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Title: Scavenge
Author: Tiffany Aleman
Series: Smoldering 1.5
Release Date: December 23, 2014
Christmas is a time for family and friends. A time to be with those we love and cherish, the ones who make our heart beat. But when the love of your life is half way around the world, how do you let the spirit of the holidays lift you up and bring you cheer?

Kelsey and Riley spent more time apart than together early on in their relationship, but now he's away for a different reason. Riley’s absence while deployed is taking a toll on Kelsey. She finds herself crying more often than not and distancing herself from the people who are there for her the most.

Riley employs the help of some friends to make Kelsey's Christmas without him a special one. A series of notes and gifts remind her of the good times they have shared so far and the ones to come.

Is Kelsey strong enough to handle one of the happiest holidays separated from the man who completes her in every way?

Will Kelsey scavenge for the strength she needs to embrace the role of a military girlfriend or will she crack under the pressure from the distance?

Only she knows how much she can take….
Tiffany Aleman is back with a followup to the Best Seller Smoldering. While we got the end result of Riley & Kelsey's relationship, a little piece was missing. How did she survive her first deployment? Scavenge answers that question. Riley takes us on their journey on how he strategically involves her best friends in helping her survive what will be the loneliest time of her life.

Tiffany Aleman does a military relationship justice. Maybe it's because of her own personal life, but she has the knowledge, skill, and story telling ability to pull her readers into the scene, and make you feel as though you are watching it in real time. You feel Kelsey's pain, her loneliness, her happiness, her joy.

Amazing job Tiffany. You work is spot on, and undoubtedly will have another best seller. I can't wait to get more of Riley and Kelsey. I wasn't ready for this one to end. <3


I finally breathed. I felt it hard to breathe through so much of this book. Not many books do that to me, but this one did. My kindle is lucky I didn’t throw it across the room and against the wall. It wouldn’t have survived.

Kelsey’s family and her fiancĂ©: I wanted to throat-punch all-three. OMG! She gets away from them with the type of best friend we all dream of having. For two years she is finding who she really is, then in walks the man of her dreams and they make such a connection…I can breathe. They are so happy.  Then someone from her past comes back in to cause problems and what happens next…holding my breath again.
Riley is the man of all of our dreams. He has the family we all dream of having. But, he is just a man; he can only handle so much. He and Kelsey both make some wrong choices and cause each other pain. Getting this relationship right will be some work.

Tiffany made this book so true-to-life: with Riley being in the military and Kelsey having to deal with that life-style, with past hurts from each other and other people, with how to forgive and move on, with how other’s (friends and foe) cause problems and help get them from point A to point B.

My emotions were all over the place. When a book does that to you, you know it is good. It was also a hot book as well. She knows how to write that, but it wasn’t over-wrought with those scenes. However, when you get to one, you know it! ;)

Well, done, Tiffany! 5 stars! 


Scavenge takes place during the end of the book Smoldering only told in more detail. It is while Riley is on deployment during the Christmas holiday and Kelsey finds herself questioning how strong she is and how she will be able to make it worrying herself over Riley and his safety and being away from him during such an important time in their relationship.

Riley is one smart man. He uses some close friends to keep things going on the home front while he is away to make the holidays special and always making Kelsey feel loved and adored. Kelsey, though, must also realize she must do a few things too make Riley feel loved, special and adored and realize she has to make a few sacrifices on his behalf.

Tiffany must know the heartache of the military life in some way to nail the emotions of this book so well. It kept my interests and made me think of all of the couples I know that are going through or have gone through this and how strong they are/have been. What a beautiful, beautiful book. We should all read this to get insight into what military families go through and sacrifice for our country.

Hey everyone! I'm the author of the International Bestseller, Smoldering. I'm a mom of 2 great kids and I'm married to my best friend. I live in the deep south and wouldn't have it any other way. Originally, I hail from Austin, Texas.

I've been writing ever since I was kid but I decided to put my passion to use in May of 2013. Smoldering is my solo debut. It's a book that took up residence in my mind and wouldn't leave me alone until I finally decided to write it.

When I'm not writing I can be found on the beach with my family and friends or out in the woods getting dirty in some Georgia clay on a four-wheeler.

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