

“Get it out of here!” Mack shouts jumping off the back of the couch to the wood floor behind it.

“Well,” I grin widely, placing a hand on my hip. “You’ll have to tell that to the dozen or so probably still waiting for you in bed.”

Henry shrugs. “Payback’s a bitch, and so are you.”

Shaft On Tour Series

Cat Mason

Cat Mason is thirty one years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.

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