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*** Release Day Blitz with Review*** When Sparks Fly ~ An Anthology of 7 Romance Novellas ~ Seven Romance Authors ~ Donna's Review



By Dawn’s Early Light by Kristine Raymond

Monica Russo was more than ready to start a new life and leave her old one behind. The last thing she expected was for her car to break down in the small town of Celebration. Joe Callaghan has never quite recovered from his disastrous marriage. When he happens upon a woman stranded on the side of the road, it doesn’t take long for him to become enamored and when sparks fly, he knows he’s finally found the right woman. Once the fireworks fade, will their destinies be changed by dawn’s early light?

Ignite by Andrea Michelle

Playing with fire was sure to burn, but I couldn’t stop myself. I loved him into insanity. He left a gasoline trail across several states when he walked away from me to become a screenwriter, but I held the match that would ignite us both. Again. I’m Angel Solis and this is the story about how heartbreak, deception and betrayal can lead a person to insanity. I only hope that the madness will ignite a lifetime of love from the ashes left behind.

Moonlight and Music by Grace Augustine

Blake McIntyre was one of the most successful marketing representative in the music world. He'd built a great reputation and even taken a few artists to the top of the charts...that was until he was fired from a job he'd been at for fifteen years. Renee Manelli worked her way up the legal corporate ladder from receptionist to Chief Legal Assistant to the CEO of a prestigious law firm. One of her goals was to retire early and pursue her lifelong dream…her music. The journey that begins at 2 a.m. changes the lives of all involved. Anything’s possible When Sparks Fly.

Fireworks Over Fairfield by Maryann Jordan

Welcome back to Fairfield, home of good friends and romance. Brock Sinclair retired from the military, living a solitary life, moved to Fairfield looking for his estranged daughter. Jean Roberts was a widow not looking for another love. When they meet, neither can resist the sparks between them. When an arsonist threatens the town and Jean, Brock will fight to save her. Along the way, both discover that love the second time around is just as sweet.

Something in the Mix by B. Maddox

Ivy Smith is trying to get her life back on track after a failed marriage. Everything in her life seems to be falling in place, especially now after a blast from her past reappears. However, someone else has other plans for Ivy and has been watching her every move. When Drew Evans waltzes into her life again, sparks start flying and her stalker starts making his presence known. Can Drew keep Ivy safe while figuring out who is stalking her and is there something in the mix for the two of them?

Patriotic Rodeo by J.M. Nash

Kennedy’s life would never be the same after the horrific night when her husband was brutally taken from her. She kept her heart protected and vowed to never love again, until a bull rider appeared in town. Tucker. One touch was all it took from him. Kennedy felt the fireworks start and knew that her life would forever be changed. Was she ready to let go of the past and move on or would Tucker end up a distant memory…

Fly Boy by Anne L. Parks

A weekend fling in Tahoe turns into something more for Jordyn and Grant. When tragedy strikes, Grant is left wondering what happened to the girl who stole his heart over the 4th of July weekend. When the two meet again the next 4th of July – sparks fly. Will Grant be able to let go of his pain and let Jordyn back into his life?



When Sparks Fly- An Anthology of 7 Romance Novellas 

 4 Stars

By Dawn's Early Light by Kristine Raymond 

 4 Stars

Monica Russo is a single mom with a 5 yr-old daughter, Kimber. They are driving from NYC to LA where Monica has taken a job as an Environmental Lawyer. Joe Callaghan is single and owns a carpentry business. When her car breaks down on the side of the road, Joe stops to help. He is immediately smitten with both of them. Monica feels sparks, too. It will take days for the car to be fixed and there is no place to stay in town. Joe offers his parents' spare bedroom and Monica accepts. 

This was a story about family and how important a loving family is to your well-being. It is also a love story about Monica and Joe and so much more. Love between parents; parents and their kids and grandkids; siblings; good friends; and Kimber and Leroy- Joe's dog. If you like sweet, feel good stories about love and trust, read this story.

Ignite by Andrea Michelle 

3 Stars

Angel and Kane were a couple in high school and through 3 years of college. Then Kane moved across the country to pursue his screenwriting career and became a huge success. Angel was left behind with a broken heart. Eventually, she moved on and became engaged. However, something happened that threw her back into despair and ended her engagement. Kane has become a successful romance novelist and Angel has created a FB persona named Raven to stalk him. Lies and deceptions have a way of coming out. Will they find their way back to each other?

This story didn't work for me. I often felt like the characters were talking in riddles or circles. I never cared one way or another what happened to Angel and Kane. I feel there is potential for a full-length novel. That would allow the characters to be fleshed out and made more interesting, more complex. I like the idea of Raven and the way it lets her get close to Kane without their past mistakes being between them. I've never seen that angle in a story before and it was interesting to see the cat-and-mouse game they played when Kane suspected the truth. Give this story a try.

Moonlight and Music by Grace Augustine  

4 Stars

Blake McIntyre is a top- notch PR man. However, he just lost his job and needs a new one. His neighbor keeps him up at night with loud music. Finally, one early morning, he goes across the hall and confronts her. Renee Manelli is a singer/songwriter/musician trying to hit the big time. She tends to be the most creative (and loud) early in the morning. She is in need of a new PR manager.

Sparks fly when Blake and Renee meet but should they keep their relationship strictly professional or follow their hearts and take their relationship to the personal level? Read Moonlight and Music to follow Renee as she strives to make it big in music and to follow Blake and Renee as their love blooms.

Moonlight and Music isn't a fable but it has a moral: Never give up trying to reach your goals. It takes hard work and determination to attain what you really want but it is worth it in the end. Don't let set-backs end your dreams.

If you enjoy light romances without angst and darkness, definitely read this book. You won't be sorry.

Fireworks Over Fairfield (A Fairfield Series Novella) by Maryann Jordan 

 5 Stars

Brock has spent his life in the military. Never married, no family, recently retired. He isn't happy or unhappy with his life. It is what it is. When he learns he has a 25 yr-old daughter, Laurie, he wants to be a part of her life so he moves to Fairfield to be near her. Jean is a good friend of Laurie's. She is a Social Worker at the Elementary School where Laurie teaches. When Brock and Jean meet, sparks fly.

This story is part of a series. While it is a stand-alone story, I wish I had read the series first. I never got lost or confused about past events but I would have liked knowing the characters better. I intend to remedy that by reading the series. I guess that tells you that I really enjoyed this book. One of my favorite things was Brock being able to cry openly and unashamed when emotions overtook him and say I'm sorry when needed. I mean he is all man!! Secure enough in himself to be open with his feelings. To me that is uber-sexy!! I also enjoyed the fact that Brock and Jean are mature adults. If you like a sweet romance this is a story you definitely need to read.

Something In The Mix by B Maddox 

 4 Stars

Ivy has finally achieved her dream of owning a bakery. Her life is pretty fantastic after Drew comes back into her life. Drew and Ivy had feelings for each other in high school but never got a chance to act on them. Drew has come back home and is the newest detective on the police force. He intends to win Ivy's heart and make up for all the lost time. The only problem in their lives is a stalker who has a sick obsession with Ivy.

This is a sweet romance with a bit of a mystery. I liked the fact that Ivy and Drew were not formerly a couple and, therefore, they didn't have any baggage from their past. The story flowed easily and the characters were likable. I didn't care for the lax police work in dealing with the stalker. There were pictures of her in her home yet they never checked her house for cameras or listening devices. That would have been one of the first things they did. Even if the investigating officers didn't check, Drew definitely should have. I enjoyed this story and recommend reading it.

Patriotic Rodeo by JM Nash

 3.5 Stars

Kennedy is a young widow running a ranch with the help of her brother, Kaleb, and good friend, Aaron. Tucker is a bull rider in town for the bull riding competition. He ends up staying at the ranch when there is no place left in town. Sparks fly the instant they meet. Kennedy decides a quick fling with Tucker will lead to her being open to finding love in the future. The stars have other ideas.

This story flows easily and the characters are likable. A little more character development would have made it better. Especially Tucker. I still don't know much at all about him. I found it a little strange that Kennedy's husband was killed by a bull yet she wasn't freaked out watching Tucker bull riding. I would have been. This is an enjoyable, short romance. A quick and easy read. It is also a cliffhanger.

Fly Boy by Anne L Parks 

3 Stars

Grant is a Navy Pilot with lousy luck finding a good woman. Jordyn works in the family business and is unhappy with her life. Her parents and brother are cold and care for nothing more than what someone can do to increase their social standing. This includes making Jordyn's life miserable by dictating what she does and who she marries. Grant and Jordyn meet and have a weekend fling. They develop feelings for each other and start a long distance relationship. Over the next year they are kept apart by an accident, lies and deceit from her family, misunderstandings, and bullheaded behavior. They finally find their way back to each other.

I found Grant and Jordyn to be likable characters. I could see their story continuing in another book. I have a problem with one major aspect of the story. It reminded me of the movie An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. In the story, Grant's call sign is Cary--for Cary Grant. They are supposed to meet at a certain place but Jordyn doesn't make it because she is hit by a car. In the movie, the woman is paralyzed from the waist down. Jordyn suffered severe lower back and leg trauma. When Grant finally realizes something is wrong, Jordyn is temporarily paralyzed. No, it isn't plagiarism but it is too similar for my taste. Others may not feel that way.

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